Pella vs Andersen Storm Doors: Which is Better?

Pella and Andersen are both industry-leading door and window manufacturers. Their storm door collections are quite popular all across the USA. But people often have split opinions on which company manufactures the better storm door.

Which is the better door in Pella vs Andersen storm doors?

Although Pella storm doors offer a more stylish and simplistic look, Andersen boasts better customization. Moreover, Andersen storm doors are usually more energy-efficient and the more durable choice. Pella storm doors, on the other hand, offer better warranties to the customers.

There are more things to talk about. Why not take a few minutes off of your time and read this comprehensive comparison!

Let’s begin, shall we?

Pella vs Andersen Storm Door: Key Differences

Pella and Andersen are two rival window and door manufacturers. Both are industry-leading choices for new homeowners. However, they both have their own unique take on storm doors.

Here are some of the key differences between Pella and Andersen storm doors-

FeaturesPella Storm DoorAndersen Storm Door
Available Colors78
Energy EfficiencyEnergy-efficientMore energy efficient
Installation ProcessEasier installation process45 Minutes Easy Install System
HardwareAverage qualityHigher quality
DurabilityLess DurableMore Durable
CustomizationLimited room for customizationOffers Wide Range of Options
WarrantyLife Time WarrantyLimited (10-20 years) warranty
PriceLess expensive More Expensive


The features listed above seem tilted heavily in favor of Andersen storm doors. Let’s head out to a further extensive look at the differences.

Pella vs Andersen Storm Door: Detailed Differences

The head-to-head comparison of the two storm doors gave us a basic idea about them. Now it’s time to head even deeper for an extensive comparison-

Appearance and Customization

Pella is undoubtedly the sleeker, simplistic, and more stylish door in this competition. Its minimalist yet elegant full-view glasses can outshine any other door brand, any day. Andersen on the other hand comes in additional color themes and a wider range of styles. 

When it comes to customization, Andersen offers more flexibility and choices. Almost all of the Andersen storm door has easy customization options. Anyone can alter the hardware of Andersen’s door to suit their choice. 

Pella also offers customization on a number of their higher-end storm doors. But those options are mostly limited. 


Hardware is the most important part to consider when choosing a storm door. It dictates the durability of the door and its ability to withstand regular usage.

It’s also important to consider the direction the doorknob lock is facing. You can set up your doorknob lock horizontally or vertically.

Your go-to choice should be the Andersen storm door for better quality hardware. Andersen doors are especially known for using hardware that is able to withstand day-to-day usage. 

Unfortunately, Pella can’t keep up with Andersen in this category too. Manufacturing lighter storm doors means they have to sacrifice quality. 

Energy Efficiency

Both manufacturers put emphasis on the energy efficiency of storm doors. However, Andersen yet has a slight edge over Pella in this category.

Pella and Andersen both use special Low-emissivity glasses in their storm doors. Low-emissivity glass coating keeps the room warmer in winter by reflecting heat back into the room. In summer, it reflects heat away to keep your home cool.

Unlike Pella, Andersen introduces a wide range of variations of Low-emissivity glass. It offers thermal, Low-E, and thermal Low-E glass types for maximum energy efficiency. Not only does that offer more options to choose from, but also massively helps save energy.

Installation Process

Which of both storm doors is easier to install and takes less time?

While Andersen does claim a 45-minutes-easy-install-system, Pella offers faster and easier installation. 

You can face installation problems for Larson storm doors, which are usually heavy. Thankfully, the simplistic and lighter build of Pella makes it easier to install. 

Plus, Pella storm doors come with some pre-implemented features specifically tailored for faster installation. Pella also does a well enough job to keep the installation cost low.

Storm doors are easier to install. It doesn’t have to face the similar troubles of sliding doors installation problems.


The main objective of storm doors is to provide protection from harsh weather. So, it’s only normal to expect durable frames and glasses in a storm door.

Solid woods and aluminum are the common materials used in the building of storm door frames. The glasses used in storm doors are sturdier compared to regular window glasses.

Andersen storm doors are more durable, harsh weather-resistant, and overall, boasts better longevity. It uses better hardware and quality woods and aluminum in the building of its door frame.

Harsh weather and a hostile atmosphere can wear off your old storm door over the years. You’ll need to repaint your old door to revive its old looks. Take a look at some of the door coatings that we recommend-

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Warranty and Price

One thing that can discourage people from buying Andersen storm doors is its limited warranty. Storm door warranties are provided in three separate parts(frame, glass, and labor).

Pella provides a lifetime warranty for the frame and glass. Whereas Andersen only provides a 10-year warranty. Andersen stretches the time to 20 years for their glass.

Andersen’s added flexibility and better storm door quality come with a higher cost. The price of Andersen storm doors usually starts from $350. Pella however, charges less for their doors.

Pella vs Andersen Storm Door: Verdict

From the above discussion, we can say that Andersen is clearly the better between the two. Despite coming with additional cost and less warranty, it still aces in most categories.

If you are someone who is looking for sturdier doors with more customization options, choose Andersen. Or else, you can go for Pella storm doors for a simplistic look.

We’ve seen a dip in Pella’s popularity over the last few years. A lot of complaints have been thrown against the quality of their products. As it seems, the company is losing its loyal customer base. 

If a long-lasting, easily functional door is what you want, we recommend picking Andersen.


What’s the difference between a storm door and a screen door?

Storm doors generally have a sturdy build compared to Screen doors. The storm doors offer more protection from harsh weather. Both the doors are designed to be installed over the exterior door. Screen doors are preferred for their lightweight nature.

Does wood make a better frame for storm doors than aluminum?

Not really. Aluminum offers superior durability and weather resistance than wooden frames. Most storm doors are manufactured with solid wooden cores. But wooden frames are not as sturdy as aluminum frames.

How much do storm doors cost?

Storm doors can cost anywhere between $200 to $800. The average cost of a standard storm door can sum up to around $350. You might need to spend an extra $60-70 for the installation charge for your storm door.


We’ve covered the topic of Pella vs Andersen storm door in great depth. Hope this article helped you come up with a decision on which storm door to choose.

If you have any further inquiries, let us know in the comments. With that said, we hope you have a great day!