6 Best Mobile Home Siding Replacement For You In 2023

Mobile home sidings are more vulnerable to the elements and must be replaced more often than a traditional home. This is due to the lack of insulation and ventilation.

A mobile home siding replacement can be done in a day by a professional provider, but it can also be done by the homeowner if they are skilled at carpentry.

Choosing the siding material that will work best for your mobile home is not easy, given all the considerations that must be made.

Aesthetics, finances, and similar needs must all be taken into consideration. This is a hard choice due to the wide variety of available materials and colors.

If you are facing a dilemma regarding which mobile home siding replacement to choose, stay with me until the end of this article to know for sure.

Mobile Home Siding Replacement Options At A Glance

MaterialCost (Per Sqft)Installation CostLabor Cost (Per Sqft)
Vinyl$2-$7 USD$2,000-$16,000 USD$2-$6 USD
Wood$3-$15 USD$16,000-$24,000 USD$1-$6 USD
Fiber Cement$1-$6 USD$6,000-$20,000 USD$2-$10 USD
Cedar$2-$8 USD$9,000-$19,000 USD$2-$5 USD
Faux Stone$15-$30 USD$7,000-$10,000 USD$7-$15 USD
Aluminum$3-$6 USD$10,000-$19,000 USD$5-$10 USD

Vinyl Siding Replacement For Mobile Homes

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for both site-built homes and mobile homes, as more than 30% of all new homes use it.

Because it is inexpensive, durable, and attractive, vinyl is a popular option. Comparing vinyl siding to other siding options, it is also simpler to install.

The majority of manufactured homes have recycled vinyl siding, which needs to be updated every few years but is less expensive and thinner than virgin vinyl. New vinyl siding is a good investment and often lasts twice as long.

When replacing the siding on your mobile home, it is recommended to spend a little bit more money on thicker virgin vinyl because it will last a bit longer.

It is quite simple to keep clean, so it keeps looking good for a long time.

Depending on the thickness and quality, it is resistant to dents and scratches.

Wood-boring insects, fungi, or mildew can not really harm it.

You wouldn’t need to spend money on painting this material again.

It comes in a range of colors.

It is durable, with most businesses providing a warranty of up to 20 years.

It can tolerate adverse weather conditions.

Because of its small weight, it is ideal for mobile houses.
The material’s tendency to melt and distort in intense heat is its main drawback.

Vinyl siding is more likely to develop cracks in colder regions.

Many people do not like the unnatural look of vinyl.
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Things To Remember During Installation Process

  • Ensure that the vinyl siding installation is seamless and delivers the greatest outcomes.
  • Ensure that the siding’s bottom margins include tiny holes from which water can drain.
  • While insulated vinyl siding is more expensive than regular vinyl, it dries more quickly and provides a better barrier.
  • However, if you don’t want to spend the extra money, you can install foam under the skirting for much less.

Wood Siding Replacement For Mobile Homes

Unquestionably, wood makes a lovely siding material. It radiates warmth and gives a classic appearance to your mobile home. However, it also comes with problems like rot and water damage.

The most popular material for a mobile home is plywood. Plywood is a type of wood sheeting that is created by combining larger wood pieces with glue to create sheets with grooves.

Plywood is more expensive but smoother and easier to sand and coat with stain or paint.

Although plywood panels can be put vertically or horizontally, vertical placement is typically the best option to reduce water damage.

Your mobile home gains a natural beauty that raises its aesthetic appeal and monetary value.

It is simple to install and shape.

If maintenance is carried out, it can last for a very long time.

Environmentally good choice because it leaves behind a small carbon footprint.
It’s extremely pricey.

It needs regular maintenance.

Regular painting and caulking are required, significantly raising long-term expenses.

It burns easily.

Birds, insects, weather, and splitting can damage it.
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Things To Remember During Installation Process

  • Wood panels can be put horizontally and vertically and are extremely adaptable.
  • To reduce water damage, it is recommended to install it vertically.
  • Choose engineered wood if you want the visual appeal of wood siding without all the maintenance.

Fiber Cement Siding Replacement For Mobile Homes

There are several thicknesses, dimensions, and aesthetic options for fiber cement. The nicest part about fiber cement is that it can be used to create siding with the same appearance as any other material, including vinyl and cedar shake.

Naturally, the fact that it is resistant to rot and insects add an extra bonus.

It is adaptable and offered in various colors and textures.

It is strong, long-lasting, and resistant to extreme environments.

It is fire-resistant.

It is perfect for areas where storms and hurricanes are regular.
The material is really heavy.

The installation process is really difficult.

Fiber cement siding requires a high labor cost for installation.

The material needs to be painted regularly to keep its aesthetic.
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Things To Remember During Installation Process

  • Remember that fiber cement installation is fairly pricey. However, the material’s adaptability compensates for it.
  • You can install them both vertically and horizontally.
  • Even a combination can be used to improve its aesthetic appeal.

Cedar Siding Replacement For Mobile Homes

Cedar siding is an excellent choice if you want to give your home a classic look.

The greatest part about this material is that it complements traditional and modern building styles. It gives your mobile home some extraordinary texture.

There are several different types of cedar siding, including shakes, log cabin cuts, tongue and groove, and many more.

It can repel insects naturally.

It is moisture and decay-resistant.

Because of its natural elegance, it doesn’t require painting.

It also performs well in terms of heat retention and cold resistance.

It is robust and durable.
It is incredibly expensive.

You must take care to prevent it from coming into contact with iron.

It burns easily.

Environmental factors might cause the material to lose its attraction.
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Things To Remember During Installation Process

  • The style of cut you choose will significantly impact how the cedar siding is installed.
  • Putting up cedar boards requires a lot of labor and cost. However, there are no such problems with basic wooden levels.
  • For cedar siding, ordinary screws and nails are ineffective. Only aluminum and stainless steel suit them, so they avoid rust stains.
  • For cedar siding, choosing an oil-based water sealant is recommended.

Faux Stone Siding Replacement For Mobile Homes

Faux stone siding, cultured stone veneers, or architectural stone gives any mobile home permanence and dimension. Although faux stone can be pricey, it increases resale value.

Faux stone is engineered stone produced using Portland cement. Additionally, oxide coloring is applied before the material is shaped into a mold.

Compared to natural stone, the cost of the panels is significantly lower because they are mass-produced. Chemicals like fire retardants and UV inhibitors are mixed with faux stone.

Additionally, polyurethane and polymers can also be used to make them.

It increases the mobile home’s aesthetic appeal.

It has qualities like insect and rot resistance.

It is water-repellent.

Provides outstanding energy efficiency.

Most manufacturers provide additional warranties of up to 50 years.
It might cause moisture issues if improperly installed since water gets trapped behind it.

Installation problems might also cause water leakage and structural damage.

If the installation is incorrect, you must pay a significant repair price.

It costs more than other siding materials.
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Things To Remember During Installation Process

  • Installing the faux stone siding is really simple due to the lightweight construction and paneling method.
  • Faux home siding for mobile homes is quite efficient and covers every area since it comes in trim and corner pieces.

Aluminum Siding Replacement For Mobile Homes

Many individuals still prefer aluminum siding for their mobile homes, even though it is one of the oldest siding materials. Its longevity and small weight are reasons for its popularity.

Because of its lightweight, installation is simpler.

It prevents insects.

It resists flames.

It is durable, so melting is not a concern.

It’s an energy-efficient choice.
Aluminum siding has a significant flaw in that it is vulnerable to dents and scratches.

Scratches become more apparent when the surface color is stripped from this material.

Sunlight and heat can cause the aluminum siding to corrode over time.

It needs to be repainted frequently to maintain its appearance.

Repainting can be time-consuming when there is oxidation.
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Things To Remember During Installation Process

  • A sealant is necessary to stop corrosion and rust on aluminum siding.
  • Aluminum siding is powder-coated, which adds to its aesthetic value and offers additional protection.
  • After installing the panels, a caulking gun can fill the minor gaps around the doors and windows.
  • Cleaning the aluminum siding once a year will take care of the maintenance.
  • A metal wire brush can be used to eliminate any rust.

Which Mobile Home Siding Replacement Should You Go For?

Even though each type of siding has its advantages and disadvantages, vinyl siding comes out on top by a wide margin.

The longevity and versatility of this material are its best qualities. Vinyl siding allows you a lot of experimentation to create the style you want for your mobile home.


Is it worth it to replace vinyl siding?

According to Remodeling Magazine, installing new vinyl siding on your home can raise its value by roughly 76.7% of the project’s cost.

One important factor to consider is if the siding you choose will retain its value after exposure to the natural residue.

Can you replace just a few pieces of siding?

Yes. Only a specific board or area of your siding can be replaced. But experts recommend not doing it unless it is absolutely necessary.

What is better than vinyl siding?

Compared to vinyl siding, HardieĀ® fiber cement siding is stronger and up to 5 times thicker.

It provides homes with years of protection with little maintenance while easily withstanding damage from storms, rain, freezing temperatures, and frost.