10 Best Trailer Locks 2020 – Ensure The Best Security For Your Trailer!

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An unhitched or unattended trailer is quite a target to achieve for an opportunistic thief! Therefore, you need to secure your trailer when it contains valuable cargo. To deliver the best safety for the trailer, trailer lock is indeed an essential accessory. If you arrive at the market, you will see a lot of locks demanding to be the best ones to prevent possible burglary and theft.

Though you know quite well that most of them are of poor quality, you barely can find the good ones. This is why we are here to help you with this troublesome issue of finding the best lock for trailer. Along with our top 10 locks, you will get a pretty good idea to pick the best trailer lock to ensure the best security.

Comparison on 10 Best Trailer Locks 2020




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REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock, Adjustable Storage Security

REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock, Adjustable Storage Security



Master Lock Trailer Lock, Universal Trailer Coupler Lock, 379ATPY

Master Lock Trailer Lock, Universal Trailer Coupler Lock

Zinc Alloy


Master Coupler Latch Lock-Solid BrassTrailer Locks #605

Master Coupler Latch Lock-Solid BrassTrailer Locks



Master Lock Trailer Lock, Trailer Coupler Lock, 377KA

Master Lock Trailer Lock, Trailer Coupler Lock


RV Hitch Locks

Master Lock - Universal Size Fits 1-7

Master Lock – Universal Size Fits 1-7/8

Metal Alloy


Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow N Store Lock Kit

Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow ‘N Store Lock Kit

Steel Alloy


Tough Auto Trailer Hitch Lock

Tough Auto Trailer Hitch Lock Adjustable & Universal Fits All

Aluminum Alloy

RV Hitch Locks

Tow Ready 63228 'Gorilla Guard' Coupler Lock for 2 Couplers

Tow Ready (63228) ‘Gorilla Guard’ Coupler Lock



Reese Towpower 7042100 Adjustable Coupler Latch Lock

Reese Towpower 7042100 Adjustable Coupler Latch Lock

Brushed Alloy


Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal

Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal ‘Solid Hardened Steel’ Trailer Lock



In Details Reviews of 10 Best Trailer Locks in 2020

1. REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock, Adjustable Storage Security

REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock

With this premium quality lock, you will get the best trailer lock security. The entire body is of commercial aluminum whereas the lock bar is of heavy-duty steel construction. Thus the entire frame ensures a greater locking strength.

Through bright as well as suitably deterrent yellow color, it deters theft possibility. Having durable and quite a visible outlook, it offers incredible eyeshot. Therefore, it is indeed an obligatory lock to secure your couples.

The lock comes with suitable ratchet design which provides adjustment facility. Not to mention, you will get 11 different positions through sufficient adjustment. Again, the positions can easily fit 1 – 7/8”, 2” along with 2 – 5/16” couples.

Easy locking and unlocking make this a user-friendly one to use. Apart from that, the easy installing lock resists possible drilling out and also, other pryings, pickings. You will get performance, durability with safety with this one for sure.


  • Comes with premium metal construction to ensure a better interlocking facility.
  • Offers deterrent yellow appearance for superior visibility at a reasonable distance.
  • Includes adjustable ratchet designation to deliver 11 different locking positions.
  • Provides greater durability with easy usage, installation and detecting facilities.
  • Resists possible prying and picking along with drilling out problems for the lock.


  • The lock is likely to get jammed due to frequent locking and unlocking.
  • Hollow frame is quite easy to break with sufficient struck of the hammer.

2. Master Lock Trailer Lock, Universal Trailer Coupler Lock

Master Lock Trailer Lock, Universal Trailer Coupler Lock

Along with this unique and versatile locker, you can secure your coupler with the utmost safety. Of course, this universal locking system is quite suitable for trailers, RV hitch locking and also, for common vehicles.

The entire frame comes with commercial graded metal construction to trigger a secure locking. The quality coating prevents rusting and corrosion against prolonged usage. Advanced mechanism encourages possible picking, prying resistance.

There comes rekeyable cylinder along with the locking for this best trailer lock. The overall combination, therefore, offers a better convenience for the user. Needless to say, the trailer lock is quite easy to install and remove as well.

Not to mention, the re-keyable cylinder delivers keyed alike convenient locking. Being suitable for most 2 – 5/16” couplers with 2” and 1 – 7/8” couplers as well, you can use this almost all common ones to secure them.


  • Contains trailer lock along with rekeyable cylinder for enhanced convenience.
  • Delivers quality metal construction to resist corrosion and possible rusting.
  • Includes suitable frame shape to fit with vehicles and trailers with other RVs.
  • Provides easy installation and removal facility for a quick but effective locking.
  • Suits typical trailer couples of 1 – 7/8”, 2” and also, all 2 – 5/16” sized ones.


  • The locking portion may seem to be a little loose after some usage.
  • For some couplers, this is not an option to have the top level security.

3. Master Coupler Latch Lock-Solid BrassTrailer Locks

 Master Coupler Latch Lock-Solid BrassTrailer Locks

You can have the maximum protective facility with this ergonomic lock. Not to mention, the brass case and the steel shackle delivers a suitable holding. You will receive a rather durable and strong trailer lock for bulldog hitch for your coupler.

The sturdy steel shackle comes in a hardened case to encourage extra security. The high-quality steel prevents the possibility of easy sawing and cutting. Again, there comes one built-in anti-sawing pin for further protection.

With the solid case of brass, you will receive enduring locking facility. Being corrosion resistant, you will get a longer lasting security for the coupler. Easy and quite simple installation and removal also provide greater serviceability.

The opening includes an exact measurement of ¾ inches. It does fit with all couplers of 1 – 7/8” and 2” size. Apart from that, it doesn’t match with many 2 – 5/16” couplers which you need to check out for sure.


  • Includes anti-sawing pin to resist theft possibility by sawing and cutting.
  • Provides greater protection through superb quality and durable brass case.
  • Comes with hardened steel shackle to hold the suitable couples with ease.
  • Delivers simple removal facility along with easy installation for the user.
  • Offers a sufficient opening size of the lock with exactly 3/4” measurement.


  • The lock is not very suitable to secure coupler of large size.
  • The locker pin may seem to be quite large to fit in the wide latch.

4. Master Lock Trailer Lock, Trailer Coupler Lock

Master Lock Trailer Lock, Trailer Coupler Lock

Through this versatile as well as a quite outstanding locker, you can have the utmost safety for your coupler. And again, this best trailer lock delivers greater suitability for trailer, RV Hitch, common vehicles couplers as well.

The quality material construction declines rusting and corrosion. The entire locker body is of commercial graded metal construction which enhances a secure locking facility. With advanced mechanism, it encourages resistance to picking and prying.

Along with the trailer lock, there comes rekeyable cylinder for this ergonomic one. The entire combination offers a better convenience and further protection. Not to mention, the trailer lock provides quite an easy installation as well as simple removal.

Apart from that, the re-keyable cylinder ensures a keyed alike convenient facility. It is suitable for most 2 – 5/16” couplers and also, 2” and 1 – 7/8” couplers. Thus you can use this one for maximum protection for almost all couplers.


  • Provides an advanced and suitable mechanism to prevent prying with picking.
  • Comes with durable design through high-quality construction material.
  • Delivers superior compatibility for the trailer as well as vehicular couplers.
  • Resists possible rust and corrosion along with effective material coating.
  • Includes 2 keys with the trailer lock having a convenient rekeyable cylinder.


  • An effective opening size for the couplers is quite difficult to attain.
  • Many locker keys have the same pattern for unlocking and removal.

5. Master Lock – Universal Size Fits 1-7/8

Master Lock - Universal Size Fits 1-7/8

We are halfway through our list of the best trailer lock system and we are doing great so far. Having superior quality construction, this one induces a better locking and enhanced protection. With suitable and enduring metal provision, this is indeed a great choice to secure your couplers without any difficulty.

Speaking of the metal construction, it provides greater durability. Providing sufficient strength, it is quite hard to break or to cut with ease. Again, you will face almost no rust or corrosion problem over prolonged usage.

The bright red color imparts a further visibility for you. Not to mention, the red appearance enables ergonomic usage with superb security. Therefore, it reduces the possibility for anyone to mess with your trailer.

Along with simple installation and removal facility, you will receive almost no difficulty in using this one. Of course, this great lock offers a perfect fitting for all types of 1 – 7/8”, 2” along with 2 – 5/16” trailer couplers with ease.


  • Delivers high-quality metal construction for enhanced durability and strength.
  • Encourages corrosion as well as rusting resistance through the ergonomic coating.
  • Provides perfect and virtual fitting for all common trailer couplers with ease.
  • Comes with a bright and visible red appearance to deter the possibility of theft.
  • Includes advanced locking mechanism for preventing possible prying or picking.


  • No specific opening size is available to predict the coupler fitting.
  • The lock may not be suitable for some specific trailer couplers.

6. Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow ‘N Store Lock Kit

Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow 'N Store Lock Kit

Along with this ergonomic locking device, you will receive the best possible security for sure. The metallic frame is indeed of commercial as well as high-quality metal. Therefore, a greater locking strength comes with its suitable construction.

One of the best features that come with this is its swiveling clip. Again, the suitable opening makes this a versatile one to use for your couplers. This best trailer lock does fit with all couplers of 1 – 7/8” and 2” size and most 2 – 5/16” couplers.

The suitably deterrent and also, sufficiently bright yellow color deters the thief. Needless to say, durable and visible outlook offers incredible eyeshot. Thus, it is quite an essential lock regarding the coupler protection of your trailer.

This a user-friendly security device provides a rather easy, simple and effortless usage. Not to mention, the locking system requires easy installation which can resist drilling out with other prying as well as picking possibility.


  • Delivers bright and eye-catching yellow frame to discourage possible theft.
  • Comes with sturdy steel construction to induce greater locking serviceability.
  • Features an ergonomic swiveling clip for further protection and interlocking.
  • Offers sufficient strength for the frame to prevent possible cutting and sawing.
  • Provides sufficient rust and corrosion resistance along with suitable coating.


  • Certain problems may take place with the removal after some usage.
  • The U bar of the included ball may seem to be narrow for some couplers.

7. Tough Auto Trailer Hitch Lock Adjustable & Universal Fits All

Tough Auto Trailer Hitch Lock Adjustable & Universal Fits All

The best way to lock trailer would be using a reliable and durable lock. Well, you might just find what you were looking for.

Supreme serviceability comes with this incredibly designed trailer lock. This best trailer coupler lock contains solid steel body having chromium finishing. Again, you will get an alloy base of aluminum that has a powder coating on the exterior side.

With sturdy steel and chromic finish, the lock provides ultimate locking strength for the entire frame. Apart from that, suitable coating with aluminum construction imparts superior durability regarding a heavy-duty locking system.

The blue appearance not just fits with your trailer, but also enables a better visibility. Through the safety locking pin of heavy-duty steel, it delivers further protective option. Thus it mounts and also, locks onto the hitch ball without any difficulty.

You will receive a better weather resisting lock with the overall construction. Having corrosion and rust free material, it can prevent drilling outs. Therefore, it offers greater suitability for couplers of minimum 1 – 7/8” and maximum 2”.


  • Offers quite higher load bearing capacity of about 1.0 tonne at a time.
  • Comes with enhanced durability through rigid steel and aluminum frame.
  • Provides blue appearance to resist theft with its longer visibility range.
  • Includes sticky power coated exterior to encourage weather resistance.
  • Delivers sufficient adjustment facility to fit with reasonable hitch type.


  • Some locks are quite easy to unlock even without using any key.
  • Quick rusting is likely to occur for using trailers on coastal areas.

8. Tow Ready (63228) ‘Gorilla Guard’ Coupler Lock for 2″ Couplers

Tow Ready (63228) 'Gorilla Guard' Coupler Lock for 2" Couplers

This versatile locking device is indeed the best possible choice to ensure trailer security. The frame is of commercial, a high-quality metal which imparts greater durability. In fact, this best trailer lock also gives you a greater locking strength to enjoy.

The ergonomic coating prevents possible rusting and corrosion as well. The entire body is of commercial graded metal to enhance a secure facility for the trailer. Through suitable mechanism, it encourages picking and prying difficulty.

With easy installation as well as removal, it comes with almost no difficulty in using. Needless to say, this trailer lock delivers a proper fitting and interlocking for all typical couplers of the trailers having a size of 1 – 7/8”, 2”, 2 – 5/16” with ease.

Through simple and effortless usage, this is indeed one of the most user-friendly devices to check out. Apart from that, the locking system requires easy installation to discourage possible drilling out with common picking, prying as well.


  • Induces a better interlocking system through the superior locking mechanism.
  • Contains metal frame with a suitable coating to resist possible rust and corrosion.
  • Delivers incredible durability along with easy and effortless installation facility.
  • Provides sufficient security against picking and prying without any drilling out.
  • Features suitable and appropriate locking for all types of common couplers.


  • The lock may seem to be small for some specific trailer couplers.
  • Includes unusually shaped keys which are difficult to replace or make.

9. Reese Towpower 7042100 Adjustable Coupler Latch Lock

Reese Towpower 7042100 Adjustable Coupler Latch Lock

Among all others, this contains quite unique and incredible locking system. The combination of nickel and aluminum offers you something reliable and smart. In fact, it delivers sufficient locking strength with durable serviceability.

Regarding its construction, the shank is of quality steel. With a brushed aluminum frame, this can give you the ultimate security for your trailer. Again, there comes nickel plating on the exterior to resist the possibility of rusting and corrosion.

The most incredible feature is its different locking positions. Not to mention, you will receive 6 individual positions to lock your trailer. Through the most suitable position, you can make the toughest and safest locking with ease.

This ergonomic one comes with an adjustment facility ranging from 5/8” up to 3”. It also delivers suitable fitting for most couplers with a sturdy pin having a diameter of 3/16”. Thus you can use this one for almost all couplers of the various trailer. Considering all these componenents it certainly makes this lock the best trailer security system.


  • Resists possible weathering action through the suitably nickel plated exterior.
  • Suits all typical coupler types along with its pin having a diameter of 3/16”.
  • Promotes durability with brushed aluminum and commercial steel shank.
  • Includes 6 different positions for an effective and sturdy locking facility.
  • Comes with a flat key designation and again, an adjustment from 5/8” – 3”.


  • The entire mechanism of locking may fall out over careless usage.
  • Having several notches at the pin, the lock may seem to be weak.

10. Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal ‘Solid Hardened Steel’ Trailer Lock

Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal 'Solid Hardened Steel' Trailer Lock

We are now at the end of our list for the best trailer locking device.

This unique lock delivers a versatile as well as outstanding appearance and design. In fact, the exclusive design comes with a 360° protection for the hardened steel. Thus it offers greater and extra security system for your trailer.

With nylon housing of ballistic grade, it induces incredible attraction for the user. It also includes an advanced system of a dual ratchet for enhanced coupler locking. Not to mention, the enduring nylon contributes to its strength as well.

One size is quite suitable to take care of all the common couplers with this one. It provides its universal acceptance and versatility through its wide range of usage. It can easily fit all couplers having a size of 1 – 7/8”, 2” and 2 – 5/16”.

The keyhole coverage encourages a better usage and maintenance for this best trailer lock. Needless to say, you can slide up the hole as per your necessity. Through sliding, it seals out dirt and other grime to a great extent.


  • Includes an effective and enduring safety for the lock with a dual ratchet system.
  • Provides complete 360° security for the hardened steel through exclusive design.
  • Features ballistic housing of nylon for superior strength and easy installation.
  • Comes with a sliding keyhole coverage to keep out dirt and common grimes.
  • Delivers a 6 tooth system with steel shackle of 5/8” having ½ turn technique.


  • The lock may provide quite sloppy and loose fitting for larger hitches.
  • Extensive rust may take place after some usage for certain reasons.

Buying Guide for Best Trailer Locks

Picking the best one among different brands and models is no doubt a troublesome task to do. Most often, you get to purchase an ordinary or even a poor quality product.

This is why you need to know some specifications regarding any product while buying. And a proven industries trailer lock is no different. There are some criteria you need to look into the first place.

  • Shape: Although the shape variation doesn’t affect that much, you need to choose for your ease. Different types of locks come with variable shapes and sizes. Therefore, you should pick something elegant which fits your trailer.
  • Construction: Regarding durability, material and design are quite important. Again, the hollow frame is quite weaker against a solid or rigid one. Hence, you must look into the construction material along with the lock design.
  • Appearance: You may not consider the outlook, but it plays an important role to deter theft. In fact, bright and eye-catching colors provide greater visibility even at a far distance which is not a favorable condition for thieves.
  • Exterior Coating: Apart from construction material, the coating is also important. To resist weather actions over the lock, a suitable coating is essential. Sufficient coating, therefore, prevents unwanted rusting and corrosion of the metal.
  • Usability: Most of the couplers come with a size of 1 – 7/8”, 2” with 2 – 5/16”. Considering these sizes, many locks includes a system to fit these ones. If you have larger ones, you need to find a suitable substitute for sure.
  • Pin opening: A narrow opening size of the pin causes annoying troubles to fit the lock. This is why you need to know the opening size of the pin. Otherwise, the lock will barely fit or even won’t fit at all for the trailer.

How to Lock Trailer Hitch

Hooking up a trailer to another vehicle requires attention along with patience. After choosing the right one, you can go for locking the trailer.

  • Lining up the Vehicle

You need to line up the vehicle and trailer in a straight line. Use someone’s help to make the lining.

  • Adjusting Coupler Height

When the distance between the trailer and vehicle is about 1’, stop and keep the coupler little higher than the ball.

  • Lowering the Coupler

Put the coupler inside the ball using the trailer jack keeping the latch upright.

  • Securing the Coupler

After engaging and locking up the latch, you should lift the trailer tongue to check the connection.

  • Attaching the Safety Chains

You need to attach the chains in crisscross pattern beneath the coupler to provide a cradle for the disconnected coupler.

  • Plugging in the Connector

Avoid excess wiring as much as possible through wrapping unnecessary wires surrounding the trailer tongue.

How to Install a Trailer Lock

Although the installation of a trailer lock may sound difficult, it requires some easy steps. Here are some general steps regarding a proper installation of a trailer lock.

  • Checking Wheels & Jacking up the Vehicle

Although jacking up provides a strategic advantage in large scale, but offers safety and also, some working space beneath the vehicle.

  • Removing Bolts and Plugs

You need to check out the bolts and plugs in the first place. If necessary, remove the required ones specified in the instructions.

  • Attaching the Necessary Hardware

After moving the hitch in a proper position, use additional and suitable tools to join the locking hardware with the specified portion.

  • Tightening All the Bolts

After attachment, recheck all the connection. Not to mention, use necessary tools to tighten all the bolts to full extent.

Final Thoughts

Though these best 10 may not fit some larger sized couplers, it does suit the common ones. You will receive the best security for your precious trailer cargo using the best-fitted one. Every single best trailer lock comes with superior acceptance among the users with incredible serviceability.

Considering all the basic requirements, you will not get suitable alternatives of these ones. Using any of these allows you to go for a vacation or some break keeping the trailer in the safest position.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a hitch lock?

A hitch lock keeps the trailer hitch and receiver joined together so the receiver cannot be lifted up and stolen

2. How to choose the correct sized trailer hitch lock?

You have to measure the height and width of the opening of your vehicle’s receiver with a measuring tape or a ruler and based on that you have to select the size for the hitch lock

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