10 Innovative Idea To Perfect Party Lighting On Any Kind Of Special Event

Lighting is the inseparable part of any party or special event. Anyone can hardly imagine a party without those colorful LEDs, flashing spotlights or candles. When you start planning your event, the first thing you need to consider is the lighting. This one thing can make or break the party. So focus on the lighting of the venue.

There are many different kinds of lighting instruments available in the market nowadays. But before going for one, make sure that the lighting will go well with your party theme and express the mood quite well.

Importance of lighting in the special event

You can expect a lot many interesting advantages of lighting. It’s a core element in events like party, wedding, formal occasion etc.

Lights set the mood:

In the party, the most important thing is to set the party mood according to the occasion. Different kind of events needs a different kind of vibe and energy. You have to make arrangement according to that. And to do so lighting is the best option to go for.

You can express a lot by simply adjusting the lighting to the event theme. For example, if it is a wedding party, set the lights with dimming effects to set that romantic mood. Again for the kid’s birthday or graduation party let the lights be at their brightest. You can choose from the LED lights to the lantern or the spotlight types as per your special event.

According to the event plan, you may need a different type of lighting for different part of the party. Make your arrangements likewise.

For the photography and videography:

We live in the century where no can think their special event is fulfilled until they posted a picture on the social media. And we all know how important lighting is for that. You may also make an appointment with professional photographer. They will also need a specific amount of lighting. So be sure you fulfill their demand.

If your party theme doesn’t go with bright light, then you can create a specific spot for the photo station with proper lighting. Ask your photographer and event manager to set the lighting accordingly.

Make the venue look even more dramatic:

Lighting can emphasize the internal and external structure of your venue. For example, if you are holding an indoor party, the lighting can make your place look prettier than you have actually seen it by fur.

Keep the focus:

Lighting is the best way to make your guests focus on the specific part or space of the party you want them to. So highlight the places you want with some spotlights or so.

Coordinates with The other arrangements:

You may have a plan of specific kind of music, stage show or slide show. Lighting can be extremely helpful to put all the segments together and give the party a different meaning. So ask your planner to keep the segments in mind before lighting.

Lights bring the energy:

Lights have a potential to draw energy from us. The perfect type of lighting will fill the guest with the perfect energy that needs to keep the party going on. To understand this just think about the lighting on a DJ party and realize how people are filled with energy. Isn’t the effect of lighting is awesome?

Tips to get the perfect lighting

It is not good that you just jump up to the lighting without considering some important factors. It’s optimal if you are well-prepared beforehand. Give these a thought:

Do some calculation

Firstly you need to have a clear idea of your venue and the time. Visit the party place a couple of days before the main event. It’s best to go there on the time when the actual party will hold so that you can have a clear vision of how the venue will look like at that time. Now set the theme and ask your event manager for his opinion.

Another thing you have to keep in mind’s who is going to be the guest of the event? If you are going to the invite all elderly people or all the kids only then match the lighting with the guests’ energy level. This way the guests will feel much more welcomed. Like, don’t use dim lights for an event where kids are going to make the most part of the party.

Choose the correct light:

Now there is various type of lights are available. You need to find what will go best with your event theme. Just do some research a find out whether you should go for LEDs, fluorescent, spotlights or lanterns? You can also ask your planner to give you some advice. Just make sure your lighting is according to the mood you want to set in the party.

Always keep in contact with the planer:

If you are depending on a planner, then find someone who is skilled and client-oriented. Otherwise, chances are you won’t get a hold of him when you need him for an emergency. If your planer and lighting service provider are different entities, then contact with the service provider as well and give in in-depth detail of the party and your need.

Concentrate on the music:

There is hardly any party nowadays without any music. So you need your lighting to go well with the music. Choose your lighting keeping the theme and the playlist on the mind.

Set an appointment with your photographer:

If you are going to hire a professional photographer, then set an appointment with him before the big day. If needed take him to the venue and ask what kind of arrangements he will need.

10 innovative idea to Perfect Party Lighting on a wedding or any kind of Special Event:

You can literally bring the party to the brightest mood by decorating it with proper theme and lighting. This is the best way to show your own style and creativity.

But you may be at a loss how to do all these arrangements if you are not planning to hire any professional. But don’t worry since I have got your back. You don’t always need those expensive lighting set to decorate the venue. You can do this on your own if you have some basic ideas.

Event lighting equipment:

First, you need to have a clear idea about the lighting equipment.  Decide which type of lights you are going for. There are many types of party lighting sets available in the market nowadays. You can rent them for your party. You can ask for advice from the service agency you are renting the equipment from.  You need to arrange all the equipment you will need to set the lights in their spot. Study which angle and arrangement will be best to cover the whole party venue with the minimum amount of lights possible without making it over the board.

Here are some cheap outdoor party lighting ideas for you.

1. Indoor tree and candles:

Candles are the best way to create that romantic mood you are looking for your wedding party. You can add any false tree or brunches of some green real tree to add some home-like vibe to the party.

2. Lit those dreamy lanterns:

Lanterns always bring that soft romantic mood to the party. Use various lanterns to decorate your party venue. You can also use these at your patio to create a joyful environment. Using the lantern to specify the different area of the venue especially the dancing space is also a great way to utilize the part venue well.

3. Chandelier orbs:

If you prefer something classical then go for the Chandelier orbs to decorate the upper space of the eating tables. You can add a touch of green by putting some green small tree branches in there. To bring everything together use candles to light up the table area.

4. Candles in the wall:

Yes, you heard it right. Some venue has a stone wall with holes to put lights into it. You can use this space and put your spotlights in there to create a beautiful gradient of light. This will also add elegance to your other arrangements.

5. Hanging glass orbs:

Glass orbs add a new dimension to the party venue. They also create the perfects mood for the couple photoshoot on a special day.

6. Retro disco ball:

Don’t underestimate those shiny disco balls. They are the most perfect lighting instrument for the dance floor of the party. To make it even more dramatic, add some sting LED LIGHTS.

7. Outdoor and the LEDs:

If you are planning to hold an outdoor party, then you can choose a place with big trees. Add a lot of sting LEDs to the tree branches. This will make the calmest environment for your outdoor party. Place your tables near the trees and add some hanging lightings such as orbs or lantern to make it even more beautiful.

8. Vintage string lights:

Edison bulb style vintage string lights are also another cheapest yet cool option for the outdoor party. Decorate your party venue with these vintage string lights and make the event really memorable.

9. Make effects with LEDs:

LED lighting brings you a ton of variety to decorate the special event exactly the way you want it. You can make different kinds of effects using the pixel mapping. There is another popular type of LEDs called ‘Happy tube’. These tubes are so flexible that you can mount them on any kind of structure you want. You can also use moving LED set up to create that dynamic effect.

10. Curtain and the LEDs:

Surely LEDs are the best lights for a house party. You can decorate them any way you want since they come in string form. This type is sometimes called ‘Fairy Lights’ as well. Wrap the LEDs on the curtains. You can choose any color you want. These LEDs come with a function which let you change the blinking pattern. Don’t forget to decorate the wall as well. You can make any shape with some wire and wrap the LEDs around it.

Final words:

Lighting is the heart of any party event. You can’t set the mood of the party without proper lighting.

Just follow your heart and decide which kind of lighting you are will to do for your special event. You can hire any professional wedding planner and contact a lighting service agency for a professional result. Else you can do the lighting by yourself.

Make sure you do enough study before starting the arrangements. With just a little patience and knowledge you can decorate your party venue like a dreamland for your guests.