Nordyne Furnace Troubleshooting – 5 Most Common Issues [Solved]

Stuck feeling mighty cold because of a malfunctioning furnace? If you’re already checking into a hotel for some warmth, halt!  Sometimes, even furnaces from reputed brands like Nordyne which has been in business in the H.V.A.C industry for 7 years show several defects. 

If you happen to be one of the unlucky customers facing problems, we understand.

So, are you wondering how to perform a Nordyne Furnace Troubleshooting?

To troubleshoot a Nordyne Furnace, start by checking power supplies, and power intake. Secondly, diagnose the control board, thermostat, flame Sensor, and igniter. Check if they are functioning properly. Lastly, check for proper airflow and unclogged air inlet in the furnace

But this is just basic information. If you wish to understand the troubleshooting process in detail read the full article. We’ve written a thorough guideline covering 5 main issues.

So, if that interests you, spare a few minutes here. Check out our Troubleshooting guidelines, before checking into a hotel!

Troubleshooting a Nordyne Furnace

Imagine, it’s finally winter. You’re about to turn on your furnace to be warm on your couch. When suddenly, you discover the furnace won’t turn on. This will leave you trembling in dismay. Now, you’re left searching for Nordyne Furnace Repair methods.

We’ve jotted down a one-stop thorough Nordyne Furnace Troubleshooting guideline. 

Now, let’s go through some of the symptoms, causes, and solutions to your furnace problems. 

Problem 1: Nordyne Furnace Doesn’t Start

The most common problem in a Malfunctioning Nordyne Furnace is that it simply won’t start. Some of the possible causes are discussed below.

Cause 1: No power to Furnace

Look for the furnace switch, fuse, and circuit breaker in the main electrical panel. Inspect for any remaining palm controls that were not replaced with the unit. 

This issue is also very common when troubleshooting ‘Trane Haze XR90’, another popular furnace.


In the primary electrical box, look for the furnace control, circuit breaker, and furnace fuse.  

Examine for any remaining palm switches that have not been replaced with the unit. Especially the previous furnace switch.

Cause 2: Faulty Thermostat

Firstly, ensure your thermostat is operational and has power. Secondly, no power can stem from settings in your thermostat. So check if the settings are in order. 


Sounds silly, but start off by checking if your thermostat is on in the first place. If your thermostat works, double-check the settings:

  1. Set To- “Heat”
  2. Set to-  “Auto”
  3. Set at least 3 degrees above room temperature

Also, it can be helpful to verify the accuracy of your thermostat. If you have a mercury switch thermostat, it’s possible that it’s not working properly.

Problem 2: Nordyne Furnace Stops Shortly After Ignition

Furnace stopping soon after starting has two causes. These are discussed below:

Cause 1: Dirty Air Filter

Filters that are dirty, restrict airflow to the furnace. Which causes it to overheat and halt. If Furnace turns off automatically after turning on, Air Filter could be the culprit.

 Air filter issues are not specific to Nordyne. Solution

Check the filter. Initially try cleaning it yourself. If that’s not possible, consider changing it if it looks dirty.

Cause 2: Airflow Problems

There may not be enough air for the furnace to heat adequately if it is positioned in a small space. If the furnace is placed outdoors, there could be obstructions in the air inlet. Restricted airflow is also a common monitor heater problem.


Furnaces normally receive air from the surrounding area or from outside the room. So, place the furnace in a large ventilated room with proper airflow. Or, for outdoor furnaces installments, clear obstructions in the air inlet. 

Problem 3: Nordyne Furnace Not Heating 

Defects in the igniter or flamer sensor are responsible for this. These are explained below:

Cause 1: Igniter Defect

The igniter becomes extremely hot and turns bright orange to light the gas burner. The furnace will not heat if the igniter fails or splits.


If the igniter is cracked, consider replacing it. If the igniter is not fractured, though. Check the ignition coil for the contact using a multimeter. If the ignition coil has not had continuity, we will have to replace it once again.

 Here are some of our proposals for igniters:

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If all this sounds too complex, you can always rely on your basic wall heater. Now, if that is also out of order and you don’t want to troubleshoot your wall heater, it probably is time to call the professionals.

Cause 2: Flame Sensor Issue

If Flame sensors don’t detect flames, the Control board shuts off voltage to the gas valve. This is to keep the Furnace from becoming too hot. Sometimes failure to detect flames is also caused by a dirty flame sensor


Clean your flame sensor with an abrasive pad. If this doesn’t solve the problem consider replacing the flame sensor, or call in a technician.

Problem 4: Nordyne Furnace is Very Loud

This is caused due to a defect in the blower wheel or motor. Also, worn-out bearings can be the reason. These are explained below:

Cause 1: Damaged Blower Wheel

Set screws are used to attach the Blower Wheel to the Blower Motor. If these set screws are loose, the blower wheel tends to move a lot and form loud noises.


Check, if the screws are tightened, if not tighten them properly. You can also check for extra damage and repair them.

Cause 2: Worn Out Bearings in the Blower Motor

Over time, bearings in the blower motor become worn out. This makes the motor noisy while operating.


This can simply be fixed by lubricating the furnace motor. Yet, if lubricating doesn’t work, you might need to replace the Blower Motor.

Problem 5: Nordyne Blower Running Continuously

Errors or loose wires in the circuit board cause the blower to run continuously.

Cause 1: Control Board

The control Board essentially regulates voltage to each component through relays. Continuous voltage to the blower causes the motor to run continuously. It happens if the relay malfunctions while the motor blower is closed


The central board wires become loose due to vibration, after a specific time. Luckily, it’s possible to detect and fix loose wires if you have the technical knowledge. If not, you can always hire professionals.

Cause 2: Wall Thermostat

Electrical contacts on the wall thermostat control the power supply to the furnace. The motor will get continuous voltage If the motor blower’s contact is off. This causes it to run continually.


To determine if the thermostat is faulty, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. When the Wall Thermostat is switched off, there is continuity between the R and G terminals, indicating that the thermostat has malfunctioned. We need to replace it. 


On my furnace, where is the reset button?

You might often need to reset your Furnace unit to resolve issues. The reset button on your furnace may be found within the blower compartment, behind the blower motor. But, you must be careful as the housing might be very hot. So proceed with caution.

What causes a lockout on a furnace?

A furnace initiates a lockout to prevent unsafe operations when the furnace detects an unsafe condition. Your unit will remain on lockout until you reset it manually.

What’s the deal with my furnace clicking but not producing heat?

This means that the furnace is attempting to light the pilot lights or the burners. But the furnace is unable to do so. Resolving ignition and pilot light problems should automatically fix this.

Final Verdict

So, at this point, you should have a good knowledge of the difficulties and their remedies. If you have any further queries on Nordyne Furnace Troubleshooting, leave a comment below!

We love to get your precious feedback. Thus we’ll try addressing them all. 

Until then, stay happy and healthy. And remember, every problem has a solution!