Top 10 Super Smart DIY Storage Solutions for Your Home Improvement

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Laverne Arena
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Is your house filled with a lot of clutter but you do not have enough space to store them all? Well, in this case I can feel you cause like a lot of you I’ve faced the same problem. But that does not mean that giving up was the answer to my problem. What I did was I tied my hair up and grabbed my tools and made my own easy home storage solutions. Now you can too! All you need is some tools and a CAN DO attitude.

Here are 10 clever storage ideas for small houses:

DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas:

1. DIY Hat Display:


Now where have you been keeping your hats? Maybe on top of the clothes stand or on the tallest shelf in your closet or you probably used to staff them into your closet or in the drawers. Forget this way now you can use clothespins and removable adhesive strips to hang your hats on the walls. You can also use nails. Not fingernails but metal nails. Hammer the nails on to your wall and voila just hang up your hats. You can also use towel hooks. This will not only save up space but also add up to your wall décor.

2. DIY Hanging cubbies:

DIY Hanging Cubbies

Have a rod? Then you are all set for this DIY project. Just put it on top of your cloth stand and voila now you can store more clothes on it with hangers. You can also hang a SKUBB Organizer on the rod and store clothes in that too.

DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas:

3. DIY Kitchen Tools Hangers:

DIY Kitchen Tools Hangers

Like the hat hack you can also use hooks and nails on the kitchen wall to hang your kitchen materials like pans and spoons with holes in the end. You can also use a pegboard as it will be one of the most effective smart storage solutions.

4. DIY Pantry Baskets:

DIY Pantry Baskets

How great will it be if you find the thing you need in a second when you go to the pantry? Well, it will be very awesome. To make this happen all you need is some canvas fabric, wood, baskets, and a can-do attitude. Make the baskets stylish and put quotes on it. Then all you have to do is just store kitchen items like baking powder, salt, sugar, spices etc. in them.

DIY Closet Storage Ideas:

5. DIY Pegboard Organizer:

DIY Pegboard Organizer

Accessories like belts, ties, scarves, and ribbons are very hard to store in the closet. For these items what you can do is hang a pegboard on the wall and store these accessories on it. You can also store hair bands, perfumes, earrings, makeup items in small wire baskets on the pegboard. This will also be an aesthetic wall décor.

6. DIY Basket Ladder Storage:

DIY Basket Ladder Storage

You have too many clothes but you do not have enough money or space to buy a new closet. Do not worry my friend I have a cheap home storage solution for you. All you need is baskets and a ladder. Just put the ladder in a corner and put the baskets on its stairs. And you will have your very own DIY closet.

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas:

7. DIY Cabinet Pocket Organizer:

Cabinet Pocket Organizer

Want to declutter your bathroom? Then buy an over-the-door pocket organizer or just sew one if you are good with needles and threads. Cut it into a friendly size Now patch it on the bathroom door with a screw or adhesive strips. Staff the organizer with the stuff that needs a home. Voila, your bathroom will a new smart look with more space.

8. DIY Bathroom Towel Storage Baskets:

DIY Bathroom Towel Storage Baskets

You have way too many hand towels and they cannot find a space to stay put inside your bathroom. You can always come up with a simple towel storage solution. And the best solution is the baskets. Find a big basket, screw it on the walls or the door of your bathroom and put the towels inside the basket. Now consider yourself smart as you came up with such a smart storage solution.

DIY Garage Storage Ideas:

9. DIY Glass Jar Tool Storage:

DIY Glass Jar Tool Storage

You have a messy garage with clutter and a lot of empty mason jars? Do not wait there and pat yourself on the back as you will now use the empty jars to organize the clutter and make your garage organized. Also do put labels on the jars to find out nails, hooks, bolts and other tools easily.

DIY Book Storage Ideas:

10. DIY Book Shelve:

DIY Book Shelve

You will just need brackets and nails. Use two long brackets and pile up the books that are not getting a space in your actual shelve. You can also use small brackets and screw them on the walls of your room. And use them as wall bookmarkers and store the books there as well. This way you are getting your bookmarked, stored and you are also getting a smart wall décor.  

We all fantasize about having secret drawers, sliding panels, extra shelving, and hooks galore to our homes, magically creating space for all the stuff we can’t find space for. These DIY techniques and products will help your fantasy come true. And the best part about these products is that it is made out of your hands and you did not have to spend much money and time to make them. These budget-friendly solutions will help you to have a happier and easier life. So, grab your tools and set out for a journey of making budget-friendly solutions RIGHT NOW!

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