10 Best Reacher Grabber Tools For 2022 – An Unique Tool That You Might Have Skipped

As it happens, something important falls behind a furniture or couch. Again, you may want access to a tight place beneath the furniture. But due to limited mobility, it seems quite impossible to reach your desired object. There comes reacher grabber tool to get the item within your reach. Apparently, this is a very useful tool to reach a tight and narrow place with ease.

Although you may consider this a simple tool and ignore the quality concerns, we would recommend otherwise. Among many grabbers, it seems quite difficult to pick the best reacher grabber tool.

To help you find the most suitable one, our experts recommend the best 10 grabbers for the lightweight picking. Start reading our reviews and we can assure you that you will get the perfect one for sure. For your convenience we’ve also discussed on another post how to repair your leather accessories in case you’ve got slight damages while reaching at very narrow spaces.

10 Best Reacher Grabber Tools 2022 – Comparison Table


Product Name



Reacher Grabber by Vive Rotating Grip

Rust Proof Aluminium & anti-slip Rubber


Unger Professional Nifty Nabber

Aluminum, rubber, magnet

32″ & 48″

Suction Cup Reacher Grabber by VIVE Heavy Duty Mobility Grip

Aluminum, rubber


Grabber Tool,FitPlus Premium Reacher Tool

Rubber & Molded


RMS Grabber Reacher 2 Pack

Magnet & plastic

26″ & 32″

Ettore 49036 Grip’n Grab Reach Tool

Aluminum, plastic, rubber


AmazonCommercial Reacher Grabber

Aluminum, TPE material, ABS grip


Mouo Foldable Reacher Grabber

Aluminum alloy, rubberized grip


Reacher Grabber Tool Foldable Grabber Reacher

ABS , aluminum alloy, rubber


Duro-Med Reacher Grabber

Plastic, Metal


Complete Reviews on 10 Best Reacher Grabber Tools 2022

1. Reacher Grabber by Vive – Rotating Grip

Reacher Grabber by Vive - Rotating Grip

Grab your things at a reasonable distance without any major physical labor along with this reacher. This Vive production comes with incredible added reaching range for the trashes you would like to avoid touching.

Having steel frame, this grabber allows further durability and performance. Apart from that, the sautered wiring makes the frame sturdy enough to use. Therefore, you will find it suitable for pickings for more than tens of thousands.

Being rust-resistant, you will face no difficulty in outdoor use as well. This induces its wider application at anywhere with ease. The long-lasting durable frame is able to withstand all weather conditions.

The jaw of the grabber comes with rotatable adjustment facility. In fact, you can go for a full 360° in a suitable increment of 90°. Thus it enables you to reach hard and narrow places without the slightest discomfort.

Featuring padded handle, it delivers a comfortable handling against prolonged or heavy pick-ups. With the smooth trigger, it can fit with either of your hand with ease.

Needless to say, you can take a good care of pick-up things at lawn, shelf-top, floor and even furniture behind. You will find this best reacher grabber tool rather suitable to keep your surrounding clean at a very reasonable price.


  • Effortless reaching with 32” added reach.
  • Superior internal frame ensures durability.
  • Full 360° jaw adjustment at 90° increment.
  • Padded handle with a suitably shaped trigger.
  • Suatered steel can hold up to 5 pounds.


  • No facility to lock the jaw.
  • The claws only fit 4” things.

2. Unger Professional Nifty Nabber

Start mopping unnecessary things from the floor or top shelf using this versatile nabber. In fact, Unger represents a rather user-friendly grabbing tool with utmost comfort and ease.

With commercial aluminum, this one comes with superior serviceability. The lightweight aluminum is quite easy to hold and carry. In addition, you will find this quite sturdy and durable as well.

Featuring 36” Nifty Nabber, this one can be used both as a tool to reach high  as well as low pick-ups. Not to mention, the reasonable length requires almost no bending or any ladder or stool climbing.

Through the built-in tip of the magnet, you can pick almost all metal things with a single touch. From regular shaped to odd shaped ones, the tip attracts with perfection. Thus you can grab coins or similar objects with a single stroke.

The grip is quite ergonomic and you will find it very comfortable while using. Not to mention, the tip wears quality rubber which enables better protection and handling.

No stretching and bending save your back and this one would be the perfect choice for that. Being available in a suitable price range, this outstanding reacher overcomes the limitation of pick-ups for sure.


  • Lightweight construction with an aluminum pole.
  • Increased reaching ability up to 36 inches.
  • Quite orthopedic and beneficial for the back.
  • Built-in tip of magnet encourages better performance.
  • Comfortable grip with rubber covering.


  • Poor weight-lifting capacity.
  • No jaw rotation is possible.

3. Suction Cup Reacher Grabber by VIVE Heavy Duty Mobility Grip

Along with unique design, this grabber allows you to reach the tight places without any difficulty. With a suction cup, this Vive creation induces a new level of pick up your things or trashes from places.

This heavy duty grabber tool has aluminum construction which is why the frame encourages better service life. The lightweight frame comes with incredible resistance to weather action. Thus it induces further durability against prolonged and heavy pickings.

This extendable grabber comes with one suction cup at the tip. Using that you can grip almost anything with safety. Using wider leaf-like jaws, it induces easy retrieving without any damage. You can even change the overhead light bulb using this one.

The grip handle offers textured surface to fit any of the 2 hands with ease. It induces more comfortable and safer handling. Needless to say, there is one built-in hanger which enables a convenient storage of the grabber.

You will receive a perfect tool to fix all your indoor or outdoor pick-up problems with this one for sure. You should check this out if you want something different that comes with ergonomics as well.


  • Extended reach up to 32” at a time.
  • A lightweight frame having commercial aluminum.
  • Strong suction cup at the tip for functionality.
  • Wider leaf-style jaws can hold up to 5 pounds.
  • Suitable for outdoor usage being corrosion-resistant.


  • The jaws can’t be locked at all.
  • No adjustment or rotation is available.

4. Grabber Tool, FitPlus Premium Reacher Tool

The innovative design makes this best reacher grabber tool a perfect choice for people who want to get rid of tight pickings. This FitPlus product combines outstanding features to reduce the messy and troublesome disposal.

This commercial graded metal frame provides a rather sturdy tool to retrieve objects. Being lightweight, it enables incredible serviceability. The exterior is rust-resisting and you will receive an enduring grabber to pick the things.

Featuring suitably shaped claws, you can get the things with utmost ease. Needless to say, the innovation allows a time-saving operation and requires much less effort than conventional ones.

For the jaws, you will get a rotating facility. In fact, you can rotate up to 180° at a time. Therefore, it delivers horizontal movement which helps to reach and grab the object

To make the pickings easy from the tightest place, the grip comes with textured rubber. Thus you can comfortably grab the handle and take care of heavier things quite well.

This might just be the one in your search for the best grabber tool. Apart from it’s functionality You will find this grabber tool also quite user-friendly which has almost everything for an efficient picking. This is indeed something that offers increased performance at a reduced price.


  • Sturdy as well as the heavy-duty frame.
  • Jaw rotation is possible up to 180°.
  • Molded contour for easy gripping.
  • Textured and rubber grip for better holding.
  • Innovative design requires no effort.


  • Lower capacity of lifting objects.
  • The cable may become detached.

5. RMS Grabber Reacher 2-Pack

Through its incredibly designed jaws, you can pick up necessary things without much effort. This pair grabber from RMS Royal comes with versatile quality to reduce your physical stress to a great extent.

Suitable aluminum frame delivers superior durability and firmness. This heavy-duty reacher grabber offers incredible strength which allows a greater lifting ability. Therefore, it ensures a safe as well as fast picking for the user.

The most outstanding feature is its jaws. There come 2 jaws – one attached directly to the frame while the other is indirectly connected. Not to mention, the directly connected tip contains magnet at the end.

You can pick metal objects using the magnetic tip with ease. Apart from that, it also helps with dressing through the fitting post. The remaining one comes in yellow exterior which enables you to grab cans and similar things.

Using the 2 pack, you can carry out a large scale or intense picking in the house. Along with ergonomic construction. The tool because of it’s sturdiness and functionality can also be the best grabber tool for the elderly. Considering all that this one would be a great choice to perform effective and quick picking.


  • Sturdy and durable aluminum frame.
  • Lightweight to carry and easy to use as well.
  • Magnetic tip induces quick picking of metals.
  • Ergonomic grip allows comfortable handling.
  • Greater strength provides further lifting.


  • Non-adjustable grip distance.
  • Rotation of jaws is not possible.

6. Ettore 49036 Grip’n Grab Reach Tool

With this best reacher grabber tool, you can not only pick the required things but also clean your home. Needless to say, this Ettore product allows incredible multi-functionalities with ease.

The combination of aluminum with plastic induces a rather heavy-duty frame to use. The lightweight aluminum allows you to make a comfortable picking or cleaning. On the other hand, the durable plastic encourages easy grabbing.

Thus the study construction delivers you a perfectly sleek profile for outdoor as well as indoor application. Using the profile, you can reach even the toughest and tightest place to get the things without any difficulty.

Featuring a rotatable head, it enables horizontal movement which ensures quick grabbing. Needless to say, you can rotate the articulated head at 90° without the slightest straining or bending.

The grabber tool comes with a comfortable grip, you can handle the entire frame in an efficient way. Having rubberized tips with textured grip, it helps you to pick lower or higher things in a safe way.

Using this one will help you can take good care of the trashes and get your necessary things. Therefore, you may look into this grabber tool for handicapped to save your back from strain.


  • Multi-functionality for cleaning and picking.
  • Quick grabbing through 90° head rotation.
  • Enduring service with aluminum and plastic frame.
  • Rubberized jaws are able to hold 5 pounds.
  • No straining or bending induces fatigue reduction.


  • The plastic portion is not very sturdy.
  • Not recommended for changing a light bulb.

7. Amazon Commercial Grabber

The Amazon Commercial Reacher Grabber tool is really one of the best reaching sticks. The grabbing tool is 38 inches long and gives you a great flexibility in using. Because of its long length it is easier to pick things from higher shelves. 

Moreover, Its lightweight feature helps any ill person or injured person to pick up trash or debris from the ground or pick up floating objects from the water very Easily. In a word, who finds bending down to pick items hard, they can use this grabber tool anytime.

If you are looking for a perfect grabber with long lasting durability, I would recommend this grabber tool. It is engineered in such a way that, in spite of using regular work, you can use it for years effortlessly. I must say it is worth your money. 

You may like the pincer configuration too. Its wide jaws have great handling capacity. Even for picking up very small things, this grabber tool is the perfect choice. It holds any objects in a better way so that things don’t keep slipping again and again. Consequently, it saves your time


  • Easy grip with Rubber coating
  • Durable but 
  • Well made and excellent precision
  • Easy releasing and opening up 
  • Very Inexpensive 


  • squeeze-action mechanism is not much smooth
  • Picking up heavy glass bottles can be difficult

8. MuOu 32″ Foldable Reacher Grabber

The MuOu Grabber can help you to pick up the heavy things on the ground. So you just don’t need to pick up rubbish but also to put something at a very high level. It has a rubberized grip which can hold onto almost any material. 

I bet you are surely going to like its upgraded version. The quality of its material is worth your appreciation. Its durable aluminum body extends its lifespan which is quite noteworthy. You can use it in any heavy duty work. 

Moreover, this grabbing tool has a folding configuration. You can keep expanding or shrinking the stick as per your need. Its folded length is 41 inches. and when you unfold the grabber , it extends to 82 inches. Besides, its folding feature makes it easy to carry.

The MuOu reacher stick is really inexpensive. This is really a great opportunity having a significant substantial tool like it within such an affordable price. 


  • Rubberized gripper 
  • Excellent grabber with perfect dexterity
  • Helping hands for a bad back
  • Easy to carry 
  • Folding feature
  • Handy to pick up things with


  • Weaker durable trigger handle 
  • Not suitable for kids use

9. Reacher Grabber Tool Foldable Grabber Reacher

With a perfect combination of suitable colors, you will find this one as something having a great appearance. In fact, the ergonomic design of this Zayad tool comes with everything you need in the first place.

The aluminum alloy construction induces a rather heavy-duty frame for pick-ups. The lightweight aluminum delivers a comfortable and quick picking or cleaning operation.

To ensure the pickings easier even from the tightest place, the grip comes with textured rubber. Thus you can comfortably grab the handle and take care of heavier things quite well.

As the exterior is rust-resistant, you will face almost no difficulty for outdoor pickings. This implies its wider application anywhere without any problem. The superior design can withstand all weather conditions.

Being foldable up to a suitable size, this versatile reacher allows easy storage. The folded frame can be carried easily and therefore, is highly suitable for comfortable transportation.

This great product combines some of the best user-friendly features with perfection. Thus it makes the entire picking not only easy but also efficient in a faster way.


  • Superior aluminum alloy construction for durability.
  • Convenient folding design for easy carriage and storage.
  • Rust-resisting frame withstands all weather actions.
  • Textured rubber induces better and comfortable handling.
  • Allows easy grabbing and pulling for metal objects.


  • The grabbing tip is a bit weak.
  • No rotatable head is available.

10. Duro-Med Reacher Grabber

You can stop worrying about accessing your difficult-to-reach things through this one. you will find this Duro-Med grabber quite user-friendly as well as a versatile tool to reach the low or the high with ease.

Along with its commercial graded metal frame, this unit provides a sturdy tool to pick objects. Having a rust-resisting exterior, it prevents possible weather damages and you will receive an enduring grabber to pick the things.

Through the built-in magnetic jaw front, you can pick metal objects with ease. Needless to say, it attracts almost all metals. Thus it encourages completely effortless grabbing of any coin or other metal objects.

To make the pickings more efficient and easier even from the tightest place, the included grip comes with textured rubber. Therefore, you can comfortably grab the handle and take care of heavier things quite well.

Using this ergonomic reacher will give you a surprising and satisfactory result for sure. You will find very few options to choose from its alternatives at a reasonable market price.


  • Incredible shape and design for the comfortable picking.
  • Superior and sturdy construction for durability.
  • Rubberized and textured grip encourages comfort.
  • Magnetic tip to attract and pick metal objects.
  • Wider opening with 2.5” jaw and interlocking facility.


  • The self-weight is a bit high.
  • No folding or adjustment.

Reacher Grabber Tools Buying Guide

Arriving at the market, you will find lots of grabbers for sure. As you know it, there are poor and cheap ones along with best quality products. Therefore, choosing the best reacher grabber tool becomes a bit challenging. But we would like to introduce you to some specific factors to help you find the desired one.

  • Maximum Reach: The most important thing regarding a grabber concerns with its maximum reach. Although most of the best ones come with 32”, they are the extended grabbers. For further extension, you may look into something a bit longer. If unnecessary, avoid the extended ones and choose something short.
  • Rotation: Rotatable jaws provides incredibly easy grabbing. Rotation of the head allows vertical as well as horizontal movement of the tip. If you need to access very tight place or to pick something sensitive, the rotatable head will be of great help.
  • Lifting Capacity: Lifting ability comes in front when you use the grabber for heavy items. The actual capacity is a bit higher than the mentioned one. But to ensure safety and efficiency, it is better not to cross the specified limit.
  • Weight: Self-weight of the frame is not much, still it is important for a comfortable handling. Most of the grabbers are of lightweight aluminum whereas some particular ones are a bit heavy. Depending on your choice, you must check the weight.
  • Grip & Trigger: There is no doubt that grips and triggers deliver comfort and suitable holding. For reachers, the rubberized and textured surface is the best. Thus you can put more stress on the frame when necessary.
  • Jaws: Size, opening, and type of jaws decide the effective picking in most cases. Therefore, you need to choose as per your items and intensity of work. Again, it is better to have at least one magnetic tip for enhanced performance.

How to Use a Grabber Reacher tools

A reacher is indeed a helpful item for picking. But while picking sensitive or heavy objects, you must follow certain step for an safe operation.

  • Assessing the Surrounding Condition –

Before using, assess your surrounding and remove everything you may trip over. Don’t directly stand beneath any overhanging objects.

  • Knowing Lifting Weights & Limits –

You have to know about the possible weights of the pick-up object. As specific grabbers have certain weight limits, ensure that the weight doesn’t cross the capacity.

  • Maintaining Body Balance –

Try to keep the body straight while grabbing and picking. a perfect balance will result in n a successful operation.

  • Avoiding Precarious Position –

Find a suitable position to reach your object. Don’t try to take your body in a narrow and uncomfortable position. It will cause further strain only.

How to Make a Grabber Reacher Tools

You can easily make using some common things in the house to grab your item. Here is a simple guideline to help with making one in a quick way.

  • Gathering Raw Materials: Collect obsolete or old CD’s, sturdy metal tube of sufficient length, spring or elastic band with suitably strong wire.
  • Sketching the Size and Limits: depending on your necessity and usage, prepare a rough sketch of the desired size. Also, calculate the permissible weight limits.
  • Preparing Clamps & Tube: Cut the CD’s to prepare required clamps and stable joints. Use glue and saw to get a suitable shape of the tube.
  • Cutting Handle & Assembling: Using saws, cut out suitably sized handle from the sheet. Then assemble the clamps with the tube and handle.
  • Connecting the Jaws: Connect the tips or jaws at the other end of the tube using suitable pins. For rotation, use suitable spring on the joint.
  • Attaching the Wire: From the jaw of one side, start attaching the wire to the other sided jaw. Make sure the attachment is strong.

Final Thoughts

Our reviews are based on vast and prolonged research from professional experts. Along with the account of customer preference and reviews, it just ends with a perfection like no other. Although there are some other models offering incredible serviceability, you will find almost no equivalent substitute.

It may seem a bit confusing to pick the right one among others. But once you can figure it out, choosing the best reacher grabber tool becomes only a matter of time. And with the best one, you can have a perfect, effortless picking of your items for sure.

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