Best Compressor for Hopper Gun – Top 3 Picks of 2023

Are you a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor looking to achieve flawless texture and precision in your wall or ceiling projects using a hopper gun?

When it comes to using a hopper gun, having a reliable and powerful compressor is crucial. It provides the necessary air pressure to propel the texture material through the gun, resulting in consistent and professional-grade finishes.

Finding the best compressor for hopper gun can be overwhelming with the wide range of options available in the market.

I have handpicked the top three compressors specifically designed for hopper guns in this comprehensive blog.

Best Compressor for Hopper Gun – Product Reviews

In this section, I will provide detailed product reviews to help you find the perfect compressor that delivers optimal performance and efficiency for your hopper gun projects.

FeaturesCalifornia Air Tools 8010California Air Tools CAT-1P1060SDEWALT Pancake
Voltage110 Volts (AC)110 Volts120 Volts
Recommended UsesDrilling, Air Brushing, Spraying, NailingDrilling, Air Brushing, Spraying, NailingDrilling, Air Brushing, Spraying, Nailing
Power SourceCorded ElectricCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Noise Level60 dB56 dB75.5 dBA
Tank Capacity8.0 Gallons1.0 Gallon6.0 Gallons
Maximum Pressure120 PSI120 PSI165 PSI
Motor Power1.0 HP (Rated / Running), 2.0 HP (Peak)0.6 HP (Rated / Running), 1.2 HP (Peak)0.2 HP
Weight48 lbs29 lbs30 lbs
Oil-Free PumpYesYesYes
Airflow Capacity2.2 CFM @ 90 PSI, 3.10 CFM @ 40 PSI1.2 CFM @ 90 PSI2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI
Fill Time130 seconds50 seconds180 seconds
Recovery Time30 seconds15 seconds20 seconds
Number of Couplers1 universal 1/4″ quick connector1 universal 1/4″ quick connector2 universal couplers
ColorSilverSilverBlack and yellow
Dimensions26″ L x 14″ W x 23″ H12.5 x 14.7 x 14.75 inches16 x 16 x 17.5 inches
Battery RequirementNot ApplicableNot ApplicableLithium-ion batteries required
Warranty1 Year Limited1 Year Limited1 Year Limited

California Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank Air Compressor


  • This air compressor features sturdy steel construction.
  • It operates at a voltage of 110 Volts (AC).
  • The recommended uses for this compressor include drilling, airbrushing, spraying, and nailing.
  • The compressor comes complete with a wheel kit and air filter but does not include a hose.
  • Its product dimensions are 26″ L x 14″ W x 23″ H.
  • The maximum pressure it can reach is 120 PSI.
  • For optimal performance, it requires a minimum running watts of 2500.
  • Depending on the PSI and CFM, the maximum continuous run time varies from 30 to 60 minutes.
  • It has a low Amp draw of 8.5 Amps, resulting in energy efficiency.
  • The compressor is equipped with an oil-free pump, reducing maintenance and costs.
  • Its powerful motor has a rated/running horsepower of 1.0 HP and a peak horsepower of 2.0 HP.
  • The large 8.0-gallon steel air tank is lightweight, weighing 48 pounds, and is equipped with a wheel kit for easy transportation.
  • With a noise level of only 60 decibels, it produces 30% less noise compared to standard air compressors.
  • The oil-free pump ensures cleaner air for better tool operation.
  • The compressor provides an airflow capacity of 2.2 CFM at 90 PSI and 3.10 CFM at 40 PSI.
  • It has a fast fill time, taking 130 seconds to fill the tank from empty to full.
  • The recovery time from 90 PSI to 120 PSI is just 30 seconds.
  • It features two pressure control gauges and a universal 1/4″ quick connector.
  • The compressor includes a thermal overload protector for safety.
  • The oil-free dual-piston pump technology is designed for long-lasting performance.
  • It has an impressive life cycle before wear of 3000 Plus hours, surpassing comparable air compressors with 500 hours or fewer life cycles.
  • The compressor can be used in various temperatures and uneven terrains.
  • The included components are a filter.
  • It comes in a silver color and is made of alloy steel.
  • The AC adapter current required is 8 Amps.
  • The airflow capacity is 3 Cubic Feet Per Minute.
  • Its pattern is an air compressor.
  • The compressor is backed by a 1 Year Limited Warranty.


  • Extremely quiet operation, allowing for conversations and work without the need for hearing protection.
  • Impressive performance and functionality, capable of running tools such as impact wrenches and powering various equipment.
  • Suitable for use in residential areas and at night without causing disturbances.
  • Well-constructed and durable, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Reasonably priced, offering good value for the features and performance it provides.
  • Versatile usage, including tasks like airing up tires and cleaning tools.
  • Compact and portable design makes moving around and storing convenient.
  • Efficient and oil-free operation, eliminating the need for regular maintenance and oil changes.
  • User-friendly and easy to operate, even for beginners.
  • The unit does not cause annoyance to neighbors or people in close proximity.
  • Can be used in indoor settings, such as garages, without creating excessive noise levels.


  • The unit may require frequent refilling, especially when used intensively or for prolonged periods.
  • The packaging could be improved to better protect the product during shipping and handling.
  • Contrary to the advertised origin, the unit is manufactured in China instead of Mexico.
  • The maximum pressure (total psi) is not as high as other air compressors, but its quiet operation balances this.
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California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compressor


  • The California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compressor is a compact and lightweight compressor.
  • This air compressor is recommended for various uses such as drilling, airbrushing, spraying, and nailing.
  • The compressor boasts an ultra-quiet operation, emitting only 56 decibels of sound.
  • It features an oil-free pump that reduces maintenance and cost requirements.
  • Weighing only 29 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • The compressor is equipped with a 1.0-gallon steel tank.
  • It is driven by a powerful 0.6 HP motor with a rated/running output of 1.20 CFM at 90 PSI.
  • The motor is an ‘IP’ Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Single Piston Pump design, ensuring high performance and durability.
  • It has a long life cycle before wear, lasting for 3000 Plus hours compared to other similar compressors.
  • The oil-free pump allows for use in different temperatures and uneven terrains.
  • It is suitable for various applications, including staple guns, hopper guns, finish nail guns, airbrushes, and blow guns.
  • The compressor is ideal for garage use and is great for cleaning and inflating tires, beds, toys, and sports balls.
  • The compressor features two pressure control gauges and a universal 1/4″ quick connector.
  • It efficiently dissipates heat and includes a thermal overload protector.
  • The tank can be filled from empty to full in just 50 seconds and has a quick recovery time from 90 PSI to 120 PSI in 15 seconds.
  • With a maximum pressure of 120 PSI, it ensures reliable performance.
  • The compressor operates at a voltage of 110 Volts and 60 Hz.
  • It has a low Amp draw of 4.5 Amps, resulting in energy efficiency.
  • The compressor delivers a peak horsepower of 1.2 HP and a rated/running horsepower of 0.6 HP.
  • It provides an airflow capacity of 1.2 Cubic Feet Per Minute at a pressure of 90 PSI.
  • The compressor is designed in a silver color and made of alloy steel.
  • Its dimensions are 12.5 x 14.7 x 14.75 inches.
  • It falls under the category of air tools.
  • The maximum pressure it can handle is 8.2 Bars.
  • It comes with a cord length of 72 inches and features an upright handle/lever placement.
  • The compressor is backed by a 1 Year Limited Warranty.


  • Surprisingly low noise level compared to standard compressors, making it suitable for indoor use without causing disturbances.
  • Easy to operate, compact, and portable, allowing for convenient placement and storage.
  • Reliable and durable construction, ensuring long-term usability.
  • Can keep up with reasonable rates of airbrush paint shooting and framing gun firing.
  • Exceptionally quiet operation, even compared to other well-known quiet compressors.
  • Suitable for small tasks like bike inflation, car and motorcycle tire filling, and blowing dust out of computers.
  • Does not vibrate excessively or walk during operation.
  • Provides powerful performance, fulfilling the intended tasks effectively.
  • Longevity and air-holding capabilities are commendable, maintaining pressure for an extended duration.
  • Ideal for condo and apartment users who require a quiet compressor to avoid disturbing neighbors.
  • Good build quality, although a few isolated cases of manufacturing defects were reported.
  • Excellent for airbrushing model kits and other hardware applications.
  • Light and portable, making it convenient for various tasks around the house.


  • Does not come with a hose, requiring an additional purchase.
  • In some cases, the actual noise level may be slightly higher than the advertised value.
  • A few users experienced rattling issues with the housing around the pressure gauge.
  • Some reported leaks in the quick connect/regulator require replacement.
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DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor


  • The compressor operates at 120 Volts.
  • The product is suitable for drilling, airbrushing, spraying, and nailing.
  • The compressor features a 165 max PSI 6.0-gallon tank (22.7 L) and a pump that delivers 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI, allowing for long tool run time and quick recovery.
  • It is equipped with a high-efficiency motor designed for easy start-up in cold weather or extension cord applications (14 ga or larger, 50 ft. or less).
  • With a noise level of 75.5 dBA, the 6-gallon air compressor operates quietly in work environments.
  • The DEWALT portable air compressor’s high flow regulator and couplers are specifically designed to maximize air tool performance.
  • It features a long-life oil-free pump, ensuring maintenance-free operation.
  • The console cover protects the controls and can be removed for easy repair.
  • The outlet tube is rerouted to avoid being a catch point.
  • With a weight of 30 pounds, the unit is lightweight and easy to carry or store.
  • It comes with two universal couplers, enabling support for two users simultaneously.
  • The compressor includes a ball drain valve for quick and thorough tank draining.
  • The Heavy Duty 6.0 Gallon, 165 Max PSI compressor is particularly suitable for supporting various pneumatic and air tool applications.
  • The oil-free pump delivers 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI, ensuring long tool runtime and quick recovery.
  • A cord wrap is included for convenience and easy storage in the garage.
  • The maximum power of the compressor is 0.2 Horsepower.
  • The color of the compressor is black and yellow.
  • It is made of a blend of materials.
  • The item dimensions are 16 x 16 x 17.5 inches.
  • The airflow capacity is 2.6 Cubic Feet Per Minute.
  • The compressor requires lithium-ion batteries (batteries not included).
  • The compressor comes with a warranty description of 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The tank can be filled from empty to full in just 180 seconds and has a quick recovery time of 20 seconds.


  • Portable and lightweight, allowing for convenient transportation and use in various locations.
  • Suitable for general home use, providing sufficient power for a range of painting tasks.
  • Comparatively quiet operation makes it more comfortable in residential settings.
  • Efficient performance, effectively completing tasks like auto and home use, airbrushing, and maintaining tire pressure.
  • Features like a built-in cord holder, regulator, dual gauges, large rubber feet, and a quarter-turn drain valve enhance usability.
  • Good quality construction, including sturdy outlets and a durable paint finish.
  • Multiple hose receptacles enable the use of multiple tools or accessories simultaneously.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for proper maintenance and longevity.


  • A slight shift and thud were observed when picking up the compressor, indicating potential play between the compressor and tank.
  • Some users experienced excessive vibration, causing the compressor to move on the ground during operation.
  • Noise level is higher than other air compressors, making it less suitable for indoor use in quiet environments.
  • The rubber hose connecting the compressor to the tank can get hot during operation.
  • A few users reported issues with a leaking tank, requiring replacement.
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How to Choose the Best Compressor for Hopper Gun?
Bottom Line

Selecting the right compressor for your hopper gun is essential to ensure optimal performance and achieve professional results in your texturing projects.

Air Pressure and Volume Requirements

Hopper guns typically require consistent airflow and pressure to propel the texture material effectively.

Consider the recommended operating pressure and volume requirements specified by the hopper gun manufacturer.

Look for a compressor that can deliver sufficient air pressure (measured in pounds per square inch or PSI) and air volume (measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM) to meet the demands of your hopper gun.

Horsepower and Tank Size

The compressor’s horsepower (HP) rating indicates its power output. Higher horsepower generally correlates with increased air pressure and volume capabilities.

Additionally, consider the tank size, as it affects the compressor’s ability to maintain a steady airflow without cycling on and off frequently.

A larger tank capacity provides a more consistent air supply and reduces strain on the compressor motor.

Portability and Mobility

Evaluate your need for portability and mobility based on the scale and location of your projects.

If you work on large-scale projects or frequently move between job sites, a compressor with wheels and a lightweight design can greatly enhance convenience and maneuverability.

However, a compact and stationary compressor may suffice if you primarily work within a confined space.

Noise Level

Consider the noise level (measured in decibels or dB) of the compressor, especially if you work in noise-sensitive environments or prefer a quieter one.

Opt for models with lower dB ratings or those equipped with noise-reduction features, such as insulated cabinets or vibration-dampening technology.

Durability and Construction

Investing in a durable and well-constructed compressor ensures longevity and reliability. Look for compressors made from high-quality materials and robust construction.

Stainless steel or cast iron cylinders and components are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Additionally, check customer reviews and ratings to gauge the overall reliability and longevity of the compressor you’re considering.


What size compressor do I need to run a hopper?

Ideally, you will need an air compressor that can deliver a minimum of 2.4 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at 90 pounds per square inch (PSI) of air pressure.

However, for larger painting projects, opting for a compressor with a higher volume, around 5 CFM or more, can greatly enhance efficiency and productivity.

What psi is needed for shooting texture?

The recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) settings may vary depending on the desired texture effect when shooting texture.

Setting your compressor to around 60 PSI is advisable to achieve an orange peel texture.

On the other hand, if you aim for a knockdown texture, a lower PSI of around 30 is recommended.

These settings serve as a starting point; you can fine-tune them based on your preferences and experience with the process.

Before applying the texture, ensure a steady flow of air through the sprayer, as this is crucial for achieving consistent and satisfactory results.

What is 110 PSI air compressor good for?

A 110 PSI air compressor is well-suited for various tasks such as nailing, stapling, inflation, and cleaning. With its compact size and maintenance-free pump, this type of air compressor is particularly convenient for these applications.