10 Best Paper Cutters 2022: Perfect For Your Accurate Cutting!

If you do work in an office, you’ll definitely agree to the fact that more often than not, you will be needed to use a paper cutter

But which one is really the best?

With a lot of these the market today, it can be somewhat difficult for you to be able to tell apart which one you should go for and which one you shouldn’t which is where we come in.

Presenting to you the safest and the most reliable options of 2022, you can now have the neatest cuts with the best paper cutters. Well, other than just giving you the top 10 to chose from, we go a step further to give you a detailed buying guide.

Let’s get started then, shall we?

Comparison on 10 Best Paper Cutters

Well, I get it; maybe you need one really fast or maybe you wouldn’t like to go through the hassle of reading all through. Either way, here’s a comparison chart based on all the top 10 product reviews that right below the chart- there’s no way you could possibly go wrong with the best of the best. Most of them are even good enough to cut off things like cabinet liners!




Cutting Blade length & Capacity

Swingline Paper Trimmer/Cutter


12″, 10 sheets

Jielisi Paper Trimmer, A4 Size Paper Cutter

Plastic + Alloy

12″, 12 sheets

Fiskars Recycled Bypass Trimmer

100% recycled post consumer resin

12″, 10 sheets

Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer

Crafting material

15″, 2 sheets

Firbon A4 Paper Cutter Titanium Paper Trimmer Scrapbooking

Titanium,Plastic + Alloy

12″, 10 sheets

Marigold Professional Metal Base Plate Paper Trimmer

Durable metal

12″, 10 sheets

Westcott Multi-Purpose Personal Trimmer


12″, 10 sheets

X-ACTO Heavy-Duty Wood Guillotine Trimmer

Solid wood & rubber

15″, 15 sheets

Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer


12″, 2 sheets

HFS Blade A3 New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter

Steel, Hardened Steel, Aluminum, PVC, Plastic, Rubber

17″, 400 sheets

Best paper cutters reviews – 2022’s top 10

Now here are the options for the best paper cutter machine you’ll want to have a closer look at. To give you the easiest time in your office or at school, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best paper cutters.

Here’s what we got for you.

1. Swingline Paper Trimmer/Cutter-Best Rated Guillotine Paper Cutter

Swingline Paper Trimmer/Cutter

Looking for the best rated guillotine paper cutter for office use? This one’s got exactly what it takes to get the job done.

Gives a clean and neat trim

The better it is in doing what it’s meant to, the better of a paper cutter it is. Coming with an alignment grid and a dual scale ruler printed on the base of the trimmer, you’ll perfectly be able to line up each trim for the perfect results.

There’s more:

This amazing office paper cutter is able to handle as much as 10 sheets as once- quite outstanding for handling large loads of work. So, if you’re looking to get down with heavier workloads then you can certainly go for the swingline paper trimmer/cutter guillotine. 

Includes a protective guard rail safety feature

Included is a design is a protective guardrail. This ensures that your hands are off the blade as you bring down the blade.

There is also a blade latch hook which locks the blade down when the trimmer is not in use.

Durable construction

The swingline paper cutter aside from being safe is also very reliable. It is made of durable plastic. This makes it easy to carry around conveniently when need be.


  • Durable and lightweight plastic construction.
  • Includes a protective guard rail for your fingers and a latch hook for the blade when it’s not in use.
  • Handles a lot of workloads- able to cut up to 10 sheets of paper simultaneously.


  • It might take some time to line up the blade perfectly for a precise cut.

2. Jielisi Paper Trimmer, A4 Size Paper Cutter-Best Paper Cutter for Home Use

Jielisi Paper Trimmer, A4 Size Paper Cutter

If you’re all about getting an all-around paper cutter, then the jielisi paper cutter one should hold up quite well. Although it is meant for office use, it still is a very good performer when it comes to home usage as well.

Lightweight and portable

Weighing only 8.5 ounces, this paper cutter shouldn’t be difficult to move around. Besides just being light to carry, it also boasts a sleek appearance and will definitely look good in your or home.

As we are looking at this paper cutter from a household usability standpoint, you should probably consider it as the best paper cutter for home use.

Better scale visibility

The bottom line of an ideal paper cutter is that it gets to make the cleanest cuts, right? To ensure this is possible, this one has got a plastic cutting surface which improves the scale visibility for accurate measurements.

There’s more:

It’s able to handle both A4 and A5 papers and cut a maximum of 12 of either. If you’re looking for the best paper cutter for photos, office use or mixed media projects, this one’s definitely it.

Includes a Patented track system

To ensure that each cut is straight and steady, the track system interlocks the braid and rail for straight cuts.


  • Handles as much as 12 sheets of paper simultaneously.
  • It’s got a track system for straight and steady cuts.
  • It has a plastic cutting surface hence lightweight and easy scale visibility.


  • It’s got two cutting blades hence you ought to be keen on which one to use.

3. Fiskars Recycled Bypass Trimmer-Best Paper Cutter for Office

Fiskars Recycled Bypass Trimmer

Looking for something that’s perfect for heavy workloads such as in an office space? This one’s just it. here’s why we’re calling it the best paper cutter for office:

A self-sharpening blade

Now here’s something you don’t get on just any paper trimmer. With the blade being self-sharpening, you won’t have to take it out every time you want to get it sharp.

You also won’t need to have a replacement blade which can be quite a hassle to come by at times because this self sharpening blade can take care of it self.

Gets the job done fast

When it comes to using it, it’s definitely suitable for handling large workloads, it can cut as much as 10 sheets of 12” long paper. This is what makes the fiskars recycled 12-inch bypass trimmer so worth it.

Accurate and safe to use

The trimmer features anti-skid rubber feet for utmost stability when using it. In addition to this, you’ll get the best cuts since it comes with an accurate precision printed scale. And a grid base for easy alignment.

For safety, there is a cutting arm lock for safe storage and transportation.


  • Includes anti-skid rubber feet for stability.
  • There’s a precision printed scale and grid on the base for easy alignment.
  • Includes a cutting arm lock for safe storage and transportation.


  • You may have to press the cutter to get straight and even cuts sometimes.

4. Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer-Best Paper Cutter for Photos

Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer

We’re nearly halfway done and it’s been quite a good review so far. Meant for anyone looking for the best paper cutter for photos, this one’s not going to disappoint you whatsoever.

here’s what it’s got:

Utmost versatility

Designed to handle pretty much anything you throw at it, this paper cutter will be ideal for anything ranging from photos to scrapbook pages.

To ensure the cutting process is hassle-free, the cutting base is and possibly the widest in the market.

A triple track system for steady cuts

Maintaining a reputation for being a precise paper cutter, the fiskars surecut deluxe craft paper trimmer has a TripleTrack system. This basically interlocks the blade and the rail to give you straight and precise cuts each time you use it.

Quick and accurate cuts

As far as accuracy is concerned, the SureCut wire cut-line makes it easy to see where the blade is going to cut. To add onto this, the High-Profile blade carriage is easy to grip for an unmatched level of accuracy.

There is also a self-leveling swing out arm that allows you to cut large materials.


  • A patented TripleTrack system for steady and straight cuts.
  • Easy-to-grip blade carriage ad a SureCut wire cut line for utmost accuracy.
  • Includes a self-leveling swing out arm for extra large crafting materials.


  • The swing arm may be a little difficult to use the first few times.

5. Firbon A4 Paper Cutter Titanium Paper Trimmer Scrapbooking-Best Paper Cutter for Scrapbooking

Perfect for handling multiple paper sizes is the Firbon A4 Paper Cutter. But is there more to it than just this? Here’s why we are calling it the best paper cutter for scrapbooking.

A patented track system for accuracy

By being able to interlock the blade and the rail for cuts that are straight and steady, there’s no way you could possibly go wrong with this paper cutter.

It is also capable of cutting both a 45-degree to a 90-degree angle and as much as 12 sheets of paper at a time which makes it ideal for media projects.

Plastic cutting surface for the best scale visibility

This scrap booking paper cutter gives you accurate measurements and easy visibility. It has a plastic cutting surface. There is also a black cushion which prevents the movement of paper when the paper blade is being operated.

This makes it the ultimate paper cutter for crafting projects. Overall, when it comes to clean cuts, the firbon a4 paper cutter 12 inch titanium paper trimmer does get the job done.

Includes a safe pressing design

With the safe press design, you’ll only get the blade in the protective case to work when you press on it. this perfectly avoids danger as you transport it.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport with the safe press design.
  • It’s got a patented track system with sharp trimming mechanism for flawless results.
  • The no-touch safety design keeps your fingers safe.


  • The alignment may be off at times hence you’ll need to carefully have the paper in place.

6. Marigold Professional Metal Base Plate Paper Trimmer-Best Paper Cutter for Teachers

Marigold Professional Metal Base Plate Paper Trimmer

The marigold paper cutter is both durable and precise at the same time. If you’re looking for something that’ll definitely take a beating, this one’s just it.

A metal base plate

Being a feature that’s quite difficult for you to get on any paper cutters, the metal base plate, unlike plastic, makes this one of the best as far as durability is concerned.

Safe or use

Built to be safe for use by everyone, there is a built-in translucent protective guard that holds the paper in place hence preventing finger cuts.

There’s more:

The non-sharpening arm, on the other hand, is safe for use by children which makes this the best paper cutter for teachers.

Accurate measurement

Owing to the fact that it comes with an alignment grid as well as a metric printing on the trimmer base, you couldn’t go wrong with this one

Quick and easy to use

For a clean cut, it can cut as much as 10 sheets of 20lb paper or alternatively one sheet of a 10mil laminating pouch and with this 12 inch paper cutter you will never have to worry about precision.


  • A built-in protective guard to hold the paper in place hence preventing injury.
  • Includes an alignment grid for accurate cutting.
  • With the metal baseplate, it should be quite durable.


  • There’s no arm lock to hold the blade in place.

7. Westcott Multi-Purpose Personal Trimmer-Best Paper Cutter for Origami

Westcott Multi-Purpose Personal Trimmer

Yet another paper cutter that is suitable for all-around usage is the westcott multi-purpose personal trimmer.

Our list certainly would be incomplete with out a westcott paper cutter.

Let’s see what makes it special.

Great for heavy workloads

You could pretty much say this is the best paper cutter for card stocks. By being able to handle as much as 10 sheets of 20 lbs. paper, it should be ideal for use almost anywhere. Whether you need it for construction paper or photographs, it won’t disappoint.

A translucent guard for accurate cutting

In order to ensure every cut is accurate, it does include a translucent guard. You get to keep your fingers off the blade and end up with perfect cuts

Easy paper placement

With the lift-up arm, placing paper for an easy cut should be quite easy. It also comes in a compact size that makes storage and transportation quite easy.

Includes a spring-loaded system for cleaner cuts

With the blade being spring loaded, the cuts will be straighter and cleaner more than ever. This certainly makes the case more intriguing if you’re looking for the best paper cutter for origami.


  • Has got a translucent guard for protection and accurate cutting.
  • The lift up arm makes paper placement quite easy.
  • Capable of handling as much as 10 sheets of 20 lbs. paper simultaneously.


  • The plastic section in the middle bends easily.

8. X-ACTO Heavy-Duty Wood Guillotine Trimmer-Best Paper Cutter for Crafting

X-ACTO Heavy-Duty Wood Guillotine Trimmer

We are already past halfway with our reviews of the best paper cutters and we’re doing good so far. here’s what the x-acto heavy duty wood guillotine trimmer has for us.

A hardened, self-sharpening blade

The arm of this guillotine cutter features a hardened steel blade with a perpetual Edge self-sharpening system that literally sharpens the blade each time you use it.

With the heavy-duty blade, you can be able to cleanly cut as much as 15 sheets of paper at a time

Easy cutting system

The cutting system is quite easy. Since it’s got a sturdy wood base, you’ll be having a secure platform which will be convenient for high volume cutting- definitely the best paper cutter for crafting, especially if you’re working on a school project.

Durable and safe construction

In addition to having a wooden frame, there is a textured and oversize rubber grip underneath it. this provides stability with long periods of cutting.

For safety, there is a safety guard that keeps the fingers away from the blade. When not in use, there’s also a latch to lock it in position.


  • Solid construction design for heavy use.
  • Includes a safety guard and a latch to prevent injury while using the blade.
  • A self-edge sharpening system for the sharpest, cleanest and most accurate cuts.


  • It might be difficult to slide as much as 15 sheets of paper in this.

9. Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer-Best Paper Cutter for Chipboard

Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer

Coming up 9th on our product listings is the Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer. Is there more to it than just a sleek design? Let’s find out.

Easy to read and accurate

For utmost accuracy, with this craft paper cutter you’ll be getting an aluminum measuring grid that should be quite easy to read. There’s also the SureCut wire cut-line as well as the patented TripleTrack system. The former interlocks the blade for straight and precise cuts whereas the latter indicates exactly where the blade will cut.

A space-saving design

Considering it comes in a portable design that is lightweight as well, it should be easy to take this trimmer with you anywhere. That is why the fiskars 12 inch surecut deluxe craft paper trimmer is so versatile.

Quality construction

As far as quality is concerned, this one’s definitely built to last. Despite having space saving features, none of the components will bend or break. And if you’re dealing with chipboards, then you can certainly take it as the best paper cutter for chipboard.

Also, it has a high-profile blade that’s easy to grip for the most accurate cuts.


  • Lightweight and portable design for easy transportation.
  • Has got the SureCut wire cut-line and a patented TripleTrack system for straight and precise cuts.
  • Easy to grip design for accurate cuts.


  • It’s best for use only on regular paper.

10. HFS Blade A3 New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter-Best Paper Cutter for Wedding Invitations

HFS Blade A3 New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter

The paper trimmer from HFS is a bit tricky. Here’s why were calling the HFS 17″ Blade A3 New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter a decent choice for professionals.

Here’s what it packs under the hood:

Durable and unique design

This one definitely deserves a spot in the best guillotine paper cutter category as well as our top 10 list based on the build quality alone, this guillotine paper cutter has got a unique hinge system which multiplies the leverage on the handle to the blade hence reducing the amount of strength to cut through.

With the solid steel construction, it is bound to last quite a long time. There is also a movable fence to cut through multiple stacks of the same length simultaneously. Simply tighten the fence in place when need be.

Safety to use

As far as safety is concerned, the hfs paper cutter goes the extra mile. It’s got the blade on the far side of the clamp hence you get to position the paper without fear of being cut.

The safety pin mechanism holds the arm in the up position till you’re ready and the removable guard covers the exposed side of the blade at all times.

Utmost versatility

With a maximum cutting size of 17,” it can able to cut as much as 400 sheets (for 2.85oz ledge paper). This has a thickness of about 1.5”.

Overall, if you’re a professional who has to supply wedding cards on a bulk, then the features of this HFS paper trimmer should be more than enough for you. It certainly is an option for the best paper cutter for wedding invitations.


  • It’s got a lot of precautionary measures to ensure safety while using it.
  • Cuts as much as 400 sheets of paper- quite suitable for heavy loads of work.
  • Durable and solid construction for long-term use.


  • It’s a little too large if you’re looking for something portable.

Here’s how you could get the best paper cutter

First of all, before we move on to take a look at the features that you ought to expect from the best, how about we, first of all, shed some light on the basic types of paper shape cutter machine options in the market today?

  • The rotary cutter- the rotary paper cutter options use a round cutting blade that slides along the cutting rail. Just in case you’re looking for a cutter that will give you a clean and accurate cut, this is what you ought to go for since the blade can cut in any direction
  • The guillotine paper cutter- unlike the rotary paper cutters, these ones have been around for quite a long time. The best thing about these is that you could be able to cut many sheets of paper simultaneously.

Now that the difference between the two types of cutters is clear, let’s move on to looking at what you need to pay attention to if you’re all about getting the best of the best.

Why do you need one?

When it comes to the purpose as to why you’re getting your paper cutter, you should pretty much consider the type of material you intend to cut.

A good example would be a foam board and a cardboard. Each of these will require a different type of cutter; so once you’re completely sure as to why you need one, you can then narrow down your options to what will suit you best.

The size and the number of sheets.

Regarding the size and number of sheets you’d want to cut, some paper cutters will conveniently handle one or two sheets and that’s it whereas others such as a paper cutter guillotine choices can be able to handle as much as 3-inches of paper.

If you look forward to working with small sheets of paper, then you should probably go for a rotary cutter

Automatic Cutters vs Manual Cutters.

What’s really the difference between these two and what are the perks of getting either of them. Let’s find out:

  • Automatic cutters: the automatic cutters are basically driven by machine and require least human interference. The adjustments and the cutting process is pretty much handled by the machine. It is suitable for large volumes of work
  • Manual cutters: manual cutters, unlike automatic cutters cannot operate independently. These are recommended for anyone who’s looking to handle low volume work.

How frequently will you be using your paper cutter?

Yet another thing to take into account is how frequently you’ll be using your paper cutter.

If you’ll be handling a small workload at a time, then renting out cutters would be a better option than buying.

On the other hand, if you’ll be using yours day in day out, then you should opt for one that is both durable and up to the task. The best way to go would be taking a look at the user reviews which should give you a head start on what you ought to go for.

There’s more:

If you have different workplaces both of which demand the use of a paper cutter, it would be wise to go for something small. Rather than go for a guillotine cutter that’s large and immobile, settle for lighter cutters. Also, you can go for paper cutter utility options if you don’t have any space to spare.

How to use paper cutter machine?

With reference to the buying guide and the product reviews, you’ve got an idea of what you want and now it’s time to get to know how to use a paper cutter.

Here’s what you should do:

Keeping your hands clear off the cutting edge, place the paper on a flat surface. You should ensure that you put the safety mechanism of the paper cutter when it’s not in use.

Place the paper on the cutting base and use the guides or rulers that come with the cutter to measure the paper cutting. Some models will do this for you automatically.

Bring down the blade and maneuver it depending on how you want the cut out to be. The paper cutter handheld options, though not complicated, need to be handled carefully if anything.

How to sharpen a paper cutter?

Sharpening the blade should be quite simple. Here’s all you need to know when it comes down to this:

First of all, remove the blade. This should be simple as it involves removing the hexagonal bolts that hold it in place. It should come with a user manual to aid you in doing this.

The sharpening is done manually using a file or a grinder

Sie the grinder is the faster and hence the best option, you should use a fine stone and be careful about the grinding angle to avoid making a mistake that would take some time to correct.

Stroke the paper cutter blade across the stone repeatedly till its sharp to the touch. Before replacing the blade, hone(straighten) the reverse side to remove any burs that could compromise its accuracy in cutting.

Final verdict

If you’re looking for something suitable for heavy loads of office work, I’d recommend the HFS 17″ Blade A3 New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter. The Fiskars SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer, on the other hand, is suitable if you want both performance, durability, and portability.

Even with our top 10 reviews best paper cutter, proper maintenance greatly dictates how your paper cutter operates. Utmost care and maintenance are needed to get the most out of yours.

Most importantly, before you rush to buy one, take a close look at the specs of each of the above-listed paper cutters. This way, you get to have the best value of what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you fix your paper cutter? (Seized Clamp)

First you need to take over the cover. You will find two screws at the top and two screws under the cover of the cutter. After that pull out the cover and you will see two nuts in the clamp. Use a small wrench to loosen up the front nut and keep a little gap between the two that should help the clamp rotate smoothly again.

2. How often do you need to change the guillotine paper cutter blades?

If it is standard steel knife then it will perform perfectly for about 8 hours or 1200 cycles. For High speed inlaid steel it is about 16 hours or 3000 cycles and carbide knife blades cut about 20 to 30 times more than high speed steel.

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