Professional Tips And Tricks For Airbrush Kit To Get High Performance

Airbrushes are mainly used by artists. Actually, airbrushing is one kind of art. To do better with it, anyone needs to have correct knowledge about the best airbrush kit along with the tricks of using it.

Airbrushing tricks are a little bit difficult for the beginner. But practice makes a man perfect. So, this is all about airbrush practice. For practicing, first, you have to know how to use it.

In this article, we have written about the tips and tricks for an airbrush kit. You will get some effective ideas about the airbrush kit from here.

What is Airbrushing?

An airbrush will let you apply a fine and even coat of pigment onto any substance. This is the tool of preference for most users.

You can do airbrushing by putting thinned paint into the airbrush gun chamber. You can use an airbrush in this way for non-edible crafting.

The airbrush gun has an attached air compressor. The force needed for painting comes from it. The spray of paint droplets that comes from the air hose nozzle increases the efficiency of an airbrush.

If you ever get to work with an airbrush, you will notice something interesting. That is, the airbrush sprays in a shape that looks like a cone. The tip of the cone stays at the mouth of the nozzle.

You can control the amount of pressure that you apply. There is a switch or trigger for that purpose.

If you want to spray paint with your hand, do not have a long time, and have to cover a wide area, then you should definitely go for an airbrush. The beautiful and even coat of pigment will amaze you every time.

You will find amazing airbrush painting ideas and airbrush techniques pdf online. Learn these ideas to master airbrushing skills.

What is the Right Airbrush?

Before knowing the tips and tricks of airbrushes, you must choose the best one from the market.

You will find different types on the market, such as external mix airbrush, gravity feed airbrush, internal mix airbrush, dual-action airbrush, single-action airbrush, Iwata airbrush, gravity airbrush, side-feed airbrush, etc.

You can consult the airbrush dictionary to purchase the desired one.

Tips & Tricks for Airbrush Kit

To get high performance, you have to get an idea and knowledge about how to master an airbrush. To learn professional airbrushing, you have to follow some instructions which are given below.

Assembling Materials

If you want to have a high performance from the airbrush, you have to collect more than a few components along with the airbrush.

You need to collect a pencil, craft knife, drafting table, scrap paper, fixative water, artist tape, etc., for a perfect performance. To assemble all the items as instructed.

Don’t forget to assemble the needles. They are for sharpening the edges of the painting. Different paintings need a different needle. So use according to your choice. 

Knowing the Tools

You have to have a clear idea about all the tools. You can’t get high performance without appropriate knowledge about the airbrush paint Kit.

Generally, there are two types of airbrushes. They are single action and double action.

Double action airbrushes will give you flexibility. It is an efficient airbrush starter kit. 

On the other hand, you can easily clean with the help of a single-action airbrush. This tool’s mechanism is almost the same as an automotive paint gun kit.

Put the paint in the tank and spray with force by using an air compressor. And the ultimate result is similar.

Preparing Paint

Preparing any kind of acrylic paint or poster color using an airbrush is easier. You need a little bit of water to mix the color perfectly.

Don’t add a lot of color at a time, for developing more practice more and more. 

Different colors need a different surface. For mixing the textile paint, choose a soft surface.

On the other hand, for the less pliable colors, use the metal surface for airbrushing.

To check the consistency, spray on the scratch paper.

Testing Paint

Attach a needle cap onto the airbrush set. Make sure that the needle cannot touch the cap. Provide adequate ventilation.

To get better performance, you can also use the lever. Before using it, practice it more and more. Keep about 20 cm or 8 inches distance between the surface and the airbrush for having the smoothest effect.

Practicing Controlling

For making a masterpiece, you must know the method of control. To control perfectly, you need to practice more and more. Try to control the airbrush holder. 

To get the desired effect, experiment with different types of colors. Don’t use high pressure for these tasks. 


In the beginning, make an outline with a pencil. Don’t draw the outline deeply. Use an eraser also in order to eliminate the stray lines.

After drawing the outline, check out the whole drawing again.

It will help you to reflect on the thing that you have in your mind. And you will get a masterpiece.

Working on Painting

The airbrush painting technique is all about practicing. The more you practice, the more you will have the perfect result.

First, fill up the general areas of the sketch. Don’t use more than one color at a time.

Build from the bottom portion of the painting. The areas which you don’t want to paint cover with a plastic sheet. This is called applying a frisket.

To cut around the portion which you don’t want to cover, use a craft knife.

Peel off the mask after giving the finishing touch. Forgetting sharp and soft edges, use tape.

Use a fine needle to give the paint a more realistic look. You need to keep the pressure to 15-40 PSI for completing this task.

Sealing the painting

To seal the paint, spray an effective fixative over the task after finishing the artwork. Don’t overspray. It will destroy the whole painting.

At the time of spraying, stay 3 to 4 feet away from the painting. Use continuous strokes. The strokes must be horizontal.

Let the painting dry after sealing. You can also apply a second coat to get more quality.


Don’t forget to wash the airbrush set with an airbrush cleaner. Clean the airbrush perfectly as early as possible with a cleaning kit. It is a very important tip.

If you don’t wash the airbrush timely, the paint flow inside the brush will gum up. This will destroy the airbrush.

Clean the needle perfectly. You must be careful while you are working with the fragile needle.

Take a bucket and immerse the brush into it. Don’t forget to detach the airbrush paint cup or color cup. To wash out the paints from the airbrush, you have to move air through it.

This will also help to prevent the colors from mixing in the brush. At last, blow some clean water out of the airbrush set. Direct the brush at a scratch paper or rag.

Improving Skills

Invent your own unique style. You can learn different kinds of airbrushing systems from online video tutorials.

You can also follow different people’s ways of using an airbrush. This will help you to improve your skills.

What is airbrush makeup?

Nowadays, airbrush makeup is becoming more popular than regular makeup amongst professional makeup artists.

This makeup application is a professional technique and formula that includes spraying airbrush foundation matching the skin tone with an airbrush gun onto the skin.

You have to load the specially-formulated body paint makeup into an airbrush makeup kit. The handheld device will put a fine mist onto the skin with the help of air pressure.

You can easily become a professional makeup artist using this device.


1. What PSI should I use for airbrushing?

You should use an airbrush that can generate at least 30 PSI. This should be the power of an ideal airbrush. 

Use an airbrush that can generate up to 65 PSI if you want to do fabric painting or T-shirt paint more effectively. 

2. What do you soak an airbrush in?

You should soak the nozzle cap, nozzle, and needle cap in rubbing alcohol. Clean the needle with a solution that has 99% isopropyl alcohol. Once you have finished cleaning the airbrush, make re-assembly as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Can you use Windex to clean the airbrush?

You can use Windex or glass cleaner to clean paints. But they work best for enamel or acrylic paints. A lot of experts don’t prefer glass cleaners to clean the airbrush.

The main reason behind this is the presence of ammonia in the glass cleaner. Ammonia can damage the brass part and chrome of the airbrush.

4. Is airbrushing hard to learn? 

The main reason behind the invention of the airbrush was to create even and brilliant colors on cars. However, people are now using an airbrush for various reasons. 

Operating an airbrush is an easy task. It will take you a long time to master this art. You can let your creativity run free with the help of an airbrush.

5. What are the airbrush tips for beginners?

If you want to improve as an airbrush artist, here are some tips for you:

  • Learn everything about an airbrush
  • Prepare well
  • Make your own workstation 
  • Try to achieve consistency 
  • Prepare the canvas
  • Master the airbrush holding techniques
  • Learn the basics 
  • Use stencils

6. What do I need to airbrush models?

You can paint models of any size with an airbrush. You will only need four things to do that. They are:

  • An airbrush
  • A supply of compressed air. Use a propellant can or an airbrush compressor.
  • The connection between the air supply and the airbrush.
  • Some paint


So, these are the professional tips & tricks for an airbrush kit to get high performance.

These instructions are very easy to follow.

You just need to practice and do an experiment with the airbrush. Thus you will get a perfect and professional painting and can use an airbrush for art.