How to fill cracks around door frames

How to fill cracks around door frames

A friend of ours expressed his concerns a few days back:

“There’s a crack between the wall and the front door in my home. From what I can see, it’s only a few millimeters in extent. But there are places where it does kind of stick out.

I believe the door frame has also shrunk down a bit because of the weather conditions. And that seems to contribute to the crack and extend it further.

What would you suggest I do in this case?”

Well, we believe that’s just one way of putting the problem. There are certainly a lot of versions of the same issue. And we believe many of you have had experiences with them.
But, unfortunately, you haven’t found any suitable solutions yet. But we are here today to address this issue and the associated versions.

We will be talking about the cracks and their causes throughout today’s discussion. Also, we will offer some helpful advice on how to tackle such problems yourself. Here you will know how to fill cracks around the door frame.
Let’s get started!

Cracks around door frame: Reasons behind the annoyance

A while back, we did mention the word ‘Versions.’ The reason behind it is simple-door cracks just don’t occur. Some reasons are like catalysts.

  1. There is a significant thermal delta between walls and wooden door caulk expansion. Wooden doors are more prone to expansions than walls, e.g., masonry walls.
  2. If the wood quality isn’t good enough, the cracks become visible. It’s just a simple thing and is very common.
  3. Chemical reactions are also responsible for door frame hairline cracks. This is largely due to the primer and paint that you apply. Such occurrences, though rare, do happen.
  4. Cracks in door frames occur in the rainy season on a daily basis. It happens because of the moisture absorption capabilities of wood. The wooden door sweep absorbs moisture, which can develop cracks in it.
  5. Other issues include poor workmanship and misplaced joints, which are very rare, of course. The cause of this door crack is a structural problem. You can also fill the crack with a rough opening. It can be one of the foundation problems.

In the coming sections, we will discuss the ways you can repair cracks around the door frame and windows. We will be breaking it down into sections, which will ultimately become a full-fledged set of rules to treat and avoid such annoyances.

How to repair cracks around door frame: Steps to make your life easier

Here is a set of steps that will help you treat the cracks between the wall and door frame joints. Fixing the door jamb can make your work faster.

We would like to clarify one thing before starting-these steps are purpose-designed for masonry structures. So, you may want to keep that in mind:

Step zero: Measure the crack with your eyeball

Eyeballing the crack is more than enough to find out the extent of the damage. Although it’s not the most efficient way of doing things, you can expect to have the efficiency you need. Also, measure the caulk backer rod.

Step one: Open up the crack with a saw

We are taking the crack to be noticeable. For this reason, you would want to grab a saw and widen it up. Don’t go too far with this operation. Just 2-3 inches should be enough.

Step two: Fill the gap with a sealant

You need to do some research in this step. Usually, apart from the cheaper options, you will find some really decent wood sealants that will get the job done. Just make sure the option you are going with is water and heat-resistant. You can fill the gaps with foam sealant.

It will make sure you are free from corrosion for a good chunk of time. Try filling gaps in the wood door frame with formidable sealants.

Step three: Let it dry

In the case of regular sealants, you may want to wait several hours to a day to let them dry properly. The longer you wait, the better the results.

Step four: Sand the surface if necessary

The sealant you use will have instructions on whether or not you need to sand the surface. But, in general, you don’t need to sand the surface. And that’s all there is to it.

There are two other methods which you can use as well:

  1. There is a process called ‘Epoxy Grouting,’ which is known for hiding cracks and bringing back the old rigidity of the wooden door you are dealing with.
  2. You can always use Resin-based sealants for larger cracks.

Fixing a cracked door frame: the DIY approach

So how would you fix the cracks on the wooden door all by yourself? We believe these steps from experts can help you out with the job:

  1. Identify the crack and eyeball it, also check the door frame crack at the hinge.
  2. Add some wood filler and let it dry for 3-4+ hours. You have to start with the foundation repair.
  3. Get your hands on a clamp with rubber edges. You can also fill the crack of the window frame and exterior door. Use the clamp to attach the cracked door frame together. You need to let the clamp hold itself for a couple of hours.
  4. After the filler is dry, scrape off any excess with a scraper tool. It can help you to fill the air leaks. Moreover, you can use wood glue to fix cracks. Also, foam fillers can be a good choice for old caulk.
  5. Sanding the surface will give you a cleaner finish. Use a putty knife to apply the wood putty.
  6. Painting it further is entirely up to you. You can paint cracking around the door frame. If you apply the paint, then wait a couple of hours to let it dry. You can use the paint with foam.

The finished result is actually very astonishing. You will find that you’ve made a good change and almost eliminated any footprint of the crack.

Door frame cracks: Prevention is the best key

You don’t really have any control over the weather. So, chances are you won’t be able to stop something that is inevitable, like moisture accumulation and other changes caused by the weather. You can trim the door sides or window frame to protect the door from cracking.

Make sure you place everything properly.

Usually, with doors and other such contraptions, proper seating of the joints is necessary. And that can eliminate the cracking in a good way. Removing the old caulk can prevent crack. This trick will help you to fill the cracks of joint compound and window frames. Set the door weather stripping in the proper space. It can support you to fill the cracks around the front door frame. Besides, you can fill the gap between the door frame and the wall.

Use white cement or other such sealants

You could use white cement to hide away the smaller cracks. Or other door frame gap filler would do. Also, applying paint on it may add some aesthetic value to it as well. You can use mesh tape to prevent crack. Seal the nail holes with strong sealant. Besides, you can use paper tape to seal the crack. It can help you to get rid of hairline cracks. The sealant can help you for filling gaps in the wood door frame.

Keep it polished

Always keep your wooden doors polished. This makes a great impact in the long run. Clean the caulking gun parts. Polishing structural cracks can be a perfect option for prevention. Filling the gaps will help you to get rid of cracking.

Closing thoughts

To sum up, you can either choose the best drywall compound for repairing cracks. These kits include drywall mud. Also, you can pick the Home Depot crack filler. So you can easily fill the gaps in the door. – These two steps and remedies we show you today have been tested and vetted by professionals who know what they are doing. SOo, don’t suffer either from hesitation or with cracked door frames.
We’ll let you be the judge of how well we guided you. Goodbye.

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