Why You Need Wireless Intercom Security System & How To Set Up In Your House?

In our daily life, the safety of life and property is a big issue. To ensure security, you need some gadgets that will provide you with intercom features for securing the house. The Intercom security system is one of the best systems.

Wireless intercom security systems are an innovative invention of technology. There are lots of benefits of the intercom system. Most importantly, the procedures of installation are very easy, and it comes within your budget. 

In this article, we have analyzed the benefits of having an intercom security system along with the step-by-step instructions of fixing, locating, and installing it. Let’s check out.

What is an intercom system?

Intercom is a security system that can resolve a wide range of security issues of our daily life. It can give your friend access to your property, or facilitate controlling your office, and much more. 

Through a base station, typically installed in the main entrance, the other stations are controlled.  It may require a security camera, a speaker, and a microphone. With this 2 way wireless intercom system, you can control the access of your home and office.

Types of Wire for Intercom

There are different types of wires for intercoms. Therefore, you will find a huge variety in the market. Here, we have provided some ideas about the wired intercom which are used most commonly available. Here we have shared some advantages and disadvantages also.

Full Duplex or Half Duplex

For passing the voice, there is a full-duplex and half-duplex system. This helps to transmit and receive the voice. Walkie-talkie and CB radios are examples of half-duplex.

Here you have to press the button for talking and wait for the reply. The sender and receiver cannot talk at the same time. So it is a big problem.

For solving this problem, there is a full-duplex. The sender and receiver can talk randomly at the same time through it. The telephone is an example of a full-duplex.

In the telephone intercoms, full-duplex is used. On the other hand, full-duplex is also used in video intercoms.

Shielded Cable

In some intercom systems inside the main cable, there are a number of small size wires. These wires are shielded with some elements.

It helps to keep the distance between the electric signal and your voice inside the wire. Thus you can hear a clear voice. The Buzz sound from the intercom is quite disturbing. This shield helps to maintain the sound quality.

Cat 5 System

Cat 5 intercom systems will provide you with some more features. It can be used at home or in the shops. But this is not for business purposes.

One of its problems is that its volume range is not appropriate for noisy places. This wire is available in gadgets or wire stores. It’s perfect for communicating in different rooms. 

Master System

It will provide you with some special features. Such as you can make calls with many substations. In this system, the substation can make calls to the master station.

Unlike wired systems, you can add more than one master station to it.

Power Line Carrier Systems

The short form of the power line carrier system is PLC. It uses a very low FM frequency. This intercom system is like a wireless intercom.

In this system, the communication process is through the wire. But you don’t need to install wiring between the locations.

But this intercom system is not preferred by most of the users. Its audio quality is worse than the others. Moreover, you will face buzzing.

Wireless Home Intercom System

Above, you saw the disadvantages of the wired intercom system. So, we need a solution, right? Here comes the wireless intercom system for home. 

Intercom installation is much simpler. It’s easy to operate, and easy to moderate.

It is a versatile gadget as well. At home, it is very necessary. It will provide you with special intercom  features for securing the house.

What are the Benefits of Using Intercom?

The advantages of this wireless system is lucrative enough to make you love this. This will help you to take extra precautions. This system is an innovative invention of technology. 

Let’s have a glance at the benefits of intercom.


You can easily control your full house by installing an intercom home security device. It will make your home fully smart. You don’t need to hear the bothersome doorbell anymore. 

You will be able to combine the wireless intercom system with your home automation. As a result, you will have full-time access to your house and property. 

The alarm system will alert you for any possible breach. This will enrich the home intercom system, and overall security.

Easy to Communicate

It will make the access control of your house easier. For any kind of house, it will improve the communication system.

This is especially beneficial for those families where a lot of children and the mother have to shout a lot for calling them. To solve this problem, you can install these in your apartment building. 

It helps to make our life simple. If any danger occurs in your house, the home intercom system will save you from communicating easily. It is the best idea for making your house peaceful and noise-free.


You can lead a comfortable life using this system, as it secures home security. 

What’s more, commercial intercom systems help to make sure about who is entering the office or who is opening the door. 

You can also ask them their identity by its special feature. A unique feature of the wireless intercom system is the wireless doorbell. It will give you total versatility. For example, if the doorbell is stroked by any criminal you will get a text alert.

It will enhance the overall security of your house. Its whole process is simple and easier.

Easy to Set up

Setting up the wireless intercom is quite easy. You just have to fix some wire. For this task, you need to follow some easy instructions.

And if your intercom is wireless, you need to set the system of battery-powered wireless modules in order to enhance the whole method without conducting wires in the wall. Setting up that device is simple as well.

Low Budget

You will find the wireless intercom system at a reasonable price. There are a huge variety of this system in the gadget shops. You can get your desired features from them. 

Though, video intercom is a bit expensive. But for your baby monitor or home security, it is worth the money.

How to Set up a Wireless Intercom Security System?

Setting up the intercom devices is very easy. You just have to fix some wire. For this task, you need to follow some easy instructions.

And if your intercom is wireless, you need to set the system of battery-powered wireless modules to enhance the whole method without conducting wires in the wall. Let’s discuss the methods step by step.


Your first task is to inspect the master station properly. The intercom station’s size is a big issue. So, be careful about it. Before setting the master station, choose a perfect location.

The intercom manufacturers generally provide you with a flange or a bracket. If they don’t provide it, you have to purchase it from the market. This bracket or flange has holes that are necessary for the mounting screw.

This will help you to install the master station on the wall. You may need some extra of those, if you are gonna install commercial intercoms. 


After selecting the location for installing the master station, cut the same size of holes there. Now place the substation.

For setting the base station, you have to drill the wall for about 3/8 inches. Before drilling, make outlines with a pencil. Don’t forget to trim the edges of the hole. Now it is time to check the intercom connection diagram.

In the general master station fixing, the master station is connected to the house’s electrical system.


The implementation of the wireless intercom security system is quite easier than the wired system. You don’t need to set up a large connection of wires throughout the building or house for that.

Simply take the batteries and place them into the units. You have to find the power supply outlets and plug the units into them. Then, you can easily talk with anyone in the other part of the residence by its feature.

You will find some wireless intercoms equipped with a headset. This headset device is also wireless, and this will give you privacy. You will be able to create    hand-free communication with the other members of your house or any other place.


From the above explanation, you can easily ruminate the needs and necessity of setting up the home intercom system. Hopefully, this guide also helped you to know the method of installing it.

As the security of your home and office totally depends on how much precaution you have taken to ensure your house’s safety, you should consider installing a wireless intercom system. And a good video intercom will provide you with that precaution.

Uses of intercom are many. It’s utility is beyond question. You will not need to worry too much. It will help you to lead a tension-free life.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How does a wireless intercom system work?

Usually, wireless intercom systems work with the help of microwave frequencies. The voice command is carried out to the substation through and then implemented as per your command. It is not much different from radio frequency. 

Can I connect the intercom to my cell phone?

To be precise, you can connect your smart devices to the intercom system. All you need is an application to install in your phone. For I phones, you need to install the Intercom anywhere app. And for android devices, Control4 app would suffice.