The Right Way to Plan Bathroom Remodeling (Things to Consider)

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A combination of style and functionality should be at the core of your bathroom remodeling. No matter the size and space, every bathroom deserves to look flawless and functional. So, to make sure that you utilize all the space you have to work with, you should consider a few things the storage, space, the lighting facilities, the ventilation system, and the plumbing setup. 

But there are also a few things that you might forget if you are not very careful. So, in this article; we are going to discuss how you can maximize the look and usability of your bathroom.  

Let’s Discuss Some Bathroom Remodeling Ideas:

1. Right Lighting Setup Inside the Bathroom

The right lighting inside the bathroom can either make or break your morning mood. While it is always the best idea to get a lot of natural light inside your bedroom, you can also use various LED lighting options available in the market right now. Install a light regulator so that you can control the light intensity as you please. 

If you want your bathroom to look more aesthetic, it would be a good idea to surround your mirror with lights. But there is nothing wrong with being more functional and using one center light. Pick a mild light rather than a harsh and sharp bulb. Also, using one or two shower lights would elevate the look of your bathroom quite a lot. 

2. Utilizing the Storage and Space 

One of the most common problems among homeowners is that they don’t have enough space in their bathroom. That’s why you need to pre-plan the things that you want to keep inside your bathroom. 

Skip installing storage areas with doors. The doors take up more space and are less functional. Use easy slide drawers instead; they are perfect to organize your bathroom items and easily blend into the background if you choose the right color. You can tell your contractor to cut out some extra storage space for you. 

3. Essential Cabinets and Sliders

Medicine cabinets are probably one of the most classic bathroom elements. It is easy to use, saves space, and is very very convenient. Calculate the space that you have inside your bathroom in order to plan the cabinet. 

You can either go for a behind-the-mirror cabinet, or you can stick with a side cabinet. A vanity might be a more affordable option, but framing your cabinet would last longer. Match the color of your cabinet with the color of your faucet to make it more appealing. 

4. The Shower Floor and Shower Hose

There used to be a time when everyone used prefabricated tiles in the shower. But, as style changed, people are now more attracted to a porcelain finish. There are countless options to choose from. Contrast the shower floor with the shower walls to make it stand out. Acrylic bases are also in fashion right now. 

As for the shower hoses, you can never go wrong with a centered hose. Just keep it plain and simple to highlight the walls and the floor. You also need the right direction of lighting to bring out the feel of the shower wall. 

5. Toilet Placement and Structure

You won’t have many options if your bathroom is very small, but if you have a larger bathroom, consider installing a wall-hanging toilet. These toilets look very modern and also save space. In the beginning, they cost quite a lot, but the prices have now come down. 

These toilets add a new level of sophistication into your bathroom because the tank is usually hidden. But, setting up this toilet can be a bit difficult because it needs different plumbing work. So, you should only commit to it if you can do the extra work. 

6. Bathroom Basin and Faucet Combination

The most used portion of your bathroom is probably the basin. A good basin dictates how your bathroom will look to other people and also to you. So, changing your basin will automatically change the overall look of your bathroom. Look at the shape of your bathroom counter and choose a basin shape that complements it. Oval, square, rectangular, triangular – the options are limitless. 

Now, depending on your budget, you can either go for a fully automated faucet, a semi-automated one, or a completely manual model. Just make sure that the shape and size of the faucet work well with the basin. Otherwise, things will look out of place. 

7. Plumbing and Water Supply

Upgraded plumbing is often a very easily overlooked element in remodeling your bathroom. As a result, you could end up with frequent clogs and water leaks in your bathroom, or inefficient water pressure. 

So, rather than sticking with the regular 1.5-inch pipes, you can switch to 2-inch pipes. This is a very crucial update that does not require much of financial investment. 

Bonus: The Right Tile Cutting Tools

There’s nothing worse than having to invest a lot of money into your new bathroom and ending up with uneven tiles. No matter how small the mistake is, an uneven/misplaced tile will always catch people’s eye. That’s why you should look for the best tile cutting tools. A good tile saw will ensure perfection and reduce the wastage of tiles. 


Remodeling your bathroom is totally worth it. Just remember to keep the above in mind, and you will soon have your dream bathroom, one of functionality and style at the same time. 

I hope you enjoyed the article and it has been helpful to you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions. Until then, have a blessed life. 

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