How to Build a Fireproof Closet – Doing it safe and right!

Before even getting started with a fireproof closet, we need to clarify one thing –
Why on earth would you even need a fireproof closet?

It does seem like a valid question, right? As a matter of fact, it is. From our point of view, we can see a couple of reasons as to why someone would need to know how to build a fireproof closet.

Let’s take a look at some shoutouts in order to get a good answer to the question above:
“I returned home last night just to find my neighbor’s room reduced to ashes. I was more shocked than sorry. Because I live in a rented apartment with a gun locker. And the chances of the fire spreading to my apartment (despite the possibilities being low) and reaching the ammo closet was there.”

Need for fireproof home

Fire can devour almost anything. Every day, whatever we see around us, almost all of them are vulnerable to fire. So you have to sort out the fire problem in advance. Because fire will come out of nowhere suddenly. You need to keep yourself always prepared.

Home safety from fire is the first concern. You have many valuables and important documents at home. You can use fireproof wall panels or fire-rated drywall to secure your house. You can also attach smoke alarms to further security.

People normally keep their valuables in a safe. But when there is a fire in the house, an ordinary safe can not do much. You will need a fireproof safe. Fire safes are becoming popular.

Need for fireproof home : The things we ignore often

One thing we always neglect is our closets. But we should put more emphasis on fireproofing them. However, we may not hold any valuables in our closets. But there are some things we store there that need fireproofing. Like you can find flammable liquids, combustible materials, space heaters, and much more. If somehow these materials get radiant heat, there will be a massacre.

You can try fire resistance construction to fireproof your closet. Type x drywall also works. The lightweight fireproof material is also becoming popular. You can use fire barriers in front of your safe room. Rely on fire-rated doors for fire resistance for your safe door. Always keep liquid or fire extinguishers in your valuables. You can also check the website of the national fire protection association. There you can find more ways to fireproof the closet.

How can I fireproof my closet and be carefree?

There’s another common shutout at forums, which isn’t really as alarming as the first one-
“How can we make closets that can resist fire?”

So, the things that pop out behind building a fireproof closet are safety and reliability. It is now becoming a popular trend. If you search on the internet writing how to fireproof a room or DIY fireproof cabinet, you will see a lot of results.

That’s what we will be trying to address here today. We will discuss how you can make something fireproof, like fireproofing walls. As we move on to the process of building your fireproof closet.

Fireproofing Wood: The first and most obvious remedy

People often make closets with wood. Which is the most common way of showing your style. And also putting your stuff away. If you want a fireproof closet or a fireproof storage room, then you may want to put some emphasis on making the wood fireproof.
Among popular methods, there is a process of simple steps that work most of the time:

  1. First of all, you will need to get your hands on the following:
    Zinc chloride (half a cup), Ferric chloride (A quarter cup), Boric acid (2-3 tablespoons), Ammonium phosphate (2-3 tablespoons)These items are not very hard to get hold of. You could probably get your hands on these items at your local garden supply store.
  2. Now take 2 to 3 quarters of water and mix all the items together. Keep the given volumes in check.
  3. Get a spray painter. Spray the solution onto the wood.
  4. Depending on the surface area, you can scale the amount of solution. 2-3 coats should be more than enough for any wooden surface.
  5.  It will take 4-5 hours for the coating to dry out completely. But it can take longer depending on your weather conditions.

You can also apply this to your garage door if it is wooden. If you have a wooden closet, follow these steps to make it fireproof.
Now, we will move on to a method if the wall is not wooden.

Methods for fireproofing your closet

The following method we will be sharing with you has been tested by expert DIY users. This is not established or anything. This is pretty solid when it comes to closest fire safety. And we certainly believe that’s what matters the most.
This method consists of a series of steps that will allow your belongings to survive inside a closet.

Step zero: Choosing a closet space with a rock ceiling

This is the very first thing you should do to make sure that the fire doesn’t harm any important materials from the top.

Step one: Using sheetrock for insulation

Sheetrock is a flexible layer of heavy paper that’s been filled with gypsum inside. Sheetrock isn’t prone to fires, as it can sustain temperatures of up to 176-degree Fahrenheit.

Use sheetrock as fire insulation. You could go with the 2-layer formation where you place 2-layers of sheetrock outside and two on the inside.

But the basic rule is to put 3-layers outside and one layer inside the closet. This will ensure proper insulation. If you have wall studs, then make sure to wrap them evenly.

Step two: Use taping as a sealant

You can use fireproof sealant and tape to further increase the overall safety. You can also use concrete for this matter. Concrete is very effective in terms of sealing.

Step 3: Don’t use connected wooden racks

This is a penetration proofing method where the fire will not get any spacing to get inside. But you could go with self-standing racks if you need them.

Step 4: Fire Rated door

A 1-hour fire-rated door has the ability to hold fire at bay for an hour. So, in order to safeguard your equipment, we would recommend you get fire doors. That can keep the fire at bay for at least two hours. And that implies that the door should have a ‘2-hour’ fire rating.
If the door is metal or steel made, that will certainly give an extra advantage. Steel doors will give you more time. Because steel needs a lot of time to melt.

Fireproofing the Gun safes: A few suggestions

Your ammo closets or gun safes need the best available protection there is. For this reason, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

Use cement boards

For starters, you may want to use cement boards for top-notch protection. Because protecting gun safes is a huge liability. It is one of your valuables. Although going with such solutions isn’t easy by any means. The level of protection you will get is probably ten folds more than the average solution.

Using proper sealing

This is a very important safety measure when it comes to gun safes. The seal should be impenetrable to the point where literally no smoke can penetrate it. You could go ahead and cement the empty joints to prevent smoke from getting in.

Use fire protection systems

Modern fire protection systems like indoor smoke and sprinkler assemblies are very reliable. Despite being a hefty investment, we would certainly advise you to go ahead and install such a system to protect gun safes and make the home safe. It’s a solid safety measure that will leave little to no room for accidents.

Closing Remarks

The steps we showed you on how to build a fireproof closet aren’t that easy to follow. And you can handle them if the measures are proper. If you can follow our directions to the letter and add some more tweaking using your wits, it’s going to be satisfactory from your standpoint.
You can also use concrete or concrete blocks where necessary. Also, fire safety will be on point. For maximum protection, you must know the fire code. Always keep the fire department number in an easy-to-find spot. Check your home with the fire administration standards.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it. See you again – safe n sound !

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s mark some of the common queries that may come to your mind and find their answers.

1. Can you build a fireproof safe?

If you are not willing to spend any money and still want a fireproof safe, you can use your fridge. Your fridge is the best thing to turn into a fireproof safe. Take your things and put them in a waterproof bag. Keep the bag in the fridge. You can use a disguised container to store your things.

2. Can a safe survive a fire?

Does fireproof safe work? Of course, they work! A fireproof safe keeps its belongings safe from a fire. But there can variations in quality and duration of safety.

3. Will money burn in a fireproof safe?

Money is made from paper. Therefore, if exposed to fire, money will burn. But if you store money in a fireproof safe, the safe will protect your money. Many companies sell safes specifically for storing money. These safes are fireproof and can save money from fire.

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