Dryer Vent Cover Replacement Under 30 Minutes!

According to the National Fire Protection Association, dryers and washing machines cause approximately 15,970 fires every year, and dryers cause 92% of them.

Faulty parts and lack of maintenance are the main reasons behind these incidents. That is why you must take care of your home appliances.

One of the most important parts of dryers is a vent cover. It allows the dryer air and lint to escape while blocking outside air and other residues. If it can’t function properly, your dryer vent will get filled with dryer lint, which is the main reason behind causing these fires.

But a dryer vent cover replacement certainly sounds like a job for a professional, right? Trust me; it isn’t.

In this article, I will show you how to replace your dryer vent cover outside in under 30 minutes!

How To Replace Your Dryer Vent Cover?

Before you get on with the task, the most important thing you need to ensure is that you have internal access to the wall in which the dryer vent cover is mounted.

The dryer vents usually are placed in crawl spaces, so it is better to measure out the space you’ll be working in first.

StepsTime Required
Buy a new dryer vent coverDepends on the distance from the hardware store
Uninstall the dryer vent cover from inside8-10 minutes
Uninstall the dryer vent cover from outside8-10 minutes
Install the new dryer vent cover8-10 minutes

As I said earlier, once you have the new dryer vent cover in hand, the process will take less than 30 minutes.

So without further ado, let’s hop in!

Buy A New Dryer Vent Cover

Dryer vent covers may vary in looks, but they all fit the 4-inch dryer ducts, which are basically 4-inch galvanized steel pipes.

You can find a new dryer vent cover at a nearby Walmart, Home Depot, or any other general hardware store.


  • Nowadays, most vent covers come with flaps. But if you don’t like the option, you can buy a metal outdoor dryer vent cover.
  • The metal covers can keep the birds and small animals out.
  • You can also buy a metal dryer vent guard, which is a mesh grate that protects the vent cover.

Uninstall The Dryer Vent Cover From Inside

Once you have your new dryer vent cover, it’s time to remove the old one.

Tools Required

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Utility knife


  • Locate the vent duct inside your house.
  • Unscrew the vent pipe and pull it out.
  • Use the utility knife to cut through any caulk and clean them out.
  • Clean out any lint that is gathered inside the duct.

Uninstall The Dryer Vent Cover From Outside

Once you have uninstalled the vent cover from the inside, it’s time to remove it from the outside.

Tools Required

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Utility knife


  • Unscrew the vent cover from the outside wall and pull it out.
  • If the cover is mounted with caulk on the wall, cut it through using the utility knife and clean them.

Install The New Dryer Vent Cover

To install the new vent cover, you practically do everything you have done until now, just in reverse.

Tools Required

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Caulk gun


  • Insert the pipe for the new cover.
  • Screw the cover from both inside and outside.
  • Seal the cover using your caulk gun.

I believe by now you have successfully managed to replace your dryer vent cover. It is best to remember that dryer vents don’t require replacements often; you should change them at least once every year.

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How To Tell If I Need To Replace My Dryer Vent Cover?

It is important to figure out when to change your dryer vent cover. So if you feel like it has been quite some time since you haven’t changed the cover, you should

  • Turn the dryer on and check if there is enough air coming out of the duct to create a breeze.
  • If your cover has flaps, check if they are flapping properly to ensure proper airflow.
  • Check the duct for any dryer lint blockage.

7 Tips For Dryer Vent Cleaning

It is true that your home appliances can work fine beyond their warranty through proper maintenance.

So here are 7 additional tips if you decide to go for dryer vent cleaning.

  • Always remember to unplug the dryer machine chord from the wall outlet after every use.
  • Use vent cleaning kits like The Lint Lizard to tidy your dryer duct.
  • If you have a long vent, it is always better to hire a professional to get a proper cleaning.
  • While getting rid of the lint from the duct, check the duct surface for damages to be sure.
  • Make sure not to bend your tube while attaching the duct to the dryer. Bent ducts are most often to break.
  • Use aluminum tape instead of duct tape to attach the duct because the formal one can take more duct heat.
  • If your dryer has a moisture sensor, always keep it clean to ensure proper functionality of it.

Bottom Line

If you ever notice that no air is coming out of your vent, it indicates that your duct needs cleaning. And you can conveniently do that while replacing your vent cover.

I will recommend you do not skip this part. As I have mentioned at the beginning of this article; dryer lint is the primary reason for fire hazards.

That’s all for today. I hope I have been able to help you with your project.

Happy Cleaning!


Are dryer vent covers universal?

Yes, dryer vent covers are universal. Dryer vent covers can be found at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other hardware stores.

All vent covers fit the 4-inch dryer ducts despite their varied exterior appearances.

How much does it cost to replace a dryer vent cap?

Dryer vent covers are different in price depending on their materials and types. You can expect to spend between $10 USD and $30 USD for a dryer vent cap.

Are dryer vent covers necessary?

Many people believe that dryer vent covers are not that necessary. But this is a typical misunderstanding.

Energy-efficient dryer vent covers are crucial for the dryer’s airflow and can also help you save a lot of money by keeping the duct clean for longer.

Should dryer vents be metal or plastic?

Either the foil type or the flexible aluminum duct should be used as the flexible transition line between the dryer and the wall outlet. It is strongly suggested not to use vinyl or plastic. A concealed metal ducting must be galvanized or aluminum.

How often should you replace vent covers?

It’s always a good idea to replace standard-sized wall vents once or twice a year. These coverings are reasonably priced and widely accessible.

For improved HVAC performance and air quality, it is advised that you replace your ceiling vent covers if they have already been in use for 15 to 20 years.