Boracare Vs Timbor – The Battle Of Wood Preservatives

From wooden furniture to a wooden house, I am sure we all have suffered from wood infestation and fungus at some point. This is something every household has faced at least once in their life.

Infestation happens when insects get inside the wooden material and starts damaging the wood from the inside.

Even moisture and humidity can cause damage to your wood by growing fungus on its surface.

Getting rid of this issue becomes a big concern and people start looking for solutions immediately. That’s when they get confused, cause they have to choose from Boracare vs Timbor, the two best borate solutions in the market.

But don’t worry, I am here to help you through this by pointing out all the great features of these solutions, so you can decide for yourself!

6 Comparison Factors Between Boracare And Timbor

Although both Boracare and Timbor are effective in infestation cases, there are some extra features as well as limitations that both of them provide.

TypeLiquid borate, added glycol solutionPowder form borateBoracare
PerformancePenetrates through entire woodPenetrates outer layerBoracare
FunctionalityProtects against any infestationProtects against insects and fungusBoracare
LongevityLasts foreverAs long as the wood is dryBoracare
EffectivenessFor existing issuesIntended for new and fresh woodBoracare
PriceCheck the price☑️Check the price☑️

As you can see, both of them are effective in their own ways when it comes to infestation. However, there are still some superiority and inferiority between these two products.

Without further ado, let’s dive into them.


The sole difference between Boracare and Timbor is that Boracare is a liquid borate with glycol solution while Timbor comes off as a powder form borate.

Be very cautious not to apply them on your wood directly. For Boracare you can mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio, while for Timbor, you can mix 1.5lbs of it with 1 gallon of water before applying.


Both of these preservatives are effective in the infestation case, but Boracare is a bit ahead of Timbor. How?

Boracare has a unique glycol solution that helps the borate to soak in the wood quickly. Also, it makes the wood more resistant to termites.

Performance and Functionality

One of the primary concern about using wood preservatives is whether it can clear out the infestation from the center, right?

Well not anymore.

Boracare can clear out the infestation no matter how deep it is in the wood. It can penetrate through the entire wood and clear out any active infestation completely.

On the other hand, Timbor is not as much powerful as Boracare. It can only penetrate the surface area (¼) of wood and clear out external insects and fungi.


In terms of performance, undoubtedly Boracare is more effective in clearing out infestations than Timbor.

However, we are not ignoring Timbor completely as it is still effective if the infestation is not very deep. In fact, for any external infection on the wood, you can choose Timbor over Boracare anytime.


We all know that infestation is something that does not go away easily. Even a tiny termite can start a whole new infestation inside the wood.

For obvious reasons, no one wants to apply wood preservatives on their furniture on a regular basis.

To relieve you from this tension, Boracare, once applied, stays forever in the wood and protects it from any kind of infestation for a lifetime.

Nonetheless, if you are currently using or willing to use Timbor, make sure you keep the wood in a dry place afterward.


Both Boracare and Timbor offer great protection against wood infestation.

However, while Boracare clears out deep infestations, Timbor will only create a protective shield on the surface of the wood.

The protective shield can be ruined if the wood somehow gets wet or moist, even in high humidity. For this, I have to hand it to Boracare.


At this point, you must be thinking, do they work if the infestation is there for a very long time?

The answer is yes for Boracare, sadly no for Timbor.

Boracare can treat any existing infestation caused by any insect, like termites. It can reach the deepest point of wood and clean everything out.

Not only that, but Boracare will also make the wood infestation-resistant forever.

Nevertheless, Timbor does not work for deep infestations. It more likely works for protecting fresh and new wood from external dangers like fungus and carpenter ants.


In terms of effectiveness, you gotta go with Boracare. It is because not only it clears out the infestation but also ensures further safety in the long run.

However, Timbor also works great as an insecticide and fungicide, but not for deep cleansing.


Like every other product and service, the best one will always cost you more, don’t you agree?

Boracare provides you with complete protection alongside a guarantee. So, no wonder it will be more expensive than other wood preservatives.

On the contrary, Timbor costs really less compared to the effective service it provides.


Both Boracare and Timbor do a fine job protecting your wood for you. But if we look at the prices, Timbor offers a great value against its performance.

So I will suggest if the infestation is not deep and the wood condition is still fresh, you should go with Timbor.

Who Needs To Use Boracare?

We have reached almost the end of the article. So now I would like to recommend who should be Boracare users.

  • People with very old wooden furniture.
  • The infestation is caused by insects.
  • The infestation has reached all over the wood.
  • People looking for a lifetime solution.
  • People looking for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Use as a pesticide if there are insects and bugs in your house.

Who Needs To Use Timbor?

In the wood preservatives’ race, Timbor is not behind as well. Let’s see who are the ideal users.

  • People with fresh and new wood that need protection against infestation.
  • The infestation is in the surface area.
  • The infestation is caused by insects or fungus.
  • People looking for indoor use.
  • People who are on a budget.

Final Verdict

Both Boracare and Timbor kill insects that slowly damage your wood.

The significant difference between them is that Boracare’s fast-acting residual effect kills the insects instantly, while Timbor’s effectiveness depends on dose numbers and the types of bugs you are trying to get rid of.

You can also apply both of these preservatives together as long as you spray them at least 20 feet apart.

In this way, your wood will be resistant to any kind of infestation, insects, or fungi.


Is borax the same as Boracare?

Boracare has an ingredient named borax. Borax and Boric acid together form Borate salt, which is an active ingredient of Boracare.

How do you make Homemade Boracare?

To make Boracare at home, you will need glycol, Borax, and boric acid. Mix 1 gallon of glycol, 3.72 pounds of Borax, and 2.48 pounds of boric acid.

Mix them together, and voila!