Best Roller for Polyurethane: Best Picks for Rolling!

It’s very hard to finish a painting project when there’s debris falling off of your roller while you’re painting. So you have to sand the surface again and again. The whole scenario is very frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, one of the reasons that is happening is, the roller you’re using to paint is not of the best quality. Then how do you know what to buy? Well, that’s why we’re here to help you choose the best roller for polyurethane

In this article, we’ll discuss the most suitable roller you can buy for your project. You’ll have an idea about the qualities your roller needs to have when you’re painting with polyurethane. 

So, keep reading! This article will answer the questions you have in your mind. And at the end, you’ll know which roller will finish your job. 

Comparison Table 

Wooster Brush R232-9Wood and Wooster1.92 ounces
FoamPRO 164 Fine Finish Roller Foam2.08 ounces
Luigi’s Small Foam Paint Roller Set Foam2.08 ounces
Mister Rui-Paint RollerFoam7 ounces
FoamPRO 186 Finest Finish Mini RollerFoam5.6 ounces

Wooster Brush R232-9: More About the Product

Got an art project and do not know what roller to choose? Are you struggling because you cannot figure out which roller would be best for epoxy flooring? Worry not, to end your confusion choosing the best roller, we’re suggesting Wooster Brush R232-9! 

Surely, compared to other brushes, this might seem a bit expensive for you, but there are tons of reasons for it. One by one we’ll go through the qualities of this brush. This is by far the best brush for any type of flooring you are working on. 

One of the best qualities of this product is its durability. There’s a possibility the rollers you’ve been working with are cheaper than this one. 

But they will also be unable to use it after a while compared to this one. You can even use one for approximately 1000 square feet without this roller falling apart! 

Another great quality about this product is, it barely sheds any debris while flooring. Exciting, right? If you want a smooth finish, grab this brush right away. It will not leave behind any lint, as advertised! 

Now let’s talk about the product you can use this with. Can you use it with water-based polyurethane? What about oil-based polyurethane as well? 

Guess what, it’s suitable for any type of urethane and epoxy-based flooring projects you got! The roller might soak up a bit of product but an even smooth finishing is promised. 

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur or a professional, this brush is great for all kinds of projects. If you’re doing a DIY home epoxy flooring job, this is a must-have piece of equipment for you. 

  • Durable option
  • Maintains the paint consistency
  • Doesn’t shed any debris
  • Great for DIY projects
  • Expensive option

FoamPRO 164 Fine Finish Roller: More About the Product

As it says in the product, this is a roller that gives you the finest finish. And this is the reason why it’s the 2nd best product in our opinion. If you like foam rollers, you’ll love this one a lot. 

In size, compared to the first one, it is a smaller one. And that’s the best part of it. You can reach any place using this roller. Because it’s small, it’s outstanding to work on small surfaces like tables, cabinets, etc. You don’t have to use a brush again to reach corners. 

Another great thing about this roller is, it hardly breaks down. When we say hard, we mean it. Suppose, you’re working with a product infamously known to break down foams, brushes, etc. 

Well, this roller will work fine with this kind of product as well. At least they won’t break down as quickly as other rollers you’ve used. 

So, what can you paint with this roller? Anything epoxy-based color will go of course. Other than that his foam roller can be used to paint with any base and most paints.

What will the finish look like once you’ve worked with this particular roller? The users seem very happy with the finish. It looks very smooth and spray-like. 

And who wouldn’t want a smooth finish? The strokes won’t look like brush strokes. The finish looks very dense. There will be no streak and no splash with the foams

Oh, and we know you face problems with shedding lints when you’re working with brushes. With this roller, you don’t have to worry about this. It doesn’t shed anything. It does absorb a lot of products. 

Also, you can easily replace the roller foam if it starts breaking down. With its application system, you can easily insert a new one with no worries. 


  • Can reach the tighter spaces
  • Has a compact size
  • Doesn’t break and shed any debris
  • Maintains smooth paint
  • Takes more time to let the paint settle

Luigi’s Small Foam Paint Roller Set: More About the Product

Are you looking to buy a product to work on a decorative project? I believe this is a suitable product for your painting project. This product is similar to the last product we reviewed. But it never hurts to know more details right? 

Starting off, this is also a 4-inch roller. So when you’re working on a project, make sure the surface is small as well. And, it won’t take much time. This foam is very suitable for painting with gloss paints and satin paints. 

When you’re working with this foam roller, you’ll thank yourself for buying this. The handle will hold the foam very intact, it will not fall off. 

Also, sponges with this roller are of high quality. It will not break down compared to other foam products. 

Luigi’s Paint Roller Set covers smooth or semi-smooth surfaces completely and evenly. These rollers absorb more paint than typical rollers. 

And, they are composed of high-density foam. This allows the foam to cover more area in less time. 

You also obtain a better coat with fewer roller passes. The absence of fibers assures an ultra-smooth finish while reducing the effort, hassles, and spills associated with traditional painting procedures. The roller makes the painting job very easy. 

So, if you have a small to medium passion project, grab this foam roller right away!


  • The handles are strong enough
  • Doesn’t break down easily
  • Maintains ultra-smooth painting
  • Better for smaller projects
  • Could struggle in the larger project

Mister Rui-Paint Roller: More About the Product

Are you trying out painting as a novice? Then this is our recommendation for a great easy finish!. Grab this product and start working on your DIY project right away! Well, this is also great for professionals as well. 

What’s so special about this brush? Well for starters, this is the perfect brush for little corners, edges of any surface. This also works great on small to medium surfaces.

This brush has a flat side that will help you get that edge painted very nicely. 

This foam roller will have you see fewer bubbles than you’d expect. Which is a great quality for painting any surface. Use the roller on flat surfaces to get the best use out of it. 

Now let’s talk about the painting and the finishing. The paint will go on evenly. You won’t end up with huge pools of paint on the floor. You also won’t have to trim to cover the very bottom of it. 

Furthermore, because these are high-density foam. They do not leave markings like a brush or textured roller would. 

This will result in a flawlessly smooth finish. Also, the foam is very high quality. So you won’t see any shedding of debris on the floor. 

This foam is also very connected with the roller, so it will not fall off when you’re working with it. You can use any oil and water-based paints with these rollers. 

The cleanup for these foam rollers will be very easy on you. So buy this roller and start the project already! 


  • Doesn’t form any bubbles on the surface
  • Ensures a smooth painting
  • The foams are connected to the roller quite well too
  • It’s just the foam. You’ll need to buy the handle separately

FoamPRO 186 Finest Finish Mini Roller: More About the Product

The door and cabinets need their paint to be repainted. It often needs repairing like any other item in the house. The way the wall heater might need attention, your doors will too. 

Well, this foam brush is perfect for bathroom or kitchen projects. We’ll discuss this more in detail. 

Like the other 3 rollers above, this one is made of foam as well. You can use this roller for gloss paints (enamels), urethanes, varnishes, primers, and stains. 

So it’s suitable for any kind of project you have in hand. You can also use it on digitally printed varnishes. 

This roller is 6 inches, a medium size. The handle holds the foam very firmly. So when you’re working, it won’t fall off. The foam they use is very high quality, it will hardly break down. 

When you paint with this foam, you’ll notice that it won’t deliver brush-like strokes. It’s a very high-density foam, so the coverage will be heavy on the surface. It won’t produce any lint. So you’ll have a debris-free, very smooth-looking finishing. 

This product is as good as it’s advertised. You can use it on different projects you have. 


  • Works great on multiple projects
  • Easy to work with
  • The debris won’t fall off
  • Handles will hold the foam firmly
  • The durability could be better

Some Factors for Consideration

Now let’s talk about the buying factors you need to look out for when you’re buying a roller. 

Keep these factors in your mind when you’re choosing a roller for your passion project. Otherwise, the money you’ll spend on your roller will not be worth it. 


Does weight matter when you’re working on a painting project? The answer is yes, it does! You need to choose a light roller as you’ll be working with it for hours. 

So make sure, it’s not heavyweight. Also, if you’re working against gravity, this is a very important point.


Well, gravity does have its effect on weight. So, you will feel a bit different in that sector.

Brush or Foam

Naturally, when people are buying a roller, they’re very confused. They don’t know whether they’ll choose brush or foam. 

Well, if you don’t want lint, it’s better to choose a foam roller than a brush roller. You’ll get a lint-free varnish. 

If you want vintage brush strokes on the surface, do choose a brush roller. But a foam roller will give you a very spray-like finishing. 


Well, size matters when you’re choosing a roller almost similarly the way an sdr 35 or schedule 40 will matter. When you’re working on a big surface, make sure your roller is big enough for you to work with. This way, you’ll cover a big area within a short amount of time. 

If you’re working with edges, corners, work with a small roller. It’s easy to get in and paint them with smaller rollers. 

Painting Materials

Some rollers will not suit all kinds of materials in your paintings. Some will even break down because of the painting products. In this case, research well when you’re buying a roller for your painting job. 


What type of polyurethane roller should you use?

An efficient and effective polyurethane finish applicator is a basic foam roller wrapped in plastic and cloth.

How do I acquire a smooth polyurethane finish?

Between coats, lightly sand with 240-grit sandpaper, then let the final coat cure for at least 24 hours. This is a routine procedure for any wood finishing process, and it’s nothing unusual. However, sanding raw wood to make a smooth foundation is essential.

What is the best material to use while applying polyurethane?

Using a tiny brush, foam pad, or cloth, apply a very thin coat of polyurethane. To avoid elevating the grain, work with it and don’t use too much polyurethane. After the first application has dried for a couple of hours, you can add a second coat.


So these are the 5 best roller for polyurethane we suggest for your painting jobs. They’re all great for their price and people who paint with these products are very happy with their purchases. 

Choose from one of these rollers and let us know what you think! Take care and good luck with your painting project!