The Right Way to Plan Bathroom Remodeling (Things to Consider)

A combination of style and functionality should be at the core of your bathroom remodeling. No matter the size and space, every bathroom deserves to look flawless and functional.

So, to make sure that you utilize all the space you have to work with, you should think about bathroom remodeling ideas. You should consider a few things like the storage, space, lighting facilities, the ventilation system, and the plumbing setup.

But there are also a few things that you might forget if you are not very careful. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the best bathroom remodel ideas for 2022. Now you can maximize the look and usability of your bathroom with the best bathroom designs for home.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Remodeling a bathroom will typically cost you around $10,000. People usually spend between $7686 and $15678 to remodel their bathrooms. For a small-sized bathroom, you can easily update the essentials by spending $3000 to $6500. If you have a master bathroom, it will take you around $24,000 or sometimes even more.

The cost of labor will be around 50% of the whole budget of remodeling. You will have to pay $50 to $65 hourly. Prices may vary as per the region. But the costs of materials will be the same across your country. Let us show you some bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.

Let’s Discuss Some Bathroom Remodeling innovative Ideas:

  • Right Lighting Setup Inside the Bathroom

The right lighting inside the bathroom can either make or break your morning mood. While it is always the best idea to get a lot of natural light inside your bedroom, you can also use various LED lighting options available in the market right now. Install a light regulator so that you can control the light intensity as you please.

If you want your bathroom to look more aesthetic, try this modern bathroom remodel idea. It would be a good idea to surround your mirror with lights. But there is nothing wrong with being more functional and using one center light. Pick a mild light rather than a harsh and sharp bulb. Also, using one or two shower lights would elevate the look of your bathroom quite a lot. This idea will also work as a small bathroom remodel idea.

  • Utilizing the Storage and Space

One of the most common problems among homeowners is that they don’t have enough space in their bathrooms. That’s why you need to pre-plan the things that you want to keep inside your bathroom.

Skip installing storage areas with doors. The doors take up more space and are less functional. Use easy slide drawers instead; they are perfect for organizing your bathroom items and easily blend into the background if you choose the right color. You can tell your contractor to cut out some extra storage space for you. This is one of the best bathroom remodeling ideas for a small bathroom.

  • Essential Cabinets and Sliders

Medicine cabinets are probably one of the most classic bathroom elements. It is easy to use, saves space, and is very convenient. Calculate the space that you have inside your bathroom in order to plan the cabinet. 

You can either go for a behind-the-mirror cabinet, or you can stick with a side cabinet. Vanity might be a more affordable option, but framing your cabinet would last longer. Match the color of your cabinet with the color of your faucet to make it more appealing. 

  • The Shower Floor and Shower Hose

There used to be a time when everyone used the prefabricated tile in the shower. But, as style changed, people are now more attracted to a porcelain finish. There are countless options to choose from the best bathroom shower remodeling ideas.

Contrast the shower floor with the shower walls and make a shower door stand out. Install a shower curtain also. Acrylic bases are also in fashion right now. 

As for the shower hoses, you can never go wrong with a centered hose. Just keep it plain and simple to highlight the walls and the floor. You also need the right direction of shower heads and lighting to bring out the feel of the shower wall. 

  • Toilet Placement and Structure

You won’t have many options if your bathroom is very small, but if you have a larger bathroom, consider installing a wall-hanging toilet. These toilets look very modern and also save space. In the beginning, they cost quite a lot, but the prices have now come down. 

These toilets add a new level of sophistication to your bathroom design because the tank is usually hidden. But, setting up this toilet can be a bit difficult because it needs different plumbing work. So, you should only commit to it if you can do the extra work. 

  • Bathroom Basin and Faucet Combination

The most used portion of your bathroom is probably the basin. A good basin dictates how your bathroom will look to other people and also to you. So, changing your basin will automatically change the overall look of your bathroom.

Look at the shape of your bathroom counter and choose a basin shape that complements it. Oval, square, rectangular, triangular – the options are limitless. 

Now, depending on your budget, you can either go for a fully automated one, a semi-automated one, or a completely manual model. Just make sure that the shape and size of it work well with the basin. Otherwise, things will look out of place. 

  • Plumbing and Water Supply

Upgraded plumbing is often a very easily overlooked element in remodeling your bathroom. As a result, you could end up with frequent clogs and water leaks in your bathroom or inefficient water pressure. 

So, rather than sticking with the regular 1.5-inch pipes, you can switch to 2-inch pipes. This is a very crucial update that does not require much financial investment.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for a Handicap Bathroom

If you have a mobility issue because of a chronic condition, or you have recently fallen and hurt yourself, a handicapped bathroom is a must for you. Most of the houses have modern bathrooms. They are popular and aesthetically satisfying to young people. These modern-day bathrooms work very well too. But they might not be suitable for disabled or elderly people. That’s why you need a handicapped bathroom. Before remodeling it, you will need-

  • An extra bathroom to use while you are remodeling the other bathroom
  • A well-thought and fixed budget for remodeling ideas
  • Expert advice on how to make your handicapped bathroom more accessible to elders or disabled persons
  • A complete plan and a vision of the final product

Now we will share with you some handicap bathroom renovation ideas. They are-

  • The most important thing is accessibility. You need to widen the doorway so that a person in a wheelchair can come in easily.
  • You can install grab bars near the tub, in the shower enclosure, or near the toilet. This will help disabled persons to get onto or get out of different surfaces.
  • Establish a curbless shower. It will make stepping in and out easier for the handicapped person.
  • You can build a raised toilet seat. It will make sitting easier for the disabled person.
  • Do not keep any obstacles in the floor space.
  • Keep the necessary items in an easily accessible place.
  • Convert your old bathtub into a brand new walk-in shower.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Condos

Remodeling a condo bathroom will ensure proper utilization of the space. It will also give you peace of mind. Here are some condo bathroom remodeling ideas that we want to share with you. The best bathroom remodeling ideas for condos are-

A paint job

You will be amazed to see the transformation that paint can bring. A fresh layer of paint will make your bathroom pleasing to see. Refresh the walls if your bathroom needs a new color or a coat. If you don’t want to paint, you can install wallpaper.

Changing the tile

A brand new tile will give your bathroom a creative touch. The transformation will amaze you. Try a brand new flooring for your bathroom.

An accent wall

Select an accent wall to brush it up a little bit if the entire wall doesn’t need a paint job. This will give smaller bathrooms flair and fun.

Fix the towel hanger on the door

If you attach the towel bars to the door, it will maximize your space. So you will have much more space to redecorate. You will have extra storage space by doing this.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves will give you more storage and free wall space. You can add paint in that free wall space to make your bathroom look creative.

Floor heating

Nobody wants to step on a cold tile on a winter morning. To get rid of the cold floor and cold feet, radiant heat under a bathroom tile is the perfect solution.

Shower niches

Want to get rid of the clunky showerhead? Then you should choose a recessed chubby in a tub or shower. It will make your bathroom look nice.

Toilet room

If you have a master bathroom with a separate toilet space, then you should go for one. Separate toilet space will give more functionality and privacy to your bathroom.

An improved vanity

The focal point of any bathroom is the vanity. If your bathroom vanity is not so functional or if you don’t like it that much, then replace it. Choose something that will give you more space. For a square or small bathroom, a round vanity will fit perfectly.

Master bathroom remodeling ideas

Master bathrooms are not just a room for showers. It can be a space where you can find peace after a tiring day. The master bathroom should be designed according to your decorative accent, favorite colors, and accessories. Let us share the best master bathroom ideas.

Freestanding tub

These tubs are very popular right now. If you did a little bit of research about bathroom remodeling, you already know that. They are perfect for modern bathroom remodeling ideas. You can enhance the Beauty of your master bathroom by adding a freestanding tub.

These tubs are large and enhance the visual appeal of your master bathroom. You can easily enjoy your time and relax if you install a freestanding tub.

Modern master bath

For a modern master bathroom, you can add a bathtub, metal, wall tile, glass shower doors, wall-mount toilet, contrasting colors, and clean lines. They will increase the Beauty of your master bathroom without compromising with the style.

Double vanity

A double vanity will save some time. Two persons can get ready together with double vanity. It gives more cabinet space, drawer, counter to hold necessary items. If you want an aesthetic appeal, decorate the wall around the mirror.

Do’s and don’t s

  • Be prepared for unexpected expenses 
  • Make a separate toilet
  • Carefully select suitable surfaces
  • Try to minimize water waste
  • Splurge on your shower
  • Make room for enough light and ventilation
  • Create space on the vanity
  • Never work in a hurry
  • Don’t hesitate to spend money on skilled labor
  • Do not chop the corners off the important materials 
  • Never forget to plan for tomorrow
  • You should not buy things online without checking them in person
  • Try not to compromise with the storage space

10 important tips for remodeling your bathroom

  • Select the type of bathroom you want
  • Try creating a guest bathroom
  • Try to make it more accessible 
  • Make it luxurious 
  • Think about adding a bathtub
  • Design the perfect layout
  • Fix a budget
  • Add a sufficient amount of lighting 
  • Make space for proper ventilation 
  • Buy suitable and durable materials 

Bonus: The Right Tile Cutting Tools

There’s nothing worse than having to invest a lot of money into your new bathroom and ending up with an uneven tile. No matter how small the mistake is, an uneven/misplaced tile will always catch people’s eye. That’s why you should look for the best tile cutting tools. A good tile saw will ensure perfection and reduce the wastage of tiles. 


  • How often should you remodel your bathroom?

It is best to remodel your bathroom every three to six years. In three to six years, the fixtures will have problems, colors will fade, etc. Before you start to hate your bathroom, remodel it.

  • What is the walk-in shower remodel cost?

Most of the money will go into shower installation costs. The price of a shower will be around $1500 to $6,500. The price of labor is very costly when remodeling a walk-in shower.

  • What is the bathroom remodeling idea with a tub?

If you think that your tub needs remodeling, consider a tub touch-up. Nobody likes peeling paint, gouges, or nicks in the tub. We suggest you spot-fix your tub. With the help of some touch-up instruments, it’s as easy as opening a bottle of water. This is one of the best cheap bathroom remodeling ideas.


Remodeling your bathroom is totally worth it. Just remember to keep the above in mind, and you will soon have your dream bathroom, one of functionality and style at the same time. 

I hope you enjoyed the article about bathroom remodeling ideas, and it has been helpful to you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions. Until then, have a blessed life.