Butane Lighters Advance Tips: Use And Refill Step By Step

The butane lighter is also known as the torch lighter or jet flame lighter. It is mostly used by cigar smokers.
There are various kinds of lighters on the market. But among them, butane lighter is more efficient than the others.
Moreover, you can easily use, fix and refill the lighter. You will find in the market at a very reasonable price.
In this guide, we have given some special butane lighter advanced tips along with some easy instructions for using and refilling it. Read the steps carefully.

Types of butane lighters

There are various kinds of butane lighters. They are manufactured in a different way according to the need and desires of different customers.
In some butane lighters, there is the piezoelectric crystal which helps to compress.
This compressor is pressed by a button. The button creates pressure upon the compressor and the compressor helps to ignite the gas creating a voltaic arc.

In our research we have found three major kinds of Butane Lighter:

1. Butane Torch Lighter

A butane torch lighter is a flame producing tool used for different purposes. Particularly these types of butane lighters are specialized for lighting Cigars with the pocket-sized ones, some are used by Bartenders, in the kitchen for culinary uses, and even to prepare drugs by volcanizing.
The specialty of this kind of butane torch is these can produce a very high amount of heat. Some of them can even reach up to the temperature of soldering metals. Depending on the model and materials used to build these can reach the temperature level. Ignition for the flame can be made manually or electronically which also depends on the model of the lighter.

2. Electronic Butane Lighter

Electronic butane lighters are usually small and portable. Unlike butane torch lighters the electronic butane lighters are generally limited to being used only for lighting things like cigarettes or cigars. These lighters also use butane as their fuel, just the ignition is made through an electric mechanism.
The benefits of such lighters are the ignition can be made very easily and the electric part can be recharged or battery replaceable. Usually, these are the most lucrative type of lighter.

3. Butane Cigarette Lighter

Butane Cigarette Lighters are the most widely and commonly used lighters among smokers. These are usually very light weight and cheap in price. The working mechanism of these lighters is very simple. You can create a flint or spark just with a gentle rub.
Some of the models are easily refillable with butane liquid. Igniting parts can be also replaced or modified according to user preference. Since these are usually cheap priced and very easily available, it is hard to find a smoker who hasn’t used one of these at some point.

Uses of Butane Lighters

Butane lighter is not limited to the use of lighting up cigars only. These lighters can also be used for some unusual purposes. Some other uses are:

Fixing copper pipes

Plumbers use butane lighters to sometimes solder or fix copper pipes. Copper has a low melting point and that is why sometimes a torch lighter is enough for melting and soldering it. But do not try to fix the copper pipe by yourself. Some professionals only do that. If you think you can handle hot and almost molten copper, then only go for it.

Cooking hand

This one is not so unusual actually. You can caramelize the sugar on top of your dessert with the help of this lighter. You can make the chocolate topping a bit glossy and make the pie surface a bit brown. People also use these lighters to melt cheese and roast vegetables. But be careful while using a butane lighter for this purpose.

Frozen Water pipes

This is another uncommon use. If you see that your waterpipe is frozen then you can take the help of a butane lighter. Butane lighters can reach up to the temperature of around 2000 degrees Celsius (Around 3600 degrees of Fahrenheit). So, remember to keep your torch on the move while unfreezing the water. Start off with the opening.
Be careful with the whole process. Because sometimes people do not move the lighter properly and the water inside starts to vaporize. As the vapor gets no place to go, pressure inside the waterpipe increases. When the pressure becomes too much, the pipe starts to crack. So, heat the pipe in a proper way.

Removing paint?

If someone tells you to use butane lighters to remove paint, then please do not listen to them. Previously people used to do this. Nowadays it has been proved that removing paint in this way is too dangerous. So, it is encouraged to remove paint with the help of Butane lighters.

How do Butane Lighters Work

The working process of butane lighter is pretty innovative. It releases butane fluid during its working. This liquid butane is placed in a closed chamber. It is stored mainly in steam having a narrow stream.

How to Fix a Butane Lighter

Fixing stuck or broken butane lighter is very easy. Instead of buying a new one, you can easily repair it at home. You just need to follow some easy steps.
At first, make sure either the lighter is scattered or not. Most of the lighter have a plastic part.
If the plastic part of the lighter is broken you have purchased a new one. You cannot be able to repair it.
If the plastic part is alright you don’t need to be the worry. Refuel your lighter and locate your flint on the lighter.

Butane Lighter Refill

To refill the butane lighter you have to do some easy tasks step by step. It is very important to refill the lighter perfectly.
If you don’t refill it carefully it will cause harmful leakage of fuel. This leakage may cause serious damage. So follow the steps properly.

Purchase Butane

For refilling regularly you should purchase a butane can entirely. You will find it in any kind of tobacco shop where cigarettes or cigar is sold. Don’t buy the plastic bottle. Metallic cans are safer than the plastic bottles.
Metallic tips are the best option for refilling. You can easily fill the lighter through it.

Don’t forget to read the label instruction of the can before purchasing. Always maintain the safety director. Avoid low quality and cheap butane. High-quality butane is always safe especially for the lighter.


Do the task of refilling in an open place. Many dangerous split and fume are created while you are refilling the lighter using butane tips. It may cause a serious burn on your face or eyes. So select the right place for doing the task.
You need proper ventilation in the room. Open the window to let the fume dissipate outside.

You can also use a stationary fan while refilling. The fan will help you in improving circulation. Do the task in a flat or sturdy surface. Keep the surfaces clean using newspaper.

Purging the lighter

Remove the remaining fuel and polluted air from the lighter. At the time of holding the value of the lighter keeps your face away from it.
The air must be removed from the lighter entirely. You can examine it by hearing the sound if you hear hissing sounds push down the lever again. For pushing down the lever, use screwdriver.
You can also use the pen, paperclip or similar kind of tool instead of a screwdriver.
The refill lever or nipple is situated on the bottom of the butane lighter. It looks like a tiny hole with a small size of the circular valve.
Lighter fluid is harmful to our skin. If it sprays onto the hand wash the hand thoroughly using soap or hand wash.
If it goes into the mouth it may destroy the taste of your tongue. So keep it away from your mouth and face.


It is very important to adjust the flame height. You will find the flame height adjuster onto the bottom of the butane lighter. It looks like a tiny screw. The screw has a flat head screwdriver cavity.
Set the adjuster at the lowest portion of the bottle. It reduces the harm and damage. It will create a small flame. In the lighter minimum setting channel is indicated by a minus sign. For safety set the adjuster towards the minus sign.


After setting the adjuster, shake the system properly. Otherwise, you will not be able to spray effectively. The fluid often sinks to the bottom of the can. You can prime it by shaking.
Sometimes empty bottles may not have enough fluid which helps in filling the lighter entirely. So it should be swapped out for another can of replacement fire.


You must fill the lighter securely. Avoid filling the lighter at an angle. If you fill the lighter at an angle the air will enter into the tank of the lighter. It will not let the lighter to work properly.
It must be drained and refilled.
Most of the bottles of butane refill come with an adapter. For that reason, you must make sure about the fitness of the tip over the valve.
Of course, hold the lighter straight up and down. Thus you can do the task securely


Do the task of filling for about five seconds. Press the butane lighter down on the bottle.
If the lighter is not filled entirely repeat the whole procedure. In some cases, lighter has a fuel level which can be checked. You should check the viewer of the butane level.
Too much filled-up lighters cause harm. Avoid overflowing it. This is dangerous and if the butane leak it may catch fire during lighting.

Flame Height

Now it’s time to reset the adjuster. At first flip the butane lighter over and put the adjuster to its previous position.
The flame must not exceed about 1 to 1½ inches height. Don’t forget to let the butane settle inside for some time. Give the lighter sometimes in order to absorb all the butane.
Check either the lighter is leaking or not. Take a damped rag and wipe up all the leaked fuel. Rinse the rag perfectly.


Check either the flame of the lighter is weak or not. At the time of testing, keep an adequate distance from the lighter. It is very important to hold the lighter very safely.
If the flame is weak add more butane. Sometimes butane doesn’t dissolve entirely. So it is necessary to taste the lighter after refilling.
After refilling wait some minutes for the   or split. Otherwise, it will cause a serious accident.


These advanced tips of butane lighter will surely help you to know the uses and working process of the lighter. Now you can easily use, fix and refill it.
All you need to follow the instructions step by step. Hope this guide was beneficial for you. Thank for being with us.