10 Effective Ways to Organize Your Garage

Garages are an important part of your house. But we always neglect it in some way. We use our garages for a lot of causes apart from parking cars like garage parties, a music studio, or a chilling space.

This is where we can gather up and do a particular thing we want to do. So, we should not neglect the garages at all-cause.

With a little organization and a can-do attitude, you can organize your garage into a very wholesome and productive space. It is time to modernize and make your garage into a not messy space.

Well, how to do that?

The answer is simple. Just scroll down the 10 quick and cheap garage organization ideas, and you will definitely find an answer to your question.

1. Wire shelving in the garage: 

Let us tell you how to organize garage tools. This could be a DIY project, or you can just buy a cabinet and basket to stuff the clutter of your garage inside that storage equipment.  

Maximize your garage storage simply by hanging hooks and shelves all around the wall space. This will not just increase the space of your garage but also will be a wonderful wall décor. 

Organize small items like garden tools, yard tools, small tools, nails, screws, nuts, and bolts in jars and keep these jars into the hooks or a garage cabinet for easy finding. This is how to organize a messy garage.

2. The right toolbox: 

The best way of garage organization is to make a toolbox. It will contain all of the necessary tools like gardening tools that one will be needing. This may vary from garage to garage according to their size and want.

For a larger space, you will be needing a lot of tools. For a smaller space, you will have fewer tools. A good and well-organized garage toolbox is sort of the heart of the garage because a garage’s value depends on it. This is one of the best ideas to organize tools in the Garage.

3. Monitor Your Garage Door Is Opened or Closed status: 

We all sometimes forget to close the garage door. This is a very risky practice as it can be invaded by thieves.

So what you can do is build up an open garage alert system with an old RC car and controller, and in this way, you can keep an eye on your door’s status with your phone and a sensor system.

4. Organize Your Garage into Zones: 

If you just do not use your garage for parking space purposes and do a variety of things, then you should divide your garage into different zones.

This will help to organize your garage more as the tools will be in different sections according to their work.

5. Make a Wall-Mounted, Folding Workbench: 

If you are running low in the workspace and you immediately need a solution to keep your tools, then you can always root for a garage wall-mounted folding workbench.

This is budget-friendly and very helpful to store tools. You can also take the bench elsewhere very easily as it can be folded. Its portability helps it to be a special and smart kind of garage organization solution.

6. Have a good old fashioned clean out: 

Well, to organize something in a proper way, you need to throw away the unnecessary stuff. 

Your garage will definitely have some tools or old equipment that will not be handy for users. Throw this garbage out, as keeping those will create a mess inside your garage. 

For this reason, you might not find some important tools on time. So, going through a cleanout campaign will be good for your garage organization.

7. Labels, labels, labels: 

This is a very simple and small trick, but it is very effective. Once you go through the whole garage organization process, you will definitely make jars or shelves to make your garage more storable or more comfortable to look at.

A cabinet, jar, or shelf should be marked. It is also hard to find tools when they are not available. We all had to go through this pain to find stuff. Label all the tools and cupboards and other stuff. This will make everything more specified and easier to find.

8. Use the ubiquitous bin:

This is also another very simple trick. Do not throw garbage on the garage floor. Instead, just use the dustbin and serve its purpose. This will make your garage less messy, and it will actually make your garage look cleaner.

9. Get magnetized:

You will definitely have tools made out of the magnet, and they will be taking very short space. Basically, we will keep a magnet bar where you can store your stuff safely.

10. Light it up:

Well, a lit garage is everyone’s demand. Even you will feel fresh and energetic to work inside your garage if your garage is organized with enough good lights.

Lights do create a great impact in organizing a room. Then again, too much light is harmful to the eyes.

So, thinking about others, one should get the aspects of one’s garage right, and that will lead to a very organized garage.

The ways are not that hard to execute or not that expensive. One just needs to put a little effort to make the best possible outcome of one’s garage.

Anyone can change their garage into a well-organized one. With a few projects in hand, one can transform their garage into a productive space if you just will power stored inside of you.

How to Declutter and Organize Your Garage?

If you are in need of storage space, garage storage ideas are the perfect solution. But, most of the garages are a mess. People put so many things in their garages that they can’t even park their cars in them.

People often ask: How do I clear my garage clutter? If that’s the case with you, here are some cluttered garage organization ideas for you:

  • Plan a garage storage space like a department store
  • Find another storage solution while you are organizing the garage
  • Declutter and organize the garage with labels
  • Organize the garage with plastic containers, bins, and hooks
  • Don’t toss your wife’s things
  • Get rid of everything you don’t use

What Not to Store in Your Garage?

While you are organizing your messy garage, remember three rules of thumb of garage storage ideas: Never store an item that could be damaged by fluctuating or extreme temperatures, items that could be damaged by humidity and moisture, hazardous items that could damage your house.

You should also keep these things away from your garage:

  • Pet food: Animals like Possums will sniff the food out and get in. You should keep pet foods in a sealed storage container inside the garage.
  • Refrigerator: This is a massive energy drain in places that don’t have to be air-conditioned.
  • Paper goods: They will work like a magnet for roaches and other bugs. Keep these items in your pantry.
  • Propane storage: A little spark could ignite the fumes. So keep the propane tanks outside.
  • Paint storage: Extreme heat or cold can damage the paint cans. So keep these items in a more temperate area.
  • Food: Some of us like to shop at bulk stores because It’s cost-effective. But the garage is not the ideal storage space for stashing your staples.

How do I get motivated to clean a garage?

Organizing your garage can be pretty boring. But your garage will not organize itself. So you will have to do the task.

Here are some motivational tips for organizing your garage:

  • You can invite a friend, relative, or neighbor. Make them an offer that if they spend some time cleaning your garage, you will spend the same time cleaning their garage.
  • Plan for a summer gathering in your garage.
  • Stay nourished and take some breaks. Proper food will provide you the energy to keep working.
  • Utilize your headphones. Keep your mind fresh by listening to something satisfying while doing tedious and dirty work. Time will fly by if you listen to any audiobooks. Listening to your favorite talk show is also an amazing idea to distract your mind.
  • Organizing your garage can be discouraging. Make a clear image of a clean garage in your mind. Make a print of it and place it before your eyes. If the work feels boring, take a look at the picture.
  • It is important to stay hydrated. Make a pitcher of your favorite refreshing and cold drink.
  • After organizing, do not let your garage get messy again.

Can I pressure wash my garage? 

Yes, using a pressure washer can be highly effective. It will easily clean debris, dirt in-ground, oil stains, and dirty garage floor. Using a pressure washer will let you clean quicker than the traditional methods. 

However, you have to choose the correct type of pressure washer from a home depot for the best outcomes.

Find the perfect pressure washer

You will find two kinds of pressure washers: gas and electric engine models. These models are rated according to their water pressure-producing capability. 

So, what type of pressure washer is suitable for cleaning a garage floor space? 

You should use a gas-powered pressure washer for cleaning a concrete floor. 

The water flow rate of the pressure washer should be 3 GPM. It should have more than 3,000 PSI also.

If you choose pressure water with less power than that, it will take you much longer to clean.

How to make a garage look nice?

Let us tell you how to organize your garage on a budget and make it look nice. Follow these steps for making your garage look nice:

  • Add a walk-through garage door
  • Add more electrical outlets
  • Put an easy to clean finish on the garage floor
  • Install adequate lighting 
  • Use a smart storage strategy 
  • Insulate and vent the garage space
  • Install a slat wall and a fully functional garage door
  • Let your car own the garage


  • How do you clean a dirty garage floor?

Some warm soapy water can remove minor stains and make your floors clean.

For the best output, mix about 1/3 cup powdered laundry detergent with a gallon of warm water. Use a nylon-bristle brush for scrubbing. Rinse the floor with a power jet wand after cleaning.

  • What can I do with boxes in my garage?

Don’t use cardboard boxes in your garage. One of the best garage storage ideas is replacing cardboard boxes with plastic boxes and bins. Invest in a high-quality plastic container or bins.

A storage bin will keep everything safely and neatly stored away. You can also install an overhead storage unit or ceiling storage to utilize the overhead space.

  • How can I store ladders in my garage?

You can screw the hooks of the ladder into the walls or the ceilings of your garage. Some of the ladders have built-in screws.

Final words

We hope that the detailed article will benefit you. Now you don’t have to look around to see who’s outside before opening your garage.

Organize your garage carefully and keep the garage that way. So, take advantage of the garage organization tips and tricks, open the garage, and don’t rest until the garage is clean and your car fits perfectly in its spot.