10 Home Safety Tips for Seniors Living at Home: Caring for Elderly Parents

The number of seniors living independently is increasing day by day. So it’s our duty to ensure their safety at home.
Old people often fall victim to poisonings, burns, and falls. Seniors who live alone are in great danger of falling victim to accidents. Learning some home safety tips could help them in such situations.

The elder members of our family are our assets, and we are responsible for taking good care of them. You can give them a little extra care and comfort by arranging and altering some stuff around the house. This will not only give them support but also will ensure their safety.

Also, if you yourself are old, often alone at home, or living without your loved ones, then this post will help you with the home safety tips for older adults. Here we will describe some of the most effective home safety tips of 2022 that you should not ignore.

Importance of safety at home for seniors

Let us tell you what the Federal Housing Administration says about home safety. They say that around 90% of retired adults plan to spend the rest of their lives in their homes. It’s important for you to ensure the safety of the old people in your house. Old people are prone to injuries.
The most common cause of fatal injuries in adults more than 60 and older is falling. This was found by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC).

Old people have decreased bone density. It becomes difficult for them to walk or move properly. Accidents make the old people weaker, both financially and mentally.

The director of Age Safe America says, “Old people can save $30,000 on average by preventing falling. That’s why you should follow home safety tips for the elderly.

10 Home Safety Tips for Seniors Living At Home

As you grow older, you may be living alone. When that happens, you may start to think about home safety.

Here are 10 home safety tips at home for seniors living at home. These general home safety tips will help you avoid accidents, keep your home safe, and stay independent.

  • Use Anti-slip Mats:

Elderly people are prone to slipping on the floor, especially in the bathroom. To tackle this incident, you need to make the floors both in the rooms and bathroom slip-proof. And the best way of doing so is to use an anti-slip mat in the house.

  • Ultra Powerful Grip
  • Patented Design for Maximum Comfort
  • Hundreds of Drainage Holes
  • Oversized Mat
  • Machine Washable

Another bonus tip is to buy anti-slip footwear for them. This foot wears will not only keep them extra-safe but also support their feet with extra care.

  • Pick Up Grabber Reaching Tool:

Grabber reaching tools are a mechanical extension of the arm to help the person grab something without bending or stooping. If your elder member has a back pain issue then this one is a good tool to aid them.

Unger Grabber Plus Reacher Lightweight Multi-Purpose Pickup Tool with Ergonomic Trigger Grip

Do some homework to find the best reacher grabber tool as per the elder’s need. For example, Metal gabber is one of the most used grabber tools. This will increase the mobility of the elder members and help them move independently. Go for a good quality grabber tool with strong material.

There are special grab bars for handicapped people. Introduce the Indoor or Outdoor use for Reaching Grabber Tool to your elder members and make them accustomed to the tools.

  • Provide a good quality walker:

If your elder member has an issue with walking, then you need to provide them with a good quality cane or walker in order to help them walk comfortably. Some canes and walkers have anti-slip pads attached at the end. It is important to provide elderly parents with a good quality cane or walker in order to help them walk comfortably and safely. A cane or walker with anti-slip pads at the bottom can provide added stability and traction.

walker for Senior

When choosing a cane or walker, it is important to consider the material and weight of the device. Canes and walkers made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or titanium are often preferred by older adults as they are easy to maneuver and carry around.

Go for these types of walkers. Material and the weight of the walker is also important. You can also take them to the doctor and make them do physical therapy and exercise. This will also aid their overall health.

  • Adjust the bathroom design and facilities:

The addition of a grab bar near the bathtub and toilet seat can reduce the chances of slippage in the case of elderly people. And pay close attention to the lighting system of the bathroom.

Use lights that are bright enough to see even for the elder with sight issues. Another tip is to assist the elder member to the bathroom.

Try to keep someone on standby while they are using the bathroom or check on them if needed.

Adjust the bathroom design according to the needs of the elder members. Such as adjusting the sink and cabinet height, keeping the temperature of the shower tolerable, keeping a change of clothes and towel always ready somewhere nearby and storing the toilet accessories in their reach.

Always remember these home improvement safety tips.

  • Consider the furniture design:

Always buy soft and good quality furniture for the elder members.  Senior members often have muscle and back pain issues. So go for the furniture and accessories which will provide them comfort and support.

The design of the furniture is also important. Avoid furniture with pointy edges and go for those with round fillet edges. This will reduce the chance of getting hurt by bumping on the edges suddenly. Choose furniture with proper height so that using this is easier for the older person.

  • Room and stair facility for the elder members:

Let the older person stay in a room with enough ventilation and sunlight. Windows and doors have to be easier to open and close by them. Keep all their important stuff near their bed. Choose proper furniture according to their needs.

Provide enough light in the hallway and corridor as well. As for the stairs, add anti-slip mats all over the stairs and keep enough lights in the stairs. Make sure the stairs have railed on them. Provide another way for the elders who have issues with walking.

Such as if your elder member uses a wheelchair, add a slide beside the regular stairs so that they can easily use their wheelchairs. Try to assist the elder members while they are taking the stairs.

  • Always keep enough drugs and fast aid prepaid:

Take the elder members of the family for a regular health checkup and keep track of the prescribed medicines.

Always keep those medicines ready near the reach of the elderly people. Prepare some basic medicines besides the prescription drugs as well. Keep the bandage, hot water bag, cold compress, pressure measurement machine ready by the hand. Keep a fast aid box in the senior person’s reach in their bedroom.

Check the medicine regularly if they are still usable and needed according to the prescription. Make an arrangement so that your doctor can come to your house whenever you call in case of emergency.

  • Precaution for fire breakout:

Home fires can break out in the house anytime. So you need home fire safety tips to ensure home security. During the electrical fires,  evacuate the senior members and the kids first.

Train them properly to use the safety gates for emergency escape. Keep a fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide alarm ready near you. 

Go through the fire extinguisher safety tips. Install fire and smoke alarms so that you and the elder members can be alert when a fire breaks. Always remember these fire safety tips.

  • Kitchen safety measures:

Take enough measures to ensure safety in the kitchen for your elder member. Keep the kitchen floor clean and dry to avoid slipping on the floor. Store the ingredients in a category and level them properly. Keep everything at a height where the elder can reach it easily.

Store the sharp objects in a storage box and level the box. Don’t leave the stove on when not in use. Get rid of the ingredients that catch fire or pass the expiration date. Put out the fire after cooking. Regulate the food items regularly.

  • Electric equipment:

Knowing the home electric safety tips is significant to ensure home security. Mark the electric equipment with on and off indication and level the use of it if necessary. Don’t keep the switch on if the electric plug is not in use.

Keep the iron in a horizontal position on a heatproof stand while not in use. Use an automatic water kettle. Regulate the power outlet so that they are not broken or short-circuited. Maintain electrical safety properly to prevent electric shock.

Keeping the seniors safe with the help of technology

Most of the seniors are not fond of modern-day technology. But technology can help them in many ways. Here we will present some simple tools and home alone safety tips. These will protect the seniors from danger and ensure home security.

These devices will also ensure timely medication. With the help of these modern technologies, keeping your elders safe is not a tough job. Some of the technologies are-

Medical alert device

These devices will help you to keep your seniors safe in their homes. All you have to do is connect the device to cellular service or landlines. They have an emergency button that will alert you. These devices are very simple and easy to operate.

Some of the devices like Bay Alarm Medical and Life Alert are wearable. You can have the fall detection technology by paying a small amount to the Medical Alert of Life Station.

Cell phones

You can easily buy a senior-friendly phone to ensure their safety. These devices will alert the family, friends, relatives if someone is in danger. You can also track the seniors with GPS tracking technology. Companies like the Grandpad and the Great Call will provide you with extra security.

Smart home devices

Seniors often try to avoid modern technology. Smart home devices are very simple and easy to use. That is why most of the elders like smart home devices. These smart devices will enable you to make emergency calls, set reminders for medication, and many more. You can listen to music or audiobooks on these devices.

Tracking devices

If someone has memory loss or dementia, GPS tracking devices are a must. Obviously, you don’t want your loved ones to wander in the streets.

Telehealth services

With the help of these devices, seniors can consult with doctors. They don’t have to leave their houses. These devices will provide-

  • Reliable, strong, fast customer care
  • 24/7 services, anytime, anywhere 
  • Easy to handle devices
  • Modern patient monitoring system

Home safety tips for Alzheimer’s patients

Taking care of a person with Alzheimer’s can be stressful but rewarding. We are here to help you with the safety of an Alzheimer’s patient. Follow the following home alone safety tips for adults with Alzheimer’s to keep them out of danger. Also, if you parent a gifted child, read here.

1. Ensure ease of contact

  • Write your home address and emergency numbers and keep them visible near the telephones.
  • While you are not at home, keep an answering machine to receive calls. 
  • Keep the telephones or other necessary devices in a safe and easily accessible place.

2. Pre-install fire safety measures

  • Never bring volatile and flammable objects near the gas appliance. Do not store these items where you usually light a fire.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector, fire alarm, or smoke alarm near the bedroom and kitchen. Remove and install new batteries frequently.
  • Keep your electrical appliances near the power source. Don’t use electrical cords. Alzheimer’s patients could fall over easily because of these cords. You can use baseboards to fix the extension cord into place.
  • Use child proof plugs to keep patients and small children safe from unused or exposed electrical outlets or cords.
  • Alzheimer’s patients can burn them by touching water heaters or space heaters. You can put red tape around the radiators and the floor vents.
  • Follow the home heating safety tips.

3. Make Arrangement for ease of mobility

  • Ensure sufficient lighting in all rooms.
  • Make the handrails of the stairs longer than the stairs. You can put carpet or safety grips on them. You should also install light switches at the bottom and the top of the stairs.
  • Keep all the windows and doors closed. Use window guards. Secure them with a childproof lock.
  • Buy an alarm that will let you know a window or door is opened.
  • You should always keep a spare key because Alzheimer’s patients could lock you out of your home.

4. Control drug and chemical exposure

  • Label the medications with the name of the patient, dosage, drug strength, expiration date, etc. Replace the caps with child-resistant ones to keep the young child safe.
  • Keep alcohol out of the reach of an Alzheimer’s patient. Drinking such things could make them more confused.
  • If the Alzheimer’s patient is a smoker, keep cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters out of sight. Install smoke detectors. This may reduce their smoking desire.

Useful Gifts For Senior Citizens:

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Of course, the elderly people aren’t out of the range. But you need some brainstorming before finding the right gift for your elder member. Here are some ideas for a gift:

  • Gift some game set such as mind game, chase, Sudoku, or anything your elder member is into;
  • You can also go for a good pair of glasses and a glass holder;
  • If the person is into books, then give them books from their favorite genre;
  • A nice and cozy sweater or a pair of soaks or warm blanket will be a great gift for winter;
  • If they love music, then install a music system with a favorite music album and set everything for a soft output;
  • Any self-care device such as a hearing machine can also be an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s mark some of the common queries that may come to your mind and find their answers.

1. What are the summer home safety tips for seniors?

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a beautiful summer morning? The seniors at your home enjoy it too. You can let them enjoy themselves freely by taking some safety measures. These are-

  1. Keep hydrated
  2. Use bug spray
  3. Be prepared for heat stroke
  4. Stay at home during the peak hours of the sun
  5. Wear sunglasses
  6. Put on sunscreen
  7. Dress properly
  8. Try to stay cool 

2. What are the home safety tips while on vacation?

You can follow the simple home safety tips and enjoy a good time on vacation.

  1. Properly lock the door before leaving.
  2. Check your pipes
  3. Set the HVAC
  4. Place your valuable items in a secure place
  5. Inform the alarm company that you are leaving the house
  6. Don’t share anything that will let others know that you are on vacation
  7. Be prepared for power surges
  8. Keep the burglars away by interior light timers.

3. What are the autumn home safety tips for seniors?

Some of the autumn home safety tips for seniors are-

  1. Give seniors a flu shot
  2. Let them use a car for going outside
  3. Buy warm clothes for elders
  4. Ensure proper sleep and exercise
  5. Replace the batteries of the senior’s car frequently
  6. Inform them about the daylight savings time
  7. Put out the lit candles.

4. What are the winter home safety tips for seniors?

It is very important to take care of the senior members of your house. You should always hold their hands while walking outside. This will protect them from slipping on snowy roads. Always dress properly and maintain a varied diet. Beware of the poisoning of carbon monoxide. Always keep extra batteries to use during power outages.

Final words

Taking good care of the elder members of the family is a must, and you need to put a little effort into this. Try to make changes in your house considering the needs and comfort of the elderly person following our home safety tips. Assist them whenever they are going somewhere, even in the bathroom.

Always keep an eye on their needs and try to provide maximum support to them. Remember daily home safety tips to ensure maximum safety of the elder members in your house.