6 Best Wireless Home Intercom System: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide for 2022

A wireless intercommunication system for the house enables you to reach your family members very easily with no hassle. You no more need to yell at the kids or call a member when you can just make a phone call. Just relax on your seat cushion and press the button! Therefore, it creates an effortless and quite convenient communication system within the house.

Speaking of home intercom system, you need to choose something smart, attractive and efficient. Many intercoms of poor quality in the market just make the communication difficult and annoying. This why we are here with the best wireless home intercom system regarding a easy and innovative intercommunication.

Comparison On Best Wireless Home Intercom System




Unit Size


Hosmart 7-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System[2 Stations Black]

7.2 x 4.3 x 1.9 inches

2640 Feet


Hosmart 7-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System[3 Stations Black]

7.2 x 4.3 x 1.9 inches

2640 Feet


TekeyTBox 10 Channel Digital FM Wireless Intercom System

7.1 x 5.5 x 2.3 inches

1800 Feet

Intercom Central 413 – Three Channels HOME Power-line Intercom System

7.1 x 5.5 x 2.3 inches



Samcom 20-Channel Digital FM Wireless Intercom System

10.9 x 10.4 x 3.7 inches

1000 Feet


Calford Technology Ltd BCHLA4 Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System

6.7 x 1.8 x 4.1 inches

1500 Feet

6 Best Wireless Home Intercom System in 2022

Let’s scroll down to see what intercom systems we have picked for you to serve your purpose quite well.

1. Hosmart 7-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System​ [2 Stations]

Hosmart 7-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System
Hosmart 7-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System

This effective intercom system has a more fantastic wireless range of ½ miles. Moreover, the system includes seven secure channels for handling more call traffic. It is very effective as a wireless intercom system for home or office.

The wireless intercom device work through a more extended operating range. This one offers compatibility with a standard power bank. Thus, it enables you to use this one even outside without any interruption.

This best wireless home intercom system does provide individual and group functions. It includes Voice Operated Exchange (VOX) functions as a group caller. Both monitoring and talking functions enable private taking.

Moreover, it has a good anti-interference technique. Also, a secretive digital channel system to ensure a secure intercom line anywhere. The range of operation makes it one of the best long-distance intercom systems.

Thus, the combination offers you integrated communication to enjoy at home. It makes this hefty little device one of the best home intercom systems.


  • It has an extendable system to add an unlimited number of stations.
  • Suitable for conference calling as all the unit response in different channels.
  • Setting the frequency to the intercom system will induce talking with two-way radio.
  • The volume is adjustable within an effective range.
  • The open field gives about 1 mile of wireless range without any wifi.


  • Sometimes, you might have to yell due to the low volume level.
  • Disturbance in the microphone may take place with specific users.


2. Hosmart 7-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System​ [3 Stations]

Hosmart 7-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System​
Hosmart 7-Channel Security Wireless Intercom System​

This effective intercom system helps you integrate the latest technology of intercom facilities. It comes up with a higher range of ½ miles at once. Also, it has seven secure channels system in the preferable condition.

You can use the voice-activated home intercom system to communicate at home or office. Again, you can use a hosmart wireless intercom system through a suitable power bank. Thus, you can use this outside the house. You can purchase this wireless intercom system for buildings.
There comes individual as well as group functioning facilities. Moreover, there are monitoring and talking functions about its calling. You can make group calls through the Voice Operated Exchange (VOX).
The included monitor can deliver continuous service. Thus, with a secretive channel system, you will get any interruption in your call. Considering all these functions, it is one of the best intercoms for home use.


      • Seven channels provide one to all and even one to one simultaneous communication.
      • VOX function or monitor enables monitoring the room for 10 hours.
      • Without any installation, it requires an easy setting to use almost anywhere.
      • This one provides Walki Talki communication which requires no wifi.
      • Supports video calling without buffering.
      • It allows different codes for different channels to make an individual record.


  • Frequent noise interference requires considerable attention.
  • Close speaking to the button may cause some distortion.

3. TekeyTBox 10 Channel Digital FM Wireless Intercom System

TekeyTBox 10 Channel Digital FM Wireless
TekeyTBox 10 Channel Digital FM Wireless

You will get the latest intercom technology with this ergonomic one. It comes with the best possible system to gain your trust. This wireless intercom offers a significant number of channels with a good range.
The best wireless home intercom system delivers a perfect range of 1800 feet. Of course, the range diminishes due to obstructions. Not to mention, there are ten channels to handle heavy call traffic.

However, the VOX (Voice Operated Exchange) keeps working among various functions. With 10 hrs of non-stop monitoring function, you can reach a whole new level of the wireless intercom.
Through suitable power bank (5V 1A) support, this is a sweet deal for outdoor usage and baby monitor. That’s why you need to check the connection. Thus, it can ensure a smooth communication facility at the home, office, and outdoor. It is also suitable for smart devices.As well, you can install it on apartment buildings.


  • This system allows an effective and fully expandable intercom station facility.
  • Group call function is suitable to set quick meeting or urgent announcement.
  • Quite effective for outdoor use as it supports common power bank.
  • Provides different or same channel code setting for enhanced security.
  • The intercom facility requires lower energy with the power bank support.


  • It picks radio transmission from a far distance.
  • Frequency interruption requires fixing for the microphone.

4. Intercom Central 413 – Three Channels HOME Power-line Intercom System

Intercom Central 413
Intercom Central 413

The wireless intercom can be a suitable choice to upgrade the traditional two prongs. Having a versatile technology of modern communication encourages a swift intercom facility.

There come three channels along with the ergonomic system. It operates through 3 types of wires. They can operate over an automatic voltage of 110 – 220 V. Of course; the cables are pretty ground and neutral. The wireless device comes up with an intercom station.

Moreover, the attractive white color suits your home wall. Not to mention, this is one of the best power-lined intercoms you can find in the market. You can get a clear communication channel between the stations. It can be an excellent choice for infant optics dxr baby monitor.

Additionally, the powerline intercom system provides enough security. It works for thorough communication within only one station. you may look into this one if you are looking for something different from traditional ones. You can pick this intercom system for your laptop base station and master station. It can be a suitable choice for in-home communication devices. Besides, the wireless intercom is one of the best smart home intercom systems.


  • Ideal for using the system as a monitor rather than an intercom.
  • An advanced system of 3 wire ensures a smooth and uninterrupted calling.
  • The stations offer secure connection with the same continuous wire.
  • Neutral and grounded wires encourages safety against possible electrocution.
  • One power meter operation enhances a smooth and better communication.


  • Powerline defects may cause interference up to 8 – 10%.
  • The intercom range is limited with the wire length.

5. Samcom 20-Channel Digital FM Wireless Intercom System

Samcom 20-Channel Digital FM
Samcom 20-Channel Digital FM

We are almost done searching for the best intercom system, and now we are with our fifth entry. Through this superb quality intercom facility, you can reveal modern wireless communication. The wireless device encourages great home automation with the latest technology. And home.

This wireless intercom for the home can operate up to an effective distance of 1000 feet. The range diminishes due to obstacles, it is enough to call or announce something. Thus, it also includes an LCD for station identification.

The best wireless home intercom system offers 20 channels with a locking facility. Moreover, the suitable 462.5625 – 467.7125 MHz frequency range. So that, it enhances smooth connectivity. You can have private talking using the multi-channel operation. The wireless intercom offers home automation technology. It works as a wireless intercom doorbell.

You can use this anywhere, connecting with a mobile power bank and smart devices. There are buttons for easy and quick channel selection. It is a device to use for your home without any installation requirements.


  • It supports the connection with typical handheld and two-way radio.
  • Twenty channels with individual locking can give a greater call traffic control.
  • Mountable system for walls, along with placement on table or desktop.
  • An extra LCD can detect and identify the designated station.
  • A giant talking microphone provides a clearer and louder sound.
  • Suitable for home intercom systems.
  • Home automation capacity.
  • It has an excellent signal.
  • The device comes up with a video intercom system and clear sound.


  • Electrical devices close to the intercom may cause high interference.
  • The reception system may seem to be bad due to certain defects.

6. Calford Technology Ltd BCHLA4 Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System

Digital 3-Channel FM
Digital 3-Channel FM

 Get rid of conventional annoying intercoms through the latest technology. This one comes with a modern system to offer the utmost security. You will get enough channels working up to a reasonable distance.

This long-range wireless intercom system for the home can operate up to 1500 feet. But this range is likely to diminish due to walls. Thus, it comes up with three channels to provide you with a better communication facility.

It requires no installation, which also comes with an accessible setting facility. Thus it represents an excellent intercom system. You can use this anywhere without the slightest trouble with a mobile power bank. The wireless system has a clear sound capacity.

It also includes the multi-channel facility to enable private talking. The system consists of an LED display to state its functionalities. if you consider this your ultimate option of modern home communication. It has been known as the best wireless intercom on the market. The wireless intercom can be an excellent choice for offices.


  • The Recent ‘Call All’ button enables calling and talking with everyone at once.
  • A rotary control sound key in the front helps to adjust the volume level.
  • The lockable talking for continuous speaking without auto turning.
  • Soft touching buttons require a simple press just for a few seconds.
  • Direct buttons with station labels identify the designated stations.


  • The volume may seem to be low even at the maximum adjustment.
  • For speaking any message, there are some difficulties with its clarity.

Buying Guide for Best Wireless Home Intercom System 2022

Among various ones available in the market, choosing a quality one is quite difficult. To get the best wireless home intercom system for the house, you must take care of some specific criteria in the first place. With a proper matching one, you can have the best possible communication with others.

  • Operational Range: The effective range of the wireless intercom is quite important. If your house is quite big, you must choose something that provides a greater range.
  • Channel Number: The number of the channel is of significant importance as it allows you to communicate in different rooms. Therefore, you should calculate the required channel number for your house.
  • Interference Intensity: Almost all intercom systems are subjected to more or less interference. There are few ones with absolutely no interference. Depending on the surrounding noise level, you need to pick something that provides minimum interference.
  • Portability: Where and how you want to use the intercom is also important. There are some which are suitable for wall mounting whereas some others are suitable for desk usage. For outdoor usage, you should check the power function.

How to Install Home Intercom System

Most of the intercoms need no installation, it refers to the setting up of the intercom system. However, follow the guide below.

  1. For the mounted system, cut out a suitable part that is enough in size to fit and hold the intercom.
  2. Place the master station to cover the largest range of houses.
  3. Now, you should place it in a suitable distant room. After that, establish a connection with the master station.
  4. Turn on the system to check out whether they perform well or not. Go for some trials before setting up the intercom to get a better result.

Final Thoughts

In case of emergency, failure to make a smooth communication can lead to chaos and conflict. The intercom is a gift of modern science. So that it can assist us in creating a communicative environment.

Calling or notifying requires a push to a small button. But, you need to set up a digital code for your home automation intercom system. It helps to make stronger your home secure.

With the best wireless home intercom system, it will get a lot easier and cool to enjoy. Our wireless home intercom systems include physical factors and customer reviews.

Thus, you can choose any of the six best wireless intercom systems mentioned above. It will give you the pleasure of modern communication.

Frequently asked questions

Let’s mark some of the common queries that may come to your mind and find their answers.

  • Will wireless intercoms for home interfere with wireless network for the computers?

The general computers used in homes work on 2.4 GHz. Regular audio wireless intercoms work at lower hertz, not affecting it. Video intercoms operating at 2.4 GHz will interfere.

  • Are our wireless intercom systems secured?

Wireless intercom systems operate on a license-free range. It also provides encryption features to secure communication.

  •  Do walls limit the range for the wireless home intercom system?

Yes, walls and obstruction can limit the specified range. Brick walls, metal-framed walls, or walls with electrical wires will reduce the range. The ranges specified are the clear line of sight ranges.

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