10 Innovative Idea Of Portable Closets To Make Your Room Upgrade A Studio Feel Like A Mansion!

Closets, especially the portable ones have always been the symbol of luxury in your room. These portable closets once belonged in luxury temples like the mansions. Nowadays, the closets are not limited within just the luxury mansion anymore.

These closets are some of the functional and beautiful looking closets. The ideas below will help organize your room and dressing area in the most perfect ways possible.

These ideas will be the perfect choice for those who think their clothing and accessories as a piece of art.

Just with a few design choices, you can make your dream to create a beautiful room come true.

Let us just move on to the main ideas. But before that, let us know a little bit about the wardrobe closet.

Wardrobe Closet

Wardrobe, also known as Armoire is basically a standing closet. It is used for storing your clothes. One of the common features of this wardrobe is its size. Also known as the eight small men method, this is used because a double wardrobe of a good size will be able to hold as much clothing possible within its capacity.

Another type of wardrobe is also known as Kas. This wardrobe is a massive size of a closet that originates from the land of Dutch and is also popular in the Netherlands. They are fitted with drawers and shelves and I must say. They were a really good place to store valuable items safely locked. You can also lock on these wardrobe with many more belongings. It depends on the size.

Now wardrobe and closet are not exactly the same thing. A wardrobe is a type of closet but usually smaller in comparison to the closet. Now the actual closet is a small room that is used for storing some extra junkies of yours.

Nowadays both the wardrobe and closets have been upgraded and modernized to make them look so unique. You can easily create some ideas yourself to upgrade your room as well. It will be like some simple interior designing.

But do you as to how to assemble a portable wardrobe? If not, then let us quickly go through some steps to have some ideas about it.

How to assemble a portable wardrobe

Assembling the portable wardrobe is a little simple and straightforward method. Normally, you always get a manual with some description of the materials and also with some instructions.

Make sure that you unpack all the materials really carefully. Also, make sure that you have all the things that you need before you start to assemble the wardrobe.

In case you got a wooden wardrobe with a cardboard drawer:

  • Lay out all the wardrobe materials or pieces so that you can later understand where each of the materials should be placed.
  • Ensure that the bottom part and the side part of the drawer is completely attached.
  • Use a duct tape to reinforce the corners of the drawers. This is an extra backup.
  • Place the tapes like a line on all the side of the bottom drawers. Attach another line of duct tapes to assemble the inside drawers as well. Because of this duct tape, it will be easier for you to open and close the drawer slides.

When your wardrobe got the metal frame:

  • Put together the wardrobe frame very carefully.
  • Attach each and every one of the poles. This is until you see the structure properly and that includes the hanging bar.
  • The connections should be attached very strongly and should hold all the items very firmly when you place them on the respective bars.
  • Do not overload the bars with too much clothing as the wardrobe’s capacity may not be strong enough to contain too many items.
  • In this case, you can purchase more than one portable wardrobe.

It is time for some installation. A question remains. How to install foldable wardrobe? Now as mentioned above, there will be instructions as to how to install the wardrobe. Still to make it easier for you let us go through some simple steps for the installation process.

How to install foldable wardrobe

Step-1: Start with the bottom. Assemble the bottom part of the frame.

Step-2: Slide the wardrobe cover over the poles attached.

Step-3: Assemble and attach the center of the frame.

Step-4: Assemble and install the top part of the frame.

Step-5: It’s time for some inserting. Insert the floor support of the wardrobe. Attach both the top and bottom frame to each other.

Step-6: There will be a cover with the wardrobe. Slide the cover up the top frame and then again slide it down.

Step-7: The foldable wardrobe will be installed properly.

Now you have to think of some portable closet ideas. There are thousands of closet ideas to choose from. But you cannot think of just any ideas. The closet idea will have to be one in a million. It can be a durable portable closet or a metal portable closet. There are infinite numbers of closet ideas. Here presenting before you 10 innovative closet ideas to turn room mansion-like. Without waiting anymore, here we go!

10 Innovative Portable Closet Ideas: Something Eye-Catching

Now it is time for sharing some awesome and inspiring ideas that will be worth remembering.

Idea-1: Craft Cabinet Closet

Are you an artist? An art fanatic? Stuck in a pile art supplies and accessories? Then the hobby box craft cabinet will be your perfect choice. Starting from keeping your papers organized properly to store some supplies individually. This closet gives you all. With a fold-down work table, LED light, 22 acrylic totes (clear) and a 7 zipper pouch. What else are you crying for?

Idea-2: Living Cube

A mega closet that incorporates storage, a desk, and a bed as well. It is designed to be the center of any studio room. Divided into three different facilities, it is everything that you will need.

Idea-3: Above the door

Another unique closet idea can be above the door shelving closet. You can customize this closet in your own way.

Idea-4: Urbana Loft

Another closet to inspire your DIY ideas. There is a stair up to the bed part of this multi-functional closet that works as a drawer. Underneath the loft are the dressers, closets, opening shelves for keeping books or something, etc.

Idea-5: Dressing Island Closet

A beautiful and unique storage space closet. The dressing island closet comes in different shapes and sizes. I would recommend choosing the one that has lots of storage drawers and shelves. You can also add things like trays and boxes to keep in the top of the closet. It can be used for storing your pieces of jewelry, keys and other accessories.

Idea-6: Vanity Closet

You can also choose the closets with the vanity section. This closet is one of the newest upgrades. It comes with a countertop, a portable mirror space, lamp space, maximum spaced drawers and stool to seat for. No facilities come like this. I highly recommend this closet idea.

Idea-7: Shoe Organizer Closet

Here comes another one of the best portable closets. Though it is shoe related, it will be better for you if you give this closet a place in your home. This is a 12-pair shoe organizing a closet. It is laminated with a durable white paper and built with strong particleboard. On top of the closet, there are also places for keeping clothes. Another part of the closet has a storage space for purses and vanity bags.

Idea-8: 32 Compartment Closet

Organize and keep your socks, handkerchief, towels and many more in this closet. The easiest and the most customized among all the closet.

Idea-9: Jewelry Closet

I just love this closet. Only exclusive to my pieces of jewelry. The spaces and designs inside are just amazing to look into. A separate place to organize and store your bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings respectively. The drawers and other parts are designed to keep your jewelry set. Life was never so easier.

Idea-10: Makeup Closet

Last but not the least; I had to share this closet idea. This is for all the beauty’s out there. We are all busy bees nowadays. No time to organize our makeup materials as well. This beauty closet will help you organize all your beauty cares and makeup beautifully and securely. That is why there is nothing to hurry about.


You can also choose the mirrored closet if you like. It gives a different look to your room. Other than this, there are lots of different ideas to make your room mansion-like. As if you are someone royal.

I hope these 10 innovative ideas will help you in your plan to make your room beautiful. Have a nice day!