Why Non Slip Shower Mats For Bathrooms Is A Must?

News of accidents occurring in the shower and bathrooms is not unusual. And most of these accidents happen due to slipping off the floor, especially while coming out from the shower or standing from the toilet seats.

But you can reduce the chance of being a victim of this type of accident simply by installing non-slip shower mats in your shower and bathroom. Moreover, a shower mat is an essential part of your bathroom accessories.

For better quality, you can use a memory foam bath mat. These mats will ensure your safety and comfort while enjoying your shower. Thus, a shower mat is also known as a bath mat.

What is a non slip mat?

Non-slip shower mats are bath mats with advanced grip-tight technology. Some of these mats also come with large suction cups. These mats don’t let water stay on them and keep the floor away from being slippery.

So they are an excellent way to provide safety in your shower floor and bathroom. These mats are appropriate as a shower mat, bath mat, and bathtub mat.

Why Non Slip Shower Mats Are a Necessity

The necessity of the non-slip shower mat is many to describe. Such as:

Ensure Safety With Non-Slip Shower Mats: 

The main reason to go for a non-slip mat is to prevent the floor from being slippery. It will avoid any accidents due to the slippery floor in your bathroom and shower and will keep the floor dry for you. Keep your shower mat far from the drain hole because the drain holes can make your shower mat wet.

If you are using a natural rubber mat, you don’t have to worry about the drainage hole. These non-slip mats are essential if you have a child and senior person in your house. There are many models of non-slip shower mats for disabled people as well. Install these mats in your shower to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Easier to clean:

Cleaning the mats in the shower and bathroom can be a hassle sometimes. Especially the large shower mat is twice harder to clean. But you don’t have to worry much about cleaning with the non-slip mat. These mats don’t accumulate mold in them, so you can clean them more manageably than any other shower mat.

It also helps to prevent mildew on the bathroom surface. Choose a latex free fabric for your bath mat. The cotton mats are comfortable to clean. You can choose an anti-skid rubber mat to use as a bathtub mat.

Easier to install:

Installing and removing these non-slip bath mats are very easy. You can do this literally in minutes on your own. But you don’t have to worry about removing these mats that early since these are long-lasting and more like a permanent solution for your floor. 

Along with that, you can also use the shower mat as your bathtub mat. You can keep it aside from the grab bar. For the textured surface bathroom, you can pick a bamboo bath mat.

Ergonomic design:

A shower mat can also help your bathroom area make it more lucrative. Likewise, an excellent looking showerhead can improve the gravity of the surrounding area, the same way you can install these mats in your bathtub as well.

You can relax in the tub while the mats with ergonomic design will support your back perfectly. You can have a shower mat with gorilla grip tape. If you buy a bathroom mat on a tight budget, choose the rug mat.

Add some color:

You can add some color and style to your bathroom and shower by simply adding these non-slip mats to your shower. Besides, it will add a new definition to your bathroom and shower. Of course, you can go for the simple, non-colored one if you want. There are so many designs to choose from, so you will find the one you like. It will enhance the bathroom decor.

How to use a non-slip shower mat

When using the non-slip shower mats, you can use them in many ways.

  1. First, you need to install the shower mat all over the floor of your shower space and bathroom. It is easier to install, so you will be able to do it on your own. Try to cover the area near your toilet seat, inside and outside the shower tub, under the sinking paddle since there is a place to be slippery most often. The rug mat goes with the smooth surface of the bathroom. This anti slip mat can ensure better security.
  1. After installing the mat, you can now use these mats with comfort with just a little bit careful. If you installed a mat inside the tub, don’t let the mat soak in the tub water even when you are not using the tub. Make sure you give enough time to dry the mat. The memory foam bath mat supports your feet to dry out after taking a bath.
  1. About the mat outside the tub, you need to finish the shower. It makes your feet dry as much as possible in the tub. Then step onto the mat and dry the rest. Natural rubber mat comes up with a suction cup that helps to stick with the bathroom or shower floor. Thus, you can use the non slip bathroom floor mat for the elderly bathroom. 
  1. When it comes to the mays on the floor near the sink or toilet seat, don’t pour water unnecessarily on the mat. Though these mats are most of the time made of rubber, taking a little care will elongate their lifespan. You can keep the non slip bath mat in front of your shower stall.
  2. Nevertheless, you can use the anti slip mat for the kitchen bath mat.  These anti slip mats are good for tiles. 

And finally, you need to clean the mats once in a while. These mats are easier to clean. So you can do this cleaning on your own at home.

How to Clean Shower Mats:

It would help if you cleaned your shower mats once in a while, depending upon the need; otherwise, dirt will accumulate in the bath mat and damage the rug. You need to follow some procedures to clean your bath mat.

  1. First, make sure your bathroom is well ventilated since you will wash the mat in there with a chemical solution.
  2. Make a solution of bleach and water and pour it into the bathtub. It would help if you made the solution homogeneous. Make sure your bathtub is big enough to soak the tub mat. Or you can do the cleaning in sections.
  3. Make sure you only use cold or normal water during the cleaning. Don’t use hot water.
  4. Now soak the mat in the tub for 3-4 hours, and then get it out to scrub. Use any scrub brush to clean the mold and dirt. Soak it in clean water after you are done. You can also splash water to remove any solution altogether.
  5. Now air dries the mat. You can keep the mat out in the sun for drying but don’t use an ant heater to do so.
  6. If your shower mat is small enough, you can also wash it in your washing machine.

Final words:

Using a non-slip shower mat is essential to avoid an accident in the shower. Especially if you have an older person and kids at your home, they are most likely to be victims of this type of accident. If you are from the United States, you will find a good quality shower mat in the super shops.

According to experts’ recommendations, the slipx solutions bath mat is the best shower mat. Investing in a non-slip mat will keep you and your family safe from slipping on the floor. You can talk to the amazon associate about choosing a good shower or bath mat. Besides, you can use the n

And these mats are a great way of adding a new look to your bathroom. You can also use them in your shower tub to rest your feet and back well. You can take care of these mats easily at your home. Choose a shower mat with machine washable capacity. If you find any problem, you can contact to the customer service.

You can think of these mats as the permanent solution to all of your complaints regarding the anti slip mat for the bathroom floor. So invest in a good quality non-slip shower mat and stay in a tension-free mood.