The Best Drill Bit for Tree Stumps of 2023 – Top 6 Picks!

Are you facing the daunting task of drilling through tree stumps? I understand the challenges and frustrations that come with this endeavor.

To successfully tackle this job, you need the right tools in your arsenal, particularly a high-quality drill bit specifically designed for drilling tree stumps.

Drilling tree stumps requires a drill bit that is strong and durable, and highly effective in penetrating tough wood. The ideal drill bit should be lightweight for easy handling yet long-lasting to withstand drilling demands through dense material.

In this blog post, I will present our top 6 picks for the best drill bit for tree stumps in 2023. Join me as we explore the features, pros, and cons of these top drill bits.

6 Top Drill Bits for Tree Stumps – Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a DIY enthusiast, this buyer’s guide will provide you with valuable information to help you choose the ideal drill bit for tackling tree stumps.

Tree Stump Drill BitSizeColorMaterialRecommended SurfaceFinishDurability
SOMADA Auger Drill Bit1-Inch x 12-InchSilverCarbon SteelWood, Plastic, Drywall, Composite MaterialsElectrophoresis Anti-RustHigh
PHITUODA Auger Drill Bit0.51 inches (13mm) diameter, 10.6 inches (270mm) lengthSilverHigh-Speed SteelWood, Plastic, Aluminum AlloyTitanium High
Jayzod Garden Auger Drill Bit4 inches (10cm) diameter, 25 inches (63cm) heightBlackStainless SteelPlanting, Sand Drilling, etc.SteelHigh
CORTOOL Auger Drill Bit1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ x2, 1″ inchBlack, SilverHigh-Strength Carbon SteelHardwood, Softwood, Plastic, Tree StumpsElectrophoresis Anti-RustHigh
Hyuduo Screw Cone Punch Drill Bit143mm (5.6 inches) length, 10mm (0.4 inches) round shankBlueSteel with Hardening TreatmentWood SurfacesSteelHigh
Klein Tools KTSB15 Step Drill BitCompact and Convenient DimensionsBlackHigh-Speed SteelPlastic, Stainless Steel, Steel, WoodSleek Black FinishHigh

SOMADA Auger Drill Bit


  • Powerful Performance: Experience exceptional drilling performance with the SOMADA 1-Inch x 12-Inch Auger Drill Bit. Its solid center design and carbon steel construction ensure extra rigidity while boring into various materials.
  • Faster Drilling: The self-feeding coarse screw point is specifically designed to provide faster drilling, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to tedious drilling processes!
  • Smooth and Precise Results: Achieve flawless results every time with the single-spur cutting edge that expertly scribes the circumference of the hole, leaving you with a smooth and polished finish.
  • Efficient Chip Clearance: The cutting flute is ingeniously milled with hollow centers, enabling rapid chip clearance. No more interruptions due to clogging!
  • Versatile Applications: This drill bit is a true all-rounder. It effortlessly handles soft and hardwood, MDF, Plywood, Lumber, Railroad Ties, Landscape Timber, and even composite materials. Whether you’re installing PVC pipes or drilling into tree stumps, the SOMADA Auger Drill Bit has got you covered.
  • Deep Hole Drilling: With a drilling hole depth of up to 10 inches, this drill bit is perfect for tackling even the most demanding projects. Say hello to versatility and convenience.
  • Easy Compatibility: The 3/8″ Hex Shank is designed to work seamlessly with both 3/8″ and 1/2″ drill chucks, providing you with hassle-free compatibility and maximum flexibility.
  • Sleek and Durable: Featuring a silver finish, this drill bit delivers exceptional performance and adds a touch of style to your toolbox. It’s a tool you’ll be proud to own.
  • Secure Storage: The drill bit comes neatly packaged in a PVC tube, ensuring safe and secure storage. Hang it on a pegboard for easy access and organization.


  • Users found this drill bit suitable for drilling holes in soft wood, plastic posts, tree trunks, and even the base plate. It can handle a variety of materials, including soft and hardwood, plastic, drywall, and composite materials.
  • Many users mentioned that the drill bit held its sharpness well, allowing them to drill multiple holes without significant wear. It was able to withstand the demands of drilling into tough surfaces like tree trunks.
  • Users specifically praised this drill bit for its performance in tree stump removal. It cut through the stumps without putting excessive strain on the drill and delivered the desired results.
  • Users appreciated that this drill bit was specifically designed for tree stump removal and woodworking tasks. It demonstrated efficiency and durability, proving to be the right tool for the job.
  • Users who purchased multiple drill bits for testing purposes found this one to be among the best. They acknowledged that investing in the correct tool saved them money compared to hiring outside labor.


  • One user experienced difficulties drilling into an oak stump, noting that the wood was too tough for the drill bit. It got stuck and didn’t progress further. Therefore, this drill bit may be better for extremely hardwoods.
  • A couple of users received drill bits with shank sizes different from what was advertised. This caused compatibility issues, particularly when using extensions with specific shank sizes.
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PHITUODA Auger Drill Bit


  • High-Speed Steel Construction: The PHITUODA 2Pcs Wood Auger Drill Bit is made from high-speed steel, ensuring its capability and durability. The titanium coating further enhances its performance, making it a reliable choice for your drilling needs.
  • Accurate and Efficient Drilling: With its guide function tooth head and spiral tool flute type, this auger drill bit guarantees accurate, simple, quick, and easy drilling. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise results every time.
  • Versatile Compatibility: This drill bit is suitable for drilling into wood, plastic, and aluminum alloy materials, making it a versatile tool for various projects. Whether you’re working on woodworking, plastic fabrication, or aluminum installations, this bit has you covered.
  • Coarse Screw Point: The coarse screw point design ensures fast and efficient boring in both hard and softwoods. No more struggling with slow drilling processes. This auger bit gets the job done quickly and effectively.
  • Hand and Power Drill Compatible: The PHITUODA Auger Drill Bit can be used in both hand augers and power drills, providing you with flexibility and convenience. It adapts to your preferred drilling method, giving you more options.
  • Hex Shank for Secure Fit: The hex shank design allows for easy and secure fitting into all power tools. It’s specially engineered for locking into quick-change chucks, ensuring stability during operation. No more wobbling or slipping.
  • Package and Size: Each package includes 2 Auger Drill Bits, providing you with a convenient backup or the option to work on multiple projects simultaneously. The size of each bit is 0.51 inches (13mm) in diameter and 10.6 inches (270mm) in length, offering versatility for various drilling depths and applications.


  • Users found this drill bit suitable for drilling holes in the soil to install shepherd’s hooks. It performed well in this specific application, making setting up the hooks securely easier.
  • Users appreciated the user-friendly nature of this drill bit. It was easy to operate and provided convenience during drilling tasks.
  • Users consistently mentioned that the drill bit was sharp, allowing for efficient and effective drilling. Its sharp cutting edges enabled smooth and precise hole creation.


  • One user reported that the drill bit dulled quickly. This suggests that the sharpness may diminish after prolonged use, requiring regular sharpening or replacement.
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Jayzod Garden Auger Drill Bit


  • Strong and Sturdy: The Jayzod Planting 4″X25″ Garden Auger is made of durable stainless steel, ensuring its strength and longevity. The auger’s spiral dimensions are 4 inches (10cm) in diameter and 25 inches (63cm) in height, providing a solid and reliable tool for your gardening needs.
  • Efficient and Time-Saving: This garden auger drill bit is designed to make your planting tasks easier and quicker. Attach it to a 3/8″ or larger chucked drill (18V or greater drill recommended), and you can dig holes from 1 inch to several inches deep in just a matter of seconds. It’s perfect for planting flower bulbs, potted plants, vegetables, and more.
  • Versatile Applications: The Jayzod Garden Auger is not limited to planting tasks. It can also be used for various purposes, such as drilling holes in sand to anchor beach umbrellas, drilling holes for tents, or even taking out tree stumps. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for different occasions and projects.
  • User-Friendly Design: The auger’s 4″x25″ size design helps save your back by eliminating the need to bend down while working in your garden. You can easily dig holes using the power of your handheld drill, reducing strain and making the process more comfortable.
  • Upgrade Version: Compared to most spiral hole drills, the Jayzod Auger features a skinnier and sharper drill point, ensuring effortless working and improved efficiency. It makes the drilling process smooth and easy, providing a positive user experience.
  • Multi-Functionality: This garden tool is not limited to planting alone. It can also be used for tilling soil or planter boxes, mixing seeds, soil, fertilizer, paint, or batches of mortar mix for hardscapes. Its versatility allows you to tackle various gardening and DIY projects with ease.
  • Enjoy Fresh, Healthy Food: Plant vegetables in your garden effortlessly and enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own fresh and healthy food. The Jayzod Garden Auger makes the process quick, saving you time and effort while enhancing your gardening experience.
  • Convenient and Portable: The auger is lightweight, weighing approximately 2.61 pounds (1.18kg), and comes with a package weight of 2.64 pounds (1.2kg). This makes it easy to carry and transport, ensuring you can take it wherever your gardening projects take you.


  • Users found that this garden auger drill bit worked well with their Cordless Milwaukee 18V Power Drill/Driver, making it a convenient tool for their gardening needs.
  • Customers praised the drill bit for its ability to quickly and effectively dig post holes in gardens. It saved them labor and provided efficient results, making gardening tasks easier and more efficient.
  • Users reported that this auger drill bit was suitable for various soil types, including hard clay and heavy clay/soil. It effectively dug holes for planting bulbs, plants, bushes, and even large-scale vegetable planting.
  • Many users appreciated the time-saving aspect of using this garden auger. It allowed them to dig multiple holes in a short amount of time, significantly speeding up their planting process.
  • Some users used this drill bit with an electric hammer drill and found it to be highly effective. It was able to cut through hard clay and roots with ease, facilitating planting in challenging soil conditions.


  • One user experienced issues with their drill overheating and smoking when using this auger drill bit. They advised taking breaks during drilling, especially for larger projects, to prevent equipment damage.
  • A user cautioned against using this drill bit for fence post holes, as it can be hard on the drilling equipment. While the bit itself performed well, the strain on the drill caused their brand-new drill to become damaged.
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CORTOOL Auger Drill Bit


  • Complete Set: The CORTOOL Auger Drill Bit Set for Wood includes 5 different sizes (1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ x2, and 1″ inch) to meet your specific needs. It is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals, offering versatility and convenience in one package.
  • High-Quality Construction: These drill bits are made of high-strength carbon steel, ensuring durability and longer useful life. The material is hardened and tempered with a 90º cutting angle string, making it capable of withstanding demanding drilling tasks.
  • Electrophoresis Anti-Rust Finish: The drill bits feature an electrophoresis anti-rust black finish, providing protection against corrosion and extending the lifespan of the tools. They are designed to withstand tough working conditions and maintain their performance over time.
  • Quick Change Hex Shank: The drill bits are equipped with a quick-change hex shank, allowing for easy and convenient bit changes. The 1/4″ fast change shank ensures compatibility with a variety of power tools by fitting conventional chucks, impact drills, and electric hand drills.
  • Four-Flute Design: The auger bits feature a four-flute design with a screw-point tip. This design enables easy start self-feed drilling, providing efficient and precise results. The screw-point tip ensures centered and accurate drilling without slipping or wandering.
  • Versatile Application: These woodworking drill bits are ideal for making neat and clean holes in hardwood and softwood. They can also be used for drilling into plastic and tree stumps. Whether you’re working on furniture projects, carpentry, or general woodworking, these drill bits are up to the task.
  • Length and Measurement: Each bit in the set is 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) long, providing ample length for various drilling depths. The set includes common US measurement sizes, including 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ x2, and 1″ inch, catering to different project requirements.


  • Users were impressed by how effortlessly these drill bits worked. They reported that the bits smoothly cut through the wood without requiring excessive force or effort.
  • Customers praised the build quality of these drill bits. They found them to be well-built and durable, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.
  • Users found these drill bits to be highly effective for drilling clean and precise holes in wood. The sharp blades and starter screw at the end of the bit helped grab the wood and prevent sideways movement, resulting in accurate drilling.
  • The quick-change hex shank design enables fast and easy bit changes. Users appreciated the convenience of quickly swapping out the bits without wasting time.


  • One user experienced wood getting caught in the screw threads of the bit, hindering the cutting blades from reaching the wood effectively. This issue seemed to occur when drilling deeper holes in pine 2×4. It may be less suitable for deep drilling in certain types of wood.
  • According to a user, these drill bits did not perform well on green oakwood. They may not be ideal for such specific applications.
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Hyuduo Screw Cone Punch Drill Bit


  • High Practicality: The Hyuduo Hex Shank Drill Screw Cone is a versatile tool that allows you to easily chop down large firewood and remove tree stumps at home, saving both labor and time. It’s a convenient solution for your firewood and tree stump needs.
  • High-Quality Material: This tool is made of steel that has undergone hardening treatment, resulting in high hardness and exceptional durability. It is built to withstand heavy-duty use and provide long-lasting performance.
  • Easy to Use: The firewood split drill bit is designed for easy operation, making ignition faster and more efficient. It simplifies the process of splitting firewood, saving you effort and ensuring a smooth wood-splitting experience.
  • Unique Design: The firewood splitter features a professional and practical design, with an exquisite appearance and a compact size that makes it easy to carry. It’s a portable and handy tool for various outdoor and home projects.
  • Specifications: The log splitter drill bit is 143mm (5.6 inches) long and has a 10mm (0.4 inches) round shank. The cone head measures approximately 96x42mm (3.9×1.7 inches), providing optimal size for effective wood splitting. The total length of the product is approximately 145mm (5.7 inches).
  • Surface Recommendation: The Hex Shank Drill Screw Cone is specifically recommended for wood surfaces. Its design and construction are optimized for efficient wood splitting, making it a reliable choice for firewood and related applications.


  • Many users found the drill bit to be easy to use, even for beginners. They said it was simple to attach to a drill and did not require a lot of force to split tree stumps.
  • Users reported that the drill bit effectively splits tree stumps of all sizes. They said it could split even the toughest stumps with ease.
  • The drill bit is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand heavy use. Users said the drill bit was sturdy and did not bend or break easily.
  • The drill bit is relatively inexpensive, making it a great option for budget-minded homeowners.


  • Some users found that the drill bit was unsuitable for stumps that were too large or hard. They said that the drill bit would not penetrate the stump or that it would not split the stump completely.
  • The drill bit requires a powerful drill to operate. Users with weak drills may find that the drill bit does not work well.
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Klein Tools KTSB15 Step Drill Bit


  • High-Speed Steel Construction: The Klein Tools KTSB15 Step Drill Bit is made of high-speed steel, ensuring durability and strength. This material is known for its ability to withstand high heat and provide excellent cutting performance.
  • Straight Shank Design: The drill bit features a straight shank, providing a secure and stable connection with the drill chuck. It ensures precise and accurate drilling without any wobbling or slipping.
  • Hex Shank Flute Type: The drill bit is designed with a hex shank flute, which enhances the grip and prevents spinning out in the drill. The hexagonal shape ensures a secure fit in the drill chuck, providing stability during operation.
  • Versatile Surface Recommendation: The Klein Tools Step Drill Bit is suitable for use on various surfaces, including plastic, stainless steel, steel, and wood. It offers versatility and can be used for a wide range of drilling applications.
  • Sleek Black Color: The drill bit is stylish black, giving it a sleek and professional appearance. The black finish adds visual appeal and provides some resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • Double-Fluted Design: The Klein Tools KTSB15 Step Drill Bit features two flutes, allowing for faster cutting and drilling than single flute bits. The double-fluted design also helps keep the bit cooler during operation, increasing its longevity.
  • Fast-Starting Drill Tip: The drill bit has a fast-starting, non-walking tip, ensuring precise and accurate drilling right from the beginning. You can rely on its performance to deliver consistent results.
  • High-Visibility Step Markings: The step markings on the drill bit are easy to read, saving you time and effort when drilling holes. The clear step markings provide guidance and indicate the desired hole sizes.
  • Silver Targets: This Step Drill Bit is equipped with high-visibility silver targets, making it easy to identify the primary hole sizes. The targets serve as visual cues, allowing you to quickly and accurately select the desired drilling size.
  • Thick 3/8-Inch Hex Shank: The drill bit features a thick 3/8-inch hex shank, ensuring a firm and positive grip. This design prevents the shank from rounding out in the drill chuck, providing a secure and reliable connection.
  • Compact and Convenient Dimensions: The drill bit measures approximately 5.2 x 3.4 x 0.7 inches, providing a compact size for easy storage and transport. It’s a versatile tool that you can conveniently carry in your toolbox or pocket.


  • Users praised the drill bit for its exceptional performance, especially when drilling through hardened sheet metal and various metals. It cuts smoothly and efficiently, making the drilling process easy.
  • The drill bit provided clean and precise holes, ensuring a professional finish. The easy-to-read step markings helped users achieve the desired hole sizes accurately.
  • Users found the drill bit suitable for a wide range of projects, including installing a trailer hitch, drilling holes in tree stumps, and working with stainless steel sinks. It demonstrated versatility and effectiveness in various materials.
  • Many users commended the durability of the drill bit, noting that it maintained its cutting ability over time, even when used on different metals. It showed resilience and longevity.
  • The drill bit was easy to use, allowing users to achieve their desired results with minimal effort. The hex shank provided a secure grip and ensured compatibility with a variety of drills.


  • Some users reported that the drill bit dulled quickly after a few holes. It may not be as long-lasting as desired for certain applications. Users recommended conducting research and considering the use of lubricants to enhance the longevity of the bit.
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Bottom Line

In conclusion, selecting the right drill bit for tree stump removal is crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Whether you’re dealing with large, hard stumps or need a versatile drill bit for various surfaces, this buyer’s guide has provided you with a comprehensive overview.

So go ahead, say goodbye to frustrating and time-consuming methods, and say hello to a more efficient and enjoyable stump removal experience.


What is the best drill bit to drill into a tree?

When it comes to drilling in wood, a few types of drill bits stand out for their effectiveness and efficiency. Two popular choices are spade bits and auger bits.

Spade bits are specifically designed for wood boring. They feature a flat, paddle-like shape with a sharp spear in the center and spurs on the sides.

This unique design allows them to quickly scoop out material from a borehole, making them excellent for fast and efficient drilling in wood.

Auger bits are another commonly used type of drill bit for wood. They feature a spiral design with a threaded tip that helps pull the bit into the wood as it rotates.

This design provides excellent cutting performance and chip clearance, making them well-suited for drilling clean and precise holes in wood.

Why are holes drilled in tree stumps?

  • Accelerate decomposition: By drilling holes into the tree stump, you create channels for water and nutrients to penetrate the wood. This increased moisture and nutrient availability speeds up the natural decomposition process, causing the stump to rot faster.
  • Facilitate removal: If you’re looking to remove the tree stump, drilling holes can help weaken the structural integrity of the wood. This makes it easier to break apart or remove the stump using various techniques like stump grinding or extraction.
  • Discourage re-growth: In some cases, tree stumps may have the potential to sprout new shoots or re-grow. Drilling holes and filling them with herbicides or other treatments can help prevent re-growth by inhibiting the stump’s ability to produce new shoots.

How many holes do you need to drill a tree stump?

  • Drill a hole that is 3 to 4 inches deep and no deeper than 2 inches from the tree stump’s bark to begin. The main point of entry for water and nutrients will be this hole.
  • Repeat the drilling procedure around the stump, ensuring there is a hole every 4 inches or more. This arrangement enhances the surface area for breakdown and improves water absorption.
  • Drill three to five holes at a 45-degree angle towards the center of the stump in addition to the holes around the circumference. These angled holes make channels for more ventilation and give water and nutrients more access points.