Pella Vs Milgard: Which Brand offers The Best Doors & Windows

Whether you are building a new home or just renovating the old- picking the best material out there is very important to ensure your build lasts for decades.

While shopping for thousands of home-building materials, choosing the right window can be difficult.

To simplify that complex task all you need is an honest review and comparison of the two biggest window manufacturer brands in the United States.

This is exactly what we are going to do in this article. ‘Pella’ and ‘Milgard’ are the two most reputed and biggest players in this industry.

In this article, you will have an adequate and detailed comparison. Which will help you to pick the perfect window for your perfect home.

Comparison: A Quick Overview

A detailed comparison will help you find the product that best fits your needs but a brief overview will help you better understand all those details. 

Here, have a look

MaterialVinyl, Wood, FiberglassVinyl, Aluminum, FiberglassPella
Available Styles127Pella
Innovation👉Insynctive Technology
👉 Smart
👉 Remotely Controllable
👉SmartTouch Technology
👉 Invincible Lock
👉 Very easy to use
👉 Full proof security
Longevity15 to 30 years20 to 25 yearsMilgard
PriceWindows: 350$ to 800$
Doors: 1,100$ to 6,000$
Windows: 350$ to more than 1000$
Doors: 700$ to 5,000$
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyFull & Limited Lifetime Warranty both Milgard

Pella Vs Milgard: 5 Key Differences

When the question is about doors and windows of a home, Pella and Milgard have been two reliable names for decades. But when you are stuck between choosing one of them, there’s only one way. That is to compare them by putting them side by side.

Then, let’s do it, in detail.


The strength and durability in the case of a window are however very much related. If it’s strong, then it’s durable.

Talking about strength, multiple factors make a window strong.


Pella windows and doors come in three different varieties concerning their building material.

They are Vinyl, Wood, and Fibreglass.

On the other hand, Milgard windows and doors are Vinyl, Fibreglass, and Aluminium.


The same materials have been in use for thousands of years but technology is what has made a tool stronger.

The Pella uses a technology they call impact resistant in their fiberglass windows and doors. This technology turns them into Iron Man when a disaster hits or someone tries to break in.

Milgard didn’t fall back either. In their Vinyl products, they implement a coating technology that protects the doors and windows from wind, sun, and rain.

The Aluminium products from Milgards are rust and dust-resistant. Which multiplies their chance to last longer than ordinary windows and doors.

MaterialVinyl, Fibreglass, WoodVinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass
TechnologyImpact resistantCoating Technology

Pella and Milgard, both are heavily equipped to put on a fight against all those odds.

However, reflecting upon the following discussion and data, we must say Pella wins the race by a few meters.


There are 3 different factors to measure a window’s efficiency. They are

Energy Efficiency

Pella uses a low emissivity technology in the glasses of their windows and doors. This technology adds a feature that reflects the heat away when it’s summer and reflects the heat inside when it’s colder. 

Thus, it cuts much energy in cooling down or heating the house.

On the other hand, Milgard doors and windows are formed using thermal simulation technology. This helps a lot with cutting up the energy both in summer and winter, but not as efficiently as Pella.

Resistance: Sound & Weather

STC is a rating that indicates how effective a window or door is in resisting sound.

Pella scores in a range between 25-36, whereas Milgard scores somewhere between 18-32,

The higher STC the better it is and the data shows that Pella is more effective in this case than Milgard.

In order to resist weather Pella uses highly advanced Low-E insulating glasses. The effectiveness of this technology is up to 86 %, which is impressive.

Which we find common in Milgard as well, but they also add SunCoat and SunCoatMAX technology to advance the protection.

FactorsPella WindowsMilgard Windows
Energy Efficiencylow emissivitythermal simulations technology
Resistance: SoundSTC 25-36STC 18-32
Resistance: WeatherAdvanced Low-E Insulating GlassUp to 86% effectiveSunCoat and SunCoatMAX Low-E Glass Coatings


Each brand has some exclusive features that you will find in nowhere else.


The most exclusive feature of Pella windows and doors is its security advancement.

It implements a technology innovated by its R&D team called ‘Insynctive Technology.

This technology provides smart and modern features like tracking your doors and windows remotely and you will be able to open or close from far away using the internet.

pella doors and windows


While the competitor has come up with such an advanced and smart security solution, Milgard decided to operate the classic way but better than all.

It came up with a technology called ‘SmartTouch’- which is almost invincible yet easy to use. This technology allows the user to lock the doors and windows without any fuss but also ensures full-proof security.

FactorsPella WindowsMilgard Windows
Exclusive FeatureInsynctive TechnologySmartRemotely ControllableSensore I installedSmartTouchInvincible LockVery easy to useFull proof security

Variation In Styles

Pella offers almost 12 different kinds of windows combining all three of Vinyl, Wood and Fibreglass.

On the other hand, Milgard has an inventory of 7 different types of windows.

This indicates that Pella has a lot more to offer when it comes to styling up your home with windows and doors.

FactorsPella WindowsMilgard Windows


Products from both Milgard and Pella are available throughout the whole United States. However, Milgard has a slightly shorter supply chain than Pella.

Pella products are available in almost any given store that is supposed to have home improvement or building materials.

FactorsPella WindowsMilgard Windows
AvailabilityAlmost EverywhereWhole Nation but less than Pella


Building a home is a very expensive project but doors and windows should not be compromised while taking care of your bank account.

Nonetheless, Pella and Milgard doors will almost cost on the same level. Both of them have different brands that come with different prices.

But, which is less expensive, Pella or Milgard?

A door from Pella will cost you somewhere in between 1100 to 6000 dollars, whereas Milgard will start from 700 and stay within 5,000 dollars.

Windows from Pella cost in a range of 350 to 800 dollars and 350 to 1000 dollars from Milgard.

Reflecting on the whole data we can say that Milgard will be a bit more pocket friendly than Pella.

FactorsPella WindowsMilgard Windows
Windows350$ to 800$350$ to more than 1000$
Doors1,100$ to 6,000$700$ to 5,000$

When And Why Should You Buy Pella Windows?

Pella and Milgard both may produce doors and windows but individually both of them have different prospects. That is why different peoples go for different brands.Cause it matches their specific purpose and criteria.

So, when should you buy Pella windows and doors?

Pella comes with varieties of different designs and types but never compromises with the quality neither lags behind in innovation.

So, if you want the latest one out there, go for Pella.

Pella☑️Uncompromised quality
☑️Innovative products
☑️Top-notch insulation
☑️Versatile designs
☑️Smart Security
❌ Too much expensive

When And Why Should You Buy Milgard Windows?

Deducing from the segment above, should you not buy Milgard then?

Definitely, you should, It specializes in providing invincible security, beautiful designs, a wide price range, and efficient insulation.

milgard doors and windows

If you want the best in your budget Milgard is your go-to brand.

Milgard☑️Excellent quality
☑️Wide price range
☑️Good designs
☑️Efficient insulation
☑️Good weather and soundproofing
☑️Adequate security
❌Less innovative

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A Guide To Buy The Best Window & Door

Up until now, all we have talked about is Pella, Milgard, what they have to offer, and different aspects. But how do you know what are the things you need to look into before you make the purchase?

Well, this segment, a proper buying guide for windows and doors, will tell you exactly what to look for.

Good Build Material

Unless you’re a home builder- doors and windows are the kinds of objects that you only have to shop for twice or thrice in your whole lifetime.

It should last for years and so it needs to be strong.

Nevertheless, objects made with good materials tend to be better in quality. Thus as a buyer, you should definitely check what the window or door is made of.

Most good window or door frames are made from materials like aluminum, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass.

Advanced Technology

Materials will be of no good if the technology used to make them is fragile.

Look for different test results and factors like bend test results, weatherproofing, soundproofing ability, etc.

The bend test indicates how strong an object is.

Efficient Insulation

You need to keep the heat in during the winter and out while it is summer. So, the better the insulation the better a door and window are.

Latest technologies like Low-E glass and SunCoat are known to be very effective.

So look for what technology is implemented and then ask about the features it brings.


You’d definitely hate your neighbor if his dog’s constant barking is all you can hear day and night.

Therefore, efficient soundproofing is important. There is an indicator called STC that determines how much a door or window is effective in keeping the sound out.

The higher STC a door has, the better the sound proofer is.

Effective Security

Finally, here comes security- the objective of a door or window was invented.

You should not expect your door to be as strong as a bank’s vault but it needs to meet the benchmark at least. 

Look for the security features, the more features a door has the more efficient it tends to be.

Don’t think we have left out any point while discussing all the key points one needs to seek before making a purchase.

Hopefully, we have been helpful to you.


A curious mind has no limit. Thus, here are a few questions about Pella and Milgard that we have found to be asked very frequently.

What materials are used to make windows?

Windows and doors are not any singular objects, but rather a collaboration of different objects like a window frame, glass, locks, etc

Generally, materials that are mostly used to make those singular objects are- wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood-clad and composite.

How many types of windows are there?

There are more than a dozen types of windows. Each of them has a different application, usage, or structure. A sliding door window can be half-opened while a fixed window can not be opened.

A few examples of different types of windows are- fixed windows, sliding windows, pivoted windows, double-hung windows, louvered windows, casement windows, metal windows, sash windows, corner windows, etc.

What kind of window suits the home best?

The best window is what suits your needs the most. 

However, the way modern houses are structured- a casement or an awning window will suit any of them just perfectly.

These two types of windows are also known to be very energy efficient and adequately weatherproof.

How long do Pella windows last?

Pella windows have a reputation to be in service infallibly for 15-30 years. Which is a very good number to take into account.

However, some things last for different periods, depending on a lot of outer factors. If you live in an area that has a history of facing super cyclones once every two years then your window will last less than the areas that suffer from less calamity.

How long do Milgard windows last?

The average year a Milgard window status is usable is from 20 to 25 years.

Some may get more and someone may have less, it depends. But about this, we have already talked about it while answering the previous question.

Final Words

So far we have discussed every aspect of Pella and Milgard products. In reflection on that discussion, we would say, it is much harder to choose any one of them.

It’s their different application that appeals to people with slightly different budgets and requirements.

So, before you make the decision, you better understand your needs and then choose accordingly.

Cause doors and windows are not the things one buys and installs every other day.