House Cleaning Checklist: How to Keep Your Home Clean Year Round

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Are you going through a busy schedule with a great workload? You haven’t done your laundry yet? There are dirty dishes on the sink? Fresh laundry piled up on your bed that needs to get ironed and stacked in its respective drawer? Books all around on your table that needs to get back to its shelf place? and last but not the least do you want to get all of your nerves back together and feel like you live in a clean house with no doubts?

Then there’s a piece of good news and a piece of bad news for you. The good news is this post is all about house cleaning hacks and the bad news is there is no bad news. Lame pun but still understandable. Anyway here are secrets to keeping a clean house:

Start Your day by Making the bed:

Start Your Day By Making The Bed:

As soon as you get up the first thing you should do is make your bed up. Some people might think it is a waste of time as it will get dirty by the night anyway. But that is a wrong idea cause if your bed is tidy your productivity will also increase. And it does not even take much time just a couple of minutes. Make daily bedroom cleaning checklist and this will help you to keep your bed clean. Also if your bedside table is messed up clean that up too.

Arrange your clothes:

Arrange Your Clothes

Take the washed clothes and arrange them inside your closet. You should do this every day or your washed clothes will be mixed with your dirty ones and that will create a messy situation. So, it’s better to just clean up. Also, keep a hamper bag beside your closet to toss your dirty clothes in the morning when you are getting ready. Never pile up or throw clothes on a chair or table. That way you will never put those up.

Take It Out, Put It Away:

If you take out something from somewhere let’s say you want to read a book and you took it out from the shelve. After reading it you should put it back where it was. This house cleaning plan is very effective. So, practice this and make your family members abide by this rule also.

Never leave a room empty handed:

This is a great practice and is very handy. If you for some reason leave a room always remember to take something that needs to be shifted to another room or somewhere else. This way you will not be wasting time and you will also be cleaning up.

Keep baskets in every room:

Keep Baskets In Every Room:

Keep a basket in all of your rooms so that you can throw the dirt of each room in their respective room baskets. Also, do clean up the room baskets once a week.

Wipe down your coffee table and side tables:

Your favorite TV show starts in a minute? Hurry up and get a wiper and sit before the TV. AND when the inevitable commercial breaks will begin go and wipe up the coffee tables and side tables of your living room. This way you can chill and clean at the same time.

Coffee Table

Take out the trash and recycling when you leave the house: You are going out? Then take the trash bag along with you. This way your trash will not get piled up inside your house and you will also be saving time.

Create Sections:

Makeup sections to put stuff. Like, make a section or space near the door where you can keep keys and locks. Make a section or keep a drawer to keep shoes. By maintain this method, things will be arranged and your house will not be messy.

Wash your dishes immediately:

Wash Your Dishes Immediately:

Do not keep your dirty dishes for the morning or later on. Just start up your Bluetooth speaker and clean the dishes up listening to The Beatles. You can also do this during commercials of your favorite TV show. But the point is you need to clean up.

Clean as you cook:

You should practice the strategy of cleaning up while cooking. This will help you to be a free bird after you are done the cooking as you will not have the tension of cleaning up. Keep this in your daily cleaning checklist to have a clean kitchen.

Everyday A Little Something:

Follow this moto to make your house look nice every day. Never have this idea that you will clean up everything in one day.

Clear And Wipe Your Counters Daily:

Cleaning the counters every day will make your house actually very clean. This might sound hard but once you will start doing this you will love your house. You will feel like you are breathing in fresh air. Even you will feel fresh. And if you have time add up bathroom counters to your routine as well.

Keep Basic Cleaning Supplies Close:

Basic Cleaning Supplies

Keep bathroom cleaning tools near to your bathroom, your dishwashing tools near to the kitchen sink.  This way it will be easier for you to clean up.

Do a 15 Minute Nightly Clean-up:

Set up an alarm and do 15 minutes clean up every night. This will help you to not only build up time management skills but will also get you extra bonus points in that house cleaning checklist of yours.


If you have a tight schedule and have very limited time to clean up then make a list of the things that is a must to be cleaned up. Prioritize the work that needs to be done. Not all of all cleaning is equal.

Adopt this detailed cleaning list to make your disaster zone into a clean and healthy zone. Not only you involve your family members as well. This way your house is going to be nice and fresh year long.

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