3 Most Talked about Monitor Heater Problems

Monitor heater does a good job of keeping the house warm in winter. However, like most appliances, this one also doesn’t function properly at times. 

You happen to be someone who owns a monitor heater. You want to learn more to better care for it. Thus, you want to be aware of the problems. So that you can keep a watchful eye.

That’s why you are searching for monitor heater problems, right?

The three most talked about monitor heater problems are;  the flame colour is not blue, the heater shuts down automatically, and changes in temperature in different spots of a room.

That was just the preview. But you can know more in the next few segments. So, read on.

What is the Most Talked about Monitor Heater Problems?

We know the monitor heater has been around for years. Many people have faced problems while using it over time.

So, we have gathered 3 problems for you. These are faced by a lot of people. Let’s go through them. 

Problem 1: Flame Colour Not Blue

What was the flame color when you first bought your monitor heater? We know, it was blue.

Actually, the color has to be blue. Otherwise, it indicates a problem. Because the blue flame is a sign of good combustion.

However, the flame can turn yellow. The manuals will tell you that it is an exhaust issue. 

Are you wondering why are we talking about colors? It is because the colors indicate whether the right amount of fuel is being passed. 

So, what does it mean when the color is yellow. Well, it means that monitor heater will not produce much heat. Because the right amount of fuel is not passed. 

As a result, your home will be cold. Of course, you don’t want that. You might want to check for problems in your underground propane tank.

Now, let’s try to understand the causes.

Cause 1: Warped Combustion Ring

It is a no-brainer that there will be some problems when you don’t use your monitor heater for a long time. One thing that can happen – the combustion ring might get warped.

What does that mean? It’s simple. A warped combustion ring cannot produce heat for you properly. Because it is not working properly.


Well, unfortunately, you might have to get a replacement for your warped combustion ring.

We understand getting a replacement might be difficult. In that case, you can try nordyne furnace for heating your room. 

However, this might also come with problems of its own. You should try to identify them and fix your nordyne furnace.

Cause 2: Uncleaned Combustion Chamber

Did you think that monitor heater’s inner parts will remain clean even if you don’t use it? The combustion chamber collects dust while it’s just sitting around. 

There’s another thing. You will also notice dirt after you have been using it regularly. 

The residue of burning is trapped inside the chamber. That keeps forming a layer of first. Now, guess what happens next? You do not get a proper flame.


We have good news. All you have to do is clean your combustion chamber. And voila! The color of the flame is blue again. 

Now you know all about why your flame color is not blue. Time to move on to another problem.

Problem 2: Heater Shuts Off Automatically

Let’s say you start your monitor heater. And you see that you’re getting blue flame. You are happy because the blue flame is a good sign, right?

Next thing, your room starts to get a little bit of heat. But wait, your monitor heater gets turned off automatically suddenly.

You try to restart it but there’s no luck. It doesn’t stop there. You are also seeing that the light of your monitor heater is flashing red. 

So, what does this indicate? Basically, we call this burner failure.

Now, there are some causes behind it. We have discussed two major causes. Let’s check them out.

Cause 1: Lack of fuel

Do you hear thumping noises from the fuel tank? If yes, then you know why your burner has failed. It is because your monitor tank is in dire need of fuel. It is either empty or low.

In addition, you should look for fuel leakage. It is obvious that leakage will cause a problem. Because the fuel will not reach the combustion chamber. 


In the case of a leak, you’ll have to replace the fuel tank. 

Cause 2: Clogged Fuel Filter

Did you know that your monitor heater needs a proper flow of oil? Your monitor heater will shut off if it doesn’t get the oil while running.

You’re probably wondering what could obstruct the flow of oil. Don’t think too hard because we’ll tell you why. It’s due to clogged fuel filter.


The good thing is, you can easily solve this issue. All you have to do is clean the fuel filter. You can do it with a carburetor cleaner.

Okay, you know enough already. Let’s move to the next problem, shall we?

Problem 3: Drastic Change in Room Temperature

Your monitor heater is up and running. But you just noticed that some spots in your room are cold.

You’ll be surprised to know that it’s actually a common problem. Moreover, the cause behind it is also simple. 

We have mentioned one. Let’s see what that is.

Cause 1: Poor Location of the Heater

The heat will not pass if you place the monitor heater in a poor location. As a result, the temperature in different parts of your room will vary.


It’s an easy fix. Just place your heater in a location from where the heat can emit easily. Also, make sure no object in the front is obstructing the heat emission. 

If your room is still cold, you can opt for a cozy wall heater. However, these heaters might also have problems. So, you need to know about how to solve cozy wall heater problems.

Well, we just covered the last problem. That’s pretty much it.

Tips to Take Care of Monitor Heater

Before you go, we want to give you some tips on taking care of your monitor heater.

  • Clean your monitor heater.
  • Change your fuel filter every year.
  • Watch out for overheating.
  • Keep the fuel tank in check.

We hope that you can prevent some problems if you follow these simple tips.


How often should you clean your monitor heater?

You should clean your monitor heater every three years.

What oil is usually used in monitor heater?

Kerosene oil is usually used in monitor heater.

How much space can your monitor heater cover?

Monitor heater can cover 2000 square feet of area in your home.

Bottom Line

With that, we have reached the end of our post. Hope that you enjoyed reading this. Fingers crossed.

We have discussed only three monitor heater problems. But there could be other problems. They all have pretty much the same causes. There might be a few changes.

That’s it from us. See you next time!