Top 3 Best Circular Saws of 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you a passionate DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesperson looking for a reliable and efficient circular saw to tackle your cutting projects?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

A circular saw is a versatile and essential power tool used to cut through various materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and even masonry, with straight and exact cuts. From building furniture to framing walls, from crafting intricate designs to making quick rip cuts, circular saws offer the flexibility and power you need to bring your visions to life.

Choosing the right circular saw can be daunting with the vast array of options available on the market.

That’s why I have done the research for you and compiled a list of the best circular saws of 2023 that combine power, precision, durability, and ease of use.

3 Best Circular Saws of 2023 – Product Review

In this section, we will discover the top three circular saws that have taken the market by storm in 2023. We’ll dive into their features, performance, and why they deserve a place in your toolbox.

FeaturesDEWALT Circular SawMakita XSH06PT Circular SawBOSCH Bare-Tool Circular Saw
Weight8.8 lbs21.21 lbs6.6 lbs (tool only)
Motor Power15 amps5 amps18 amps
Voltage120 volts36 volts18 volts
Depth of Cut Capacity2 9/16 inches2 11/16 inches2 inches at 90 degrees
Guard DesignBall-bearing lower guardDie-cast aluminum blade cover Anti-snag lower guard
Base MaterialHigh-grade aluminumEmbossed AluminumHeavy-duty aluminum foot
Dust and Chip RemovalIntegrated dust blowerDust extracting attachmentDust blower
Brake SystemYesYesYes
Blade Size7-1/4 inches7-1/4 inches6-1/2 inches
Blade MaterialHigh-speed steelHigh-speed steelHigh-speed steel
Speed (RPM)5200 RPM6000 RPM3900 RPM
Beveling Capacity57 degrees90 degrees50 degrees
Included ComponentsBlade wrench, carbide-tipped circular saw blade, user instruction manual, contractor bag7-1/4″ 24T C.T. Circular Saw Blade, 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Dual Port Charger, two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah batteries, tool bag, dust extracting attachment, wrenchCircular saw only
Warranty1-year free service contract, 30-day money-back guarantee, 3-year limited warranty3-year limited warranty5-year limited warranty

DEWALT Circular Saw


  • The DEWALT 7 1/4 circular saw is designed to be one of the lightest saws in its class, weighing only 8.8 lbs.
  • It features an electric brake that stops the blade immediately after the trigger is released, ensuring enhanced safety.
  • The saw is powered by a 15 amp motor, delivering ample power to tackle even the toughest applications.
  • The depth of cut capacity is 2 9/16 inches, allowing for efficient cutting through various materials.
  • The saw is equipped with a ball-bearing lower guard, providing durability and longevity even in harsh environments.
  • Its high-grade aluminum smooth base ensures accurate and precise cuts.
  • The lower guard design is optimized for improved performance during bevel cuts and cutting shims.
  • An integrated dust blower helps clear the line of sight by removing debris while cutting.
  • The saw features a patented Tough cord protection system, offering three times the durability against cord pull-out.
  • It is lightweight and compact, weighing only 8.8 pounds, making it easy to handle and maneuver.
  • The saw also includes a patented 15-Amp motor for reliable and consistent power.
  • With a 57-Degree beveling capacity and positive stops at 45-Degree and 22.5-Degree, it provides flexibility for angled cuts.
  • The saw comes in a vibrant yellow color.
  • The blade material is made of high-speed steel, ensuring durability and cutting efficiency.
  • It is recommended for cutting aluminum surfaces.
  • The special feature of this circular saw is the brake, adding an extra layer of safety.
  • Included components are a blade wrench, a carbide-tipped 7-1/4 inch circular saw blade, a user instruction manual, and a contractor bag for convenient storage and transportation.
  • The product dimensions are 16.25″L x 10.12″W x 10.5″H.
  • The voltage required for operation is 120 Volts.
  • The saw operates at a speed of 5200 RPM (Rotations Per Minute).
  • The blade length is 4 inches, suitable for various cutting tasks.
  • It has 15 teeth on the blade for efficient cutting performance.
  • The cutting angle is set at 45 degrees for versatility in different applications.
  • The item weighs approximately 8.8 pounds.
  • It is available in one size.
  • It is made of plastic and metal materials, ensuring durability and strength.
  • The saw provides a torque of 1400 Inch Pounds for powerful cutting performance.
  • The head style is flat for ease of use and maneuverability.
  • It features a single handle for comfortable operation.
  • The saw comes with a warranty description of a 1-year free service contract, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 3-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.


  • Highly recommended by carpenters with years of experience.
  • Good product and price.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Accurate measurements and zero adjustments required out of the box.
  • Adequate power and torque for various cutting tasks.
  • Quick and easy blade changes with the onboard wrench.
  • Corded version preferred for its reliability and consistent power.
  • Saves time and provides accurate cuts.
  • Suitable for users with smaller hands and those who prefer lightweight tools.
  • Sufficient power and torque for heavy tasks.
  • Functional blade brake that stops the blade within 2 to 2.5 seconds.
  • Tough power cord that withstands stress and hanging.
  • Blower feature effectively clears sawdust.
  • Quiet operation.


  • One user needs a physical guide rail to adjust and cut accurately.
  • Stock blade quality is poor, with bending and wobbling issues.
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Makita XSH06PT Circular Saw


  • The Makita XSH06PT Circular Saw is powered by two LXT batteries, utilizing the x2 LXT technology to deliver increased power, speed, and run time without the constraints of a cord.
  • It has a BL motor designed by Makita that is electronically controlled, capable of 6,000 RPM at its highest, and offers a 50% longer run time per charge than competing models.
  • The BL Brushless motor design eliminates carbon brushes, resulting in cooler and more efficient operation for extended motor life.
  • The saw incorporates automatic speed change technology, which adjusts the cutting speed and torque during use for optimal performance.
  • With the x2 LXT technology and two 5.0Ah batteries, the saw can deliver up to 610 crosscuts per charge in 2×4 SPF lumber and up to 320 crosscuts per charge in 2×10 SPF lumber.
  • It is available in multiple colors: Red, Silver, White, Blue, Yellow, and Black.
  • The blade material is made of high-speed steel, ensuring durability and efficient cutting performance.
  • It is a cordless circular saw powered by a battery for increased convenience and maneuverability.
  • The base material is made of embossed aluminum for extra durability in the long run.
  • The special features of the saw include a brake system and a brushless motor for enhanced safety and improved performance.
  • The saw kit includes various components such as a 7-1/4″ 24T C.T. Circular Saw Blade, an 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Dual Port Charger, two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah batteries, a tool bag, a dust extracting attachment, and a wrench.
  • The product dimensions are 22.17″L x 10.9″W x 14.01″H.
  • It operates at a voltage of 36 Volts and has an amperage of 5 Amps.
  • The item weighs approximately 21.21 pounds.
  • The saw achieves a speed of 6000 RPM (Rotations Per Minute) for efficient cutting.
  • It has a blade length of 4 inches and features 24 teeth for precise cutting performance.
  • The kit includes two Lithium-Ion batteries, eliminating the need for separate battery purchases.
  • The cutting angle of the saw is set at 90 degrees for versatile cutting applications.
  • The saw has a wattage rating of 180 watts.
  • A 3-year limited warranty on the tool, battery, and charger backing the saw.


  • High quality and useful for specific applications.
  • Good value for money.
  • Comfortable and well-balanced in hand.
  • Excellent line of sight for accurate cuts.
  • Magnesium base for durability and precise cutting.
  • Strong enough to handle pressure-treated lumber.
  • Good battery life, especially with multiple batteries.
  • Cordless convenience eliminates the hassle of cords.
  • Smooth and precise operation with a soft start feature.
  • Quieter compared to other saws.
  • Well-balanced weight, similar to corded models.
  • Solid design and materials.
  • Magnesium base and guard for durability and lightness.
  • Includes a dust extraction accessory.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks, construction, and DIY projects.
  • Fine blade for clean and easy cuts.
  • Nicely balanced saw with excellent cutting tip visibility.


  • Packaging and box support could be improved.
  • Lack of included paperwork, such as a quick start or safety guide.
  • Some users would have preferred a side guard.
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BOSCH Bare-Tool Circular Saw


  • The Bosch Bare-Tool CCS180B Circular Saw features an ergonomic main handle that is angled for ease in pushing the saw forward.
  • It is equipped with a 6-1/2 inch saw blade that can cut through 2 inches at 90 degrees and 2x material across the entire bevel range.
  • The saw offers a convenient 50-degree bevel range, enhancing versatility for different cutting applications.
  • With its blade-left design, the saw allows for the best view of the cut line when the main handle is held in the right hand.
  • It incorporates electronic motor protection and electronic cell protection to help protect the tool and battery against overload.
  • The saw includes a dust blower that helps keep the cut line visible and free of dust for improved accuracy.
  • Weighing only 6.6 lbs. (tool only, without battery), the saw is lightweight and balanced, offering easy maneuverability.
  • It features a heavy-duty aluminum foot and aluminum upper guard, enhancing the tool’s durability and ensuring longevity in tough job site conditions.
  • The Bosch 18V cordless power tools, including this circular saw, are covered by a five-year limited warranty.
  • The saw is equipped with an electronic brake that stops the blade quickly, increasing productivity.
  • It has an exclusive anti-snag lower guard designed to ease into the workpiece smoothly, preventing snagging and enhancing user control.
  • The spindle lock feature enables faster and easier blade changes, enhancing the saw’s convenience and efficiency.
  • The saw is available in a multicolor design.
  • The blade material is made of high-speed steel, ensuring durability and efficient cutting performance.
  • The included components with the product are the circular saw only.
  • The product dimensions are approximately 13.4″L x 8.9″W x 11.2″H.
  • It operates at a voltage of 18 Volts and has an amperage of 15 Amps.
  • It achieves a speed of 3900 RPM (Rotations Per Minute) for efficient cutting.
  • The blade features 24 teeth for precise cutting performance.
  • The saw requires one lithium-ion battery for operation.
  • The cutting angle of the saw is set at 90 degrees for versatile cutting applications.
  • The item weight, without the battery, is approximately 6.6 pounds.
  • The saw’s construction material includes composite materials.
  • The Bosch 18V cordless power tools, including this circular saw, are covered by a five-year limited warranty, providing added assurance to the customers.


  • Capable of handling various tasks, such as replacing deck and fence boards, repairing dry rot, replacing doors, and building fences.
  • Can rip an 8′ 2×6 and cut the edge off a 1-3/4″ door.
  • Sturdy blade guard that doesn’t easily touch the blade.
  • Good depth of cut gauge once understood.
  • Convenient location of the depth adjustment locking lever.
  • Accurate bevel cuts with a reliable bevel gauge and a stop at 90 degrees.
  • Attached hex wrench for convenience.
  • Sufficient power for ripping thick stock.
  • Deep enough cuts with a single flip for 3-1/2″ material.
  • Handy 50-degree cutting capability.
  • Comfortable handle angle for ease of use.
  • Lightweight and well-constructed for durability.


  • The included blade may not meet all cutting needs, requiring the purchase of a better blade.
  • Some ergonomic improvements could be made, such as the placement of the safety switch and the depth lever.
  • The plastic blade guard may be prone to breakage.
  • Not a suitable replacement for heavy-duty circular saws.
  • Works well for thin plywood but may struggle with thicker material.
  • May require a more powerful battery for optimal performance.
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How to Choose the Right Circular Saw?

With the wide array of options available on the market, finding the perfect circular saw for your needs can be overwhelming.

Here are the factors you should consider before purchasing your next circular saw:

Consider Your Cutting Needs

The first step in choosing the right circular saw is to evaluate the types of cuts you’ll be making.

Are you primarily working with plywood, dimensional lumber, or hardwood? Different materials may require different blade types and cutting capabilities.

If you plan to tackle heavy-duty tasks or frequently work with dense materials, a powerful saw with a high horsepower rating would be ideal.

On the other hand, if you primarily work with thinner materials or engage in light to moderate cutting tasks, a compact and lightweight saw may be more suitable.

Blade Size and Adjustability

Circular saws come in various blade sizes, typically ranging from 5-1/2 inches to 7-1/4 inches. The blade size determines the maximum cutting depth the saw can achieve.

Consider the thickness of the material you’ll be cutting and ensure the saw’s blade size accommodates it.

Additionally, look for a saw with an adjustable cutting depth and bevel capacity, allowing you to make angled cuts when necessary.

Power Source: Corded or Cordless?

Circular saws are available in both corded and cordless versions. Each option has its advantages and considerations.

Corded saws provide continuous power without the need for recharging, making them suitable for extended use and heavy-duty cutting.

Cordless saws offer greater mobility and flexibility since they are not restricted by power cords, making them ideal for job sites without easy access to electrical outlets.

However, they may have limited battery life and slightly less cutting power than corded models.

Consider your working environment and the convenience of each power source to determine which option suits your needs best.

Ergonomics and Safety Features

Comfort and safety should be priorities when selecting a circular saw.

Look for a saw with an ergonomic handle design that provides a comfortable grip and minimizes fatigue during extended use.

Consider the placement of controls and safety features such as blade guards, electric brakes, and blade lock mechanisms.

These features contribute to safer operation and protect against potential accidents.

Quality and Durability

Investing in a well-built circular saw can save you money in the long run. Look for reputable brands known for their quality and durability.

A robust and reliable saw will provide better performance, ensure longevity, and withstand the rigors of frequent use.

Guard Action

Some guard designs can be problematic, hanging up on the edge of your material or getting stuck during shave cuts where the waste material pushes inside the guard.

To avoid such issues, it’s essential to look for a circular saw with a guard that glides effortlessly over every type of cut you make.

A smooth and well-designed guard enhances the overall cutting experience and ensures your safety by providing reliable blade protection.

Dust and Chip Removal

Circular saws generate a significant amount of sawdust and chips during operation.

To maintain a clean and efficient workspace, choosing a model that effectively clears away this debris is important.

Higher RPMs (revolutions per minute) can improve dust and chip removal through the dust port in the saw’s cover.

If you frequently work indoors, a circular saw with a dust port adapter is worth considering.

This feature lets you connect your shop vac to the saw, effectively capturing and containing dust particles.

Final Verdict

Whether it’s the DEWALT Circular Saw with its lightweight design and powerful motor, the Makita XSH06PT Circular Saw with its cordless convenience and extended run time, or the Bosch Bare-Tool Circular Saw with its ergonomic handle and durable construction, each saw offers unique advantages to suit various cutting needs.

Whichever option you choose, you can be confident in making an informed decision based on our comprehensive product review.

Upgrade your cutting game with one of these top-notch circular saws and take your projects to new heights.


What is the best saw for round cuts?

When it comes to making round cuts, two tools stand out: the band saw and the jigsaw.

Both the band saw and jigsaw excels at swiftly cutting rough curves, making them the top choices for this type of task.

What is the best number of teeth for a circular saw?

When it comes to choosing the number of teeth for a circular saw blade, a 24-tooth general-use blade is often considered the best option for most construction work.

This blade offers a balance of aggressiveness and accuracy, allowing for efficient ripping and cross-cutting of lumber and sheet goods.

How long does a circular saw blade last?

Circular saw blade longevity can vary depending on several factors such as the type of material being cut, the quality of the blade, and the cutting techniques used.

On average, a well-maintained circular saw blade can last between 200 to 1000 cuts.

However, it’s important to note that blades may need sharpening or replacement sooner if used on tougher materials or if proper cutting techniques are not followed.