Bin Primer vs Kilz for Cat Urine: Which is the Best?

Cats are our favorite animals until they make a urine stain. The situation becomes troublesome when this happens. But don’t be upset because Bin primer and Kilz primer can cover the stain!

Which primer is the best in Bin Primer Vs Kilz for Cat Urine?

These two primers can cover the cat urine stains pretty well. They remove the smell too. The Bin primer works fast and less of the primer is needed for a big space. However, it is costly. On the contrary, the Kilz primer is inexpensive. But it takes much time to work and the process is lengthy too.

Don’t get all confused about choosing the right one. Read through our detailed article and make your decision wisely!

Bin Primer vs Kilz Primer for Cat Urine: Short Comparison 

To give you a quick idea about Bin primer and Kilz primer we have prepared a comparison table. This table will save your time and help you to make a decision. Have a look at the table below to get a complete idea.

FeaturesKilz Primer Bin Primer
Durability Less Durable More Durable
Sanding Effort Easy to sandHard 
Coverage LowHigh
PowerUnable to suppress big stainsSuppresses big stains
Drying TimeSlowFast
CostEconomical Expensive


Take a good look at this table if you want to make a fast decision. But if you want to have more knowledge on the two primers, scroll below. We have made a detailed comparison between them.

Bin Primer vs Kilz Primer for Cat Urine: Detailed Comparison

There are differences between types of primers. You have already learned about the basic differences between the Bin primer and the Kilz primer. Since you are still scrolling we can understand that you want to know more information. Fear not. We have made a detailed comparison below. 

Read through the comparison to make the best decision.


Bin prime is very durable. Once you apply this you won’t have to think about the paint scraping off. This primer is made by a high adhesive shellac formula. This formula is good for porous surfaces. An excellent enamel holdout happens between the porous surface and the Bin primer. As a result, the paint doesn’t come off easily. 

The Kilz primer is oil-based. For this reason, it is not as durable as the Bin primer. It will cover up a stain but the longevity will be less. So you have to think about this factor too before choosing your primer.

Coverage Area

One of the best things about the Bin primer is high coverage. A small coat of paint can hide a deep stain. So you will need only one to two coats of paints to hide your cat’s urine stains. And if the cat urine is too dense, a little more of the primer will do the job. 

Kilz primer has a short coverage. Though you will get this primer at a low price you will need more of it. One stroke of the primer is not enough to hide cat urine stains. You will need to give at least two-three coats of paint. 

Working Surfaces

The surface always plays an important role in painting. Distinct problems arise due to the variation of surfaces. There are different problems in painting the ceiling and in painting the walls. So you have to choose the paint very carefully depending on the surface you will be painting.

As the Bin primer is not an oil-based product, it works on all types of surfaces. From wooden surface to concrete surface, the Bin primer will do your work. In the case of cat urination, the cat can urinate anywhere. Bin primer will reduce your hassle. You can use the primer on any surface and hide the cat urine stain easily.

The Kilz primer is suitable for wooden surfaces. Since it is an oil-based product you will not get good results from it on concrete. But on the wooden surface, it will work fine.

Performance on Big Stains 

Bin primer is a powerful primer. It has strong adhesive properties. Big stains are removed by the Bin primer for their strong adhesive property. Also, small coats of Bin primer are enough for a large area.

Kilz primer is weaker than Bin primer. Thus it is not very sufficient to remove big stains. To cover a dense spot you have to apply a large amount of primer. Only then it will be able to cover a big stain spot.

Drying Time 

When it comes to painting, everybody wants quick drying. Bin primer is of great use if you want to finish the work of coating in a short time. The first coat dries within 15 minutes! You can do the second coat within 45 minutes. The full paint will take only 1-3 days to dry completely. It will be completely dried and the cat urine smell will vanish too.

Like all other oil-based paints Kilz primer takes more time to dry. The overall drying process takes about one to two weeks. With the pre-cleaning procedure and this long drying time, the complete procedure becomes very lengthy.

The Smell of the Primer 

The Bin primer is very strong. The causes behind its strong properties are the use of shellac, denatured alcohol, and ammonia. Ammonia and the alcohol mixture produce a very strong smell. 

If you paint a closed space, you might get sick of the smell. Make sure to have proper ventilation. But you don’t have to be too worried about the smell. Because the smell will go away once the paint dries off.

On the other hand, Kilz Primer has a very gentle smell. The Kilz primer does not have denatured alcohol and ammonia in its ingredients list. So it doesn’t produce a strong smell. We can paint several coats of the Kilz primer without getting bothered by the smell.


The cost is an important element in the decision-making process. From choosing between Pella vs Andersen storm doors to choosing between the primers, cost problems arise. You’ve to be sure about the price you want to pay on hiding urine stains.

Bin primer offers huge benefits but for a high price. If your cat often urinates here and there, you have to consider the price of the primer. But the price is alright because of the quality of the Bin primer.

Kilz primer is one of the cheapest primers you will get in the market. This primer may not be the strongest but it will save you money. You can take this primer as your tool if your cat often urinates in the house.

Sanding Difficulties 

One of the pros of Bin primer is that it dries fast and hard. But this quality brings some problems too. Because of the hardness, the Bin primer is hard to sand. The shellac of the primer gets hard within the first 3 days. So you will face difficulties while sanding Bin primer. 

Oil-based paints are always easy to sand. As the Kilz primer is an oil-based paint, the sanding is very easy. It takes more time to dry and so doesn’t get hard soon. As a result, the work of sanding becomes simple.


The cleaning work becomes very easy if you use the Bin primer. You can directly apply the primer to the required surface. There will be no need of pre pre-clean the spot for this primer. This will save your time and work both.

But the cleaning procedure is not very simple if you use Kilz primer. You can’t apply the primer directly to the spot. First, the urine spot is to be cleaned with mineral spirits. Then again soap and water are applied there. When the urine stain is properly cleaned up you can apply the primer there. 

We have prepared some suggestions for mineral spirits for you. Use these spirits on the spot before applying Kilz Primer-

These mineral spirits will surely do their work and make your job easier.

You’ve got a clear idea about all the aspects of Bit primer and Kilz primer. Now take your decision wisely and select the best primer according to your needs.

Bin Primer vs Kilz Primer for Cat Urine: Final Verdict 

Both of the primers have their pros and cons. To select the final product you have to take your needs under consideration.

The bit primer will give you a long-lasting paint over the urine stain. While painting you will have to cope up with the strong smell. It will dry fast and make your work easy. The cost will be high if you use Bit primer. But you will surely get quality work.

On the other hand, the Kilz primer will be of less cost. But there are certain problems with the Kilz primer. You will need more of this primer to hide the cat urine stains. The paint smell is less. But the cleaning routine will be lengthy.

Identify your priorities at first and then choose the primer wisely. We hope this article will help you to make your decision.


How can I get my cat to stop peeing on the floor?

Make a routine for your cat. Also, try to familiarize your cat with the litter box. Build a safe environment for the cat. This will help it to urinate in the litter box.

Will paint get rid of cat urine smell?

Yes, paint can get rid of cat urine smell. Some primers are made especially for this reason. These primers not only hide the stains but also remove the smell from the spot.

How do you get cat urine out of baseboards?

3 percent hydrogen peroxide spray will get the cat urine out of baseboards. Spray on the spot and wait for a few minutes. Then clean with a cloth.


We’ve tried to fill you with all the information you need about primer vs Kilz for cat urine. Choose the primer you want to use according to your preferences.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions on this topic.