Larson Storm Door Handle Problems — Five Common Issues & Fixes

Having to face storm door issues can be quite frustrating at times. Upon facing, you need to address the issue immediately. The door handle is among the most common parts of the door to have problems.

So, these are the Larson storm door handle problems?

 It is common to face issues with your Larson storm door handle over time. One common issue is the handle may get detached. The handle and the entry door may interfere with each other. Apart from these, storm doors do not latch by themselves. The deadbolt of the door may get stuck. Finally, the button may stick to the push-button of the handle.

This is some basic information on the problems of your storm door handle. However, they are not enough for you to resolve your problem. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dive deep into the article to have a glance at problems, and their fixes.

Why are there problems with the Larson storm door handle?

A storm door has to go through a huge amount of tear and wear. This may cause the door or the door handle to malfunction.

Weather conditions can cause these problems as well. The wood expands or contracts with the weather changes.

For your understanding, we have handpicked some of the problems faced by users. We have also included the solutions for your convenience.

5 Problems with the Larson Storm Door Handle

We’ve used and conducted a thorough review of the Larson Storm Door. After which we discovered 5 problems with the door handle,

Problem 01: Having the Handle Detaching from the Door

Door handles are attached to the door with a set screw. The screw loosens over time due to many usages of the door.

Tightening the set screw might resolve this problem. If the set screw is broken and cannot be tightened, then the handle must be replaced.

Some screws use a D-clip on the backside of the trim plate for the outer handle. This can loosen up over time.


To fix this, insert the door handle through the outside of the trim plate. Slide the D-clip through the groove of the end of the handle. Insert the spindle into the handle and finally complete your door installation.

Problem 02: The Handle on the Storm Door Touches the Handle of the Entry Door

The handle of the storm door and the entry door are placed on the same side. If the depth is less than the exact measurements to mount the door handle, they may touch.

For a proper handle, you need to set clearance between the storm door and the entry door. The proper measurement of the jamb should be around 2-½”(inches) at least.

If the measurement does not meet 2-½”, you might have to switch the handling of the storm door.


If you are unable to change the handling of the storm door. The exterior trim has to be changed to ensure no inference between the storm door and the entry door.

Problem 03: The Storm Door Needs to be Manually Latched Rather than it Latching itself.

The holes on the storm door Z-bar are punched in the factory. It should be fine while installing.

But at times, the frame of the house settles. This causes the Z-bar and the door frame to misalign.


To solve this issue, align the Z-bar of the storm door. Putting a shim behind the Z-bar might also help to align the storm door.

If that does not work, then disassemble the storm door and reinstall it.

You could remove the screws of the Z-bar to check if re-screwing is needed. The Z-bar sticks out further to align the storm door.

Problem 04: The Deadbolt of the Storm Door is Stuck or Not Working.

This problem arises due to the misalignment of the rail of the latch side and the door deadbolt. The deadbolt needs to retract to have the door open. Misalignment prevents the deadbolt from retracting, causing the door to jam.


Remove the latch’s rail-side installation screws. It will loosen the tension of the deadbolt. This allows the deadbolt to retract and the door to open. Operate the handlebar after the door opens.

If none of the deadbolts or the door operates, change the hardware.

Problem 05: The Button Sticking to the Push Button Handle.

This problem can be caused because of too much tension between the screws. Loosening the screws might release the tension.


If the spring is installed backward, the push button can stick. To resolve that, remove the handle first. Ensure that the narrow end of the spring is inserted into the outer side of the handle. Reverse the spring if the issue still exists and reattach the handle.


How do you tighten a Larson storm door handle?

To tighten the storm door handle, unhook one closure if it has two closer. Then, turn the adjustment screw by ½ or ¼ turn once at a time. Keep turning until you reach your desired tightness or smoothness.

Why won’t my Larson storm door close?

If the storm door is not closing as fast as you want it to be, then find the adjustment screw. It is on the back of your storm door. Turn it counterclockwise ¼ turn at a time. Check if it reaches your desired closing speed. Keep on turning the adjustment screw until you reach your desired closing speed.

Can you replace the Larson storm door handle?

Yes. Replacing the Larson storm door handle is possible. It’s quite an easy task that you can do within a few minutes with some simple steps.


Now you know some common Larson storm door handle problems. You know their fixes as well.

We hope that you are now able to solve these issues without going through too much trouble.

Do let us know which of these problems you faced and if the solutions worked.

Until then, stay safe.