Best Roller for Primer: The Five Gems 

Normally, primer is the best product to smooth any surface. Even if you’re using paint, wax, or lacquer it does not matter. Because the primer can prepare any surface for smoother application.

However, primers alone cannot ensure a hundred percent smooth application. A huge chunk of it depends on what kind of roller you are using to apply primer.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right kind of roller for a specific primer.

Sounds overwhelming? Well, don’t worry.

We have curated a list of the five best roller for primer

After testing more than ten rollers, we have selected these five. There is also a comparison table to give you a quick glimpse of the products.

Let’s start –

Comparison Table

Product NameNap Size Handle Size
FoamPRO Fine Finish Roller1/4’’4’’
Bates Choice Paint Roller Set1/2’’9’’
KUPOO Home Decorator DIY Painting Set1/2’’4’’
Luigi\’s Premium Essential Paint Roller Set1/2’’4’’
Microfiber Paint Roller Kit1/4” 6 ½’’ 

FoamPRO Fine Finish Roller: Product Overview

The first product on our list is FoamPRO Fine Finish Roller. 

From a design perspective, it is a thin mini roller. So, it’s mostly used for detail-oriented projects. The 4’’ mini roller gives you the precision you need to go to places other rollers cannot. 

This is perfect if you’re looking to avoid subtle painting problems with precision

Enough of that, let’s move on to the quality of the roller nap-

FoamPRO Fine Finish Roller is made from high-density foam. Therefore, there is no lint.  So, no more worrying about leaving lint on your surface.

Another thing about the foam rollers is that they ensure a streak-free finish. The application is so flawless it almost gives a spray-like vibe to it.

And that was our main priority when we were judging the products. 

Now, a primer is used to make the paint job flawless. But if your application of the primer is not smooth, how can you expect a flawless paint job?

FoamPRO Fine Finish Roller works as the primer’s second-in-command to ensure smooth application. 

If you want to apply oil or shellac primers we would highly recommend this roller.

But one complaint that we have from FoamPRO Fine Finish Roller is that you cannot use the roller twice. When you clean it with a mineral cleaner, the roller kind of disentangles. So, you have to use the product once and then throw it away. And that is quite wasteful.     

  • Smooth application
  • It offers a streak-free, spray-like finishIt is lint-free therefore does not leave any residue
  • The foam roller is perfect for oil and shellac-based primers
  • It is non-reusable

Bates Choice Paint Roller Set: Product Overview

The next product, Bates Choice Paint Roller Set is a set of three products. It comes with two roller naps and a 9’’ roller frame. The extra roller helps to easily change the previous one between coats.

Unlike FoamPRO Fine Finish Roller, you can use this roller for any kind of paint and primer. 

Another thing about Bates Choice Paint Roller Set that varies from FoamPRO is the material of the nap. Bates Choice is made from microfibers, not foam. 

Now, what’s so great about microfibers? 

Well, microfiber rollers are best for large painting projects because they can hold four times their volume of paint. It means you can cover a larger surface without continuously dipping your roller in the paint.

One major thing that customers generally tend to ignore before choosing a roller for primer is the grip strength. 

When you are doing a large project that takes a lot of time, you need to think about the grip strength of a roller.

Does the roller offer a sturdier grip? Or does it slip away? Do you need to put too much pressure to get a hold of it?- These are the questions that come across the mind of many!!

But with Bates Choice Paint Roller Set you don’t have to put so much thought. Because its rubber handle offers a solid and comfortable grip.

Now, let’s move on to the thing that we did not like…

During the testing phase, we realized when we were using it for a while and the remaining primer became dry, the yellow diagonal lines on the roller naps started to imprint the wall. To cover it up we had to put another fresh coat over it. 

So, you need to keep that in mind when applying primer. Other than that, we had a more than satisfactory experience with Bates Choice Paint Roller Set. 

  • It comes with two roller naps so you can easily change them during coats
  • The rubber handle offers a solid grip
  • High-density microfiber naps can hold a lot of product that means you don’t have to continuously dip it in the paint
  • The yellow diagonal lines may leave imprints if not used properly

KUPOO Home Decorator DIY Painting Set: Product Overview

KUPOO Home Decorator DIY Painting Set is a huge set of ten rollers and one handle. Moreover, the ten rollers are divided into two types. 

Four of the larger rollers are woven rollers and the other smaller ones are foam rollers. Now, both of them have their own benefits- 

The woven rollers are best for emulsion paints. If you use normal spongy foam rollers with emulsion paints then it will leave air bubbles on the wall. But with a woven roller, you will get the perfect sheen that is expected from the emulsion paintings.

On the other hand, the shorter foam rollers are best for gloss paints. Due to their shorter length, they don’t leave any air bubble imprint. And when you pair them with gloss or semi-gloss latex, you do not have to worry about leaving lap marks.

Now, you may not be able to re-use the foam rollers. However, the set provides you with multiple rollers so that you don’t have to buy new ones. 

The experience we had with KUPOO Home Decorator DIY Painting Set was not all pleasant. There was one-two issue that bugged us. 

The plastic of the roller nap that is attached to the plastic handle frequently got detached from the nap. This gave us a hard time painting the primer on the surface. Because the whole roller became wobbly after that incident. 

However, out of the five rollers we tested from the set, we faced such a problem with only one of them. 

So, it is still a decent roller set for primers, in our eyes.

  • The small size of it makes it a better choice for detailed oriented projects
  • Two types of rollers allow you to perform two types of products, emulsion, and gloss
  • The set saves you money because it comes with nine additional roller naps
  • The roller naps do not stick firmly onto the plastic part
  • Creates a wobbly application

Luigi’s Premium Essential Paint Roller Set: Product Overview

Another great roller set is Luigi’s Premium Essential Paint Roller Set.

The set contains ten 4’’ high-density foam rollers, one handle, and one tray to hold paint. 

Let’s talk about the foam rollers first…

The 4’’ rollers are made of high-density foam. The absorptivity of these rollers is incomparable. They absorb so much paint that you can cover a large amount of area with them. No traditional roller can beat that.

Because of this quality, you can complete your paint job in halftime with Luigi’s paint rollers. No need to paint for a body-achingly long period. 

However, with some good qualities, there are bound to be some flaws. Luigi’s Premium Essential Paint Roller Set is no exception.

When we were trying out the brushes, one of them swelled up and got separated from the plastic rim of the roller. And that honestly did not leave a great impression. 

Guess an amazingly absorbable roller also has its own limit.     

  • It offers even coverage on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces
  • It absorbs more paint than the traditional foam rollers hence covering more area in less time
  • With this, you can finish your painting in half time
  • Sometimes the foam swells up and gets separated from the plastic rim

Microfiber Paint Roller Kit: Product Overview

And the last product that we have on our list is Microfiber Paint Roller Kit.

This is a set of two microfiber mini roller sleeves with one 6½ inch roller handle. 

Now, the paint job is a messy job. It becomes messier if you don’t have a trusty paint roller. You may end up making more messes than you anticipated with a bad roller.

Luckily, Microfiber Paint Roller Kit is not one of them.

Its high-density microfibre roller sleeves make them dripping proof. So, you don’t have to worry about dripping all over your floor. 

Another good thing about this is that it does not have any shed. Therefore, you can apply your primer even in the hardest places such as the trims and edges of your wall. 

The trims and edges are not the only places where this trusty roller can help you to reach.

The 6½ inch long handle helps you to reach higher places on your wall without the help of a ladder. Therefore, with Microfiber Paint Roller Kit you can ensure complete coverage of your wall or any other surface.

However, there is an issue that is quite concerning.    

So, when we were applying primer with this mini roller, we observed that it leaves bits of lint on the surface along with the paint. And gives the surface a bumpy finish. 

Even after following the instructions and rolling it on a tape before the application to remove the lint, it did not help. 

And that made a bad impression on us. Hence, the fifth position. But, you could always caulk the surface if you want to solve this issue on your own. Still, we wished it didn’t come with this problem. 

  • It has noshed which makes it suitable to use on trims, edges, and other home improvement projects
  • The high-density roller ensures no dripping
  • The handle is long enough to help you reach further places without a ladder
  • Even after following the instructed procedure, bits of lint came off with the surface

Five Tips on Choosing the Best Roller for Primer

So far, you have read our review and experience with the chosen five. But to understand exactly which one roller will go best with the primer that you have chosen, you need to keep some things in mind.   

Tip #1: Choose the Correct Nap Size for Your Project

If you are using primer on a surface like walls, wood, metal then  ¼ ’’ roller naps are the best. And when you are working on a smooth or semi-smooth surface use a thinner roller such as a ½’’ paint roller. 

Tip #2: Surface Plays a Crucial Role to Choose the Material

Should you go for a foam roller or a microfiber one, how can you decide that?

Well, it all depends on the surface. You might have to paint rough surfaces or smooth surfaces. And yes, it is possible to paint over rough surfaces.

If you are priming a smooth surface then a woven roller will give you an ultra-fine finish. On the other hand, if you are working on a porous surface such as bare wood then you should opt for a foam roller. 

Tip #3: Base of the Primer Determines the Type of Fibres  

And the final but equally important thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing the roller is the base of the primer.

If you are using a latex-based primer then it is better that you choose rollers with polyester or nylon fibers. 

However, if your primer is oil-based then roller with natural fibers like mohair or lamb’s wool is more appropriate.  


Can I prime over my plaster wall with FoamPRO Fine Finish Roller?

Yes, you can. Smooth surfaces like plasters need ¼’’ rollers like FoamPRO Fine Finish Roller.

Can I use Bates Choice Paint Roller Set on drywall?

Yes, ½’’ rollers such as Bates Choice Paint Roller Set are suitable for lightly textured surfaces such as drywall.

Is FoamPRO Fine Finish Roller able to prime a wooden surface?

Yes, it is. FoamPRO Fine Finish Roller is made of foam and therefore can be used on a wooden surface. 


We have mentioned everything you may need to keep in your mind while choosing the best roller for primer. You can give a quick glance at the comparison table before buying a roller.

Hopefully, all your queries have been answered. But if there is something you are still not clear about then tell us about it in the comment section below. 

That’s all for now. Thank you for being with us.