Why Having A Filtered Water Bottle Is A MUST When Traveling

Water is one of those basic needs for us that we can’t live without even for a day. But do we really care how clean the water is that we are drinking?

The water source in our home is not always fully free from dirt, mineral, and pathogens which are definitely harmful to our health. Again the store’s bottle mineral water isn’t exactly as it claims in the advertisements. So what can be the solution? Well ‘water filters’ are all that you need.

Water filters are physical ways to filter tap water to be free from all kinds of dirt and pollutants.

Why do we use water filters:

There are many reasons why we should definitely use water filters in our daily life. Such as:

Removing the parasites:

Giardias intestinal, Cryptosporidium are some of the microorganism which causes Giardiasis and severe diarrhea. Filtering the water using mechanical micro or nano-filter is the best way to get rid of this pathogens.

Keeping the chlorine low:

Chlorine is used as an inexpensive and effective disinfectant by the water supply companies. But chlorine can react with any metal in the pipeline and produce poisonous components. Chlorine and chlorine by-products cause different types of cancer such as colon cancer, rectal cancer, bladder cancer etc. Besides, chlorine makes a bad smell in the water and change the taste of the water. So you need to filter the chlorine from your tap water as much as possible. And nothing is best for this job than an active carbon filter system.

Filtering the lead:

Lead used in soldering the plumbing line is poisonous if ingested. So you need to clean out the lead from your drinking water. You can do so by installing a carbon filter, reverse osmosis filter and distillation process.

Removing the sediments:

Clay, sand, dirt any many other small particles are found in the tap water which is harmful to the health. You can filter these sediments from your tap water by using a mechanical filter.

Filtering the minerals:

Presents of mineral such as iron, calcium, and manganese change the taste of drinking water. These minerals also build up in the pipeline, tap and even the jar you store the water in. so filtering them is really important.

Improving our health:

Filtered and well-balanced water is essential for maintaining a good health. This will keep away your constipation; improve your digestive system and maintaining your overall immune system. You will have better control over your health and weight if you drink clean and well balance water each time and use this water to cook the foods. Freshwater is also essential for your babies to grow properly.

Prevent problems during pregnancy:

Drinking contaminated water during pregnancy can be harmful to your baby as well. So, pregnant women need to drink clean and well-purified water each time.

Another thing to remember that the water bottles we buy from the stores are not fully clean and filtered. So don’t take those mineral water bottles as an alternative for clean, filtered drinking water. You can carry a filtered water bottle as this one is the safest option.

What is a filtered water bottle?

Filter water bottle is a portable water container with a filtration system of its own. Which means you can fill the water from any drinking water source on the go and these bottles will do the filtration for you. This way you can have the clean and virus free fresh water even when you are traveling without any hassle.

Benefits of the Filtered Water Bottle:

Well, it is no wonder that filtered water bottles have some noteworthy benefits. From keeping your body away from germ to protecting nature, they can be much more convenient. Let’s find the filter water bottle now.

Provides you the best drinking water:

Filtered water bottles have their own in build filtration system. So you can simply fill these bottles from any water source even from the drinking water faucet in the road and these bottles will filter the water for you. You can drink fresh water like home anytime, anywhere only by carrying a filtered bottle with you.

Not to mention it will keep you hydrated throughout the day and we all know the importance of staying hydrated during travel. Cause there isn’t any guarantee that you will find a store immediately too but a water bottle. So why not stay prepared?

Cost efficient:

We buy water bottle each time we feel thirsty while we are on the go. But these mineral water bottles may not be safe as you might expect it to be. We can save both money and our health by simply carrying a filtered water bottle with us.

Environmental effect:

After finishing the plastic water bottle we just bought, do all of us throw it in the recycle bin each time? The answer is ‘NO’ in most cases. We are throwing these plastic bottles in the environment. But plastic isn’t decomposable hence it remains in the environment for a really long time and causes environmental pollution. This phenomenon can be reduced by simply carrying a recyclable filtered water bottle with us while we are out.

Final Word:

Fresh and well-balanced drinking water is a basic need. But depending on the tap water solely won’t be safe. You need to filter the tap water to remove all those dirt and virus and bacteria. Filtration will also take care of the mineral level of your drinking water which is important for your health.

So invest in a good water filter and filtered bottle to maintain a good health and reduce the water-related diseases.