Pella Vs Jeld Wen- Which One Has Better Window?

Ever wondered how exactly the same-looking windows could be from two different brands?

I’m talking about Pella and Jeld Wen windows. If you see both of them side by side, you won’t notice any visible difference.

Pella is considered a more expensive brand than Jeld Wen. But does being expensive always mean quality? Your misconception will be gone once you go through this article.

Jeld Wen window is vinyl cladding made with Low E glass, ensuring protection and strength, both inside and outside. But, Pella uses roll-form aluminum cladding and argon or krypton glass, which make it weaker than Jeld Wen windows.

I’ve compared 7 facts between Pella Vs Jeld Wen below, and Jeld Wen becomes the ultimate winner. Keep reading-

7 Comparison Factors Between Pella Vs Jeld Wen Windows

FactorPellaJeld WenWinner
MaterialRoll-form aluminum claddingvinyl claddingJeld Wen
GlassDual or triple pane glass with argon or kryptonLow-E insulating glassJeld Wen
Strength & DurabilityNot very strong, 10+ yearsStronger, 20 years to lifetimeJeld Wen
Color27 factory colors27 factory colorsBoth 
Finishing7 stains or 3 paint colors finishing7 stains or 3 paint colors finishingBoth
Appearance & ConstructionMitered cornersMitered & welded cornersJeld Wen
PriceOn average $400 to $1200 per windowOn average $300 to $1500 per windowJeld Wen
Where to Buy?Check Price onlineCheck Price online

Comparison Factor 1 of 7: Material

The material by which the windows are made plays the most critical role. If the interior and exterior materials are not up to the mark, the window will not sustain for a long time.

Both brands generally use wood to make windows.

Pella windows are made from the roll-form aluminum cladding. This aluminum cladding is a very weak material. It is very sensitive to handling and is very thin in thickness.

On the other hand, Jeld Wen windows are vinyl-clad windows. This material is budget friendly and sustainable at the same time. Vinyl cladding is easy to maintain and rust-proof.

So, my vote goes to Jeld Wen.

Comparison Factor 2 of 7: Glass

A window is used for its glass. The window can go to waste if the glass is of poor quality.

Pella windows usually consist of Argon or krypton-filled double- or triple-pane glass, ideal for heat transfer and energy efficiency. But no UV protection or heat resistance is found in the glass properties.

On the contrary, Jeld Wen uses modern Low-E insulating glass that is UV and dirt-resistant, self-cleaning, textured, and decorative. It is famous for keeping rooms warm for a long time.

So, here Jeld Wen is the winner again.

Comparison Factor 3 of 7: Strength & Durability

Both windows play great in product strength and longevity, and this is no doubt.

Pella windows are entirely sustainable to the users’ reviews, because of their highly sturdy glass material. It must be mentioned that the aluminum and vinyl bodies provide a solid and durable finish to their products.

On the other hand, Jeld Wen is also quite good. It looks spectacular and lasts for a long time due to its materials. Jeld Wen is so confident about their product that they provide 20 years to a lifetime warranty. But Pella gives only a 10-year warranty.

I’d choose Jen Wen as more durable and strong.

Comparison Factor 4 of 7: Color

Color of your window is a significant factor before installing it. It should match your taste, the ambiance, the color of the wall, and the furniture. So, it would be better if the brands could provide a wide range of color options.

And you’d be happy to know that Pella and Jeld Wen have 27 factory colors available for their windows.

So, both of them are winners in this section.

Comparison Factor 5 of 7: Finishing

The windows won’t look good if the finishing is not proper.

Pella and Jeld Wen windows have similar finishing. Both offer you the choice of 7 factory stains & 3 painted wood finishes.

Pella windows contain low-maintenance exterior aluminum cladding and solid color finishing that hides minor dings and scratches.

The Jeld Wen has high-quality extruded vinyl cladding that is fading, chip, or peel-resistant. Also, it has 28 interior finishes. So it keeps a smooth finish for a long time.

So, both of them are equal here.

Comparison Factor 6 of 7: Appearance & Construction

The corners and joints of Both Pella and Jeld Wen windows are Mitered joints. Mitered joints are weaker versions of joints, as other modern versions of joints are available in the market.

Mitered joints are unsuitable for wooden windows as they can spoil once the wood expands. So, the Pella windows are lacking here. But despite having Mitered joints, the Jeld Wen has welded corners, which makes it stronger than Pella.

So, Jeld Wen wins again.

Comparison Factor 7 of 7: Price

Pricing mainly depends on the product material and installation cost. It varies from model to model and brand to brand. Usually, Pella windows cost $400 to $1200 per window on average. And Jeld Wen windows cost $300 to $1500 per window on average.

For example, Pella windows are priced. But it has windows of different price ranges. For 250 Vinyl windows, the starting price is $110. However, the average cost exceeds $300.

Jeld-Wen Windows begin at a reasonable price, such as $180. The Vinyl Builders V-2500 is available for this price. But its average price range for the medium Vinyl product is $220 to $850.

So, Jeld Wen is a more quality product on budget, and It’d be wise to purchase it if the pricing matters for you.

Jeld Wen is a clear winner.

Pella vs Jeld Wen- Which is for whom?

Pella Vs. Jeld is like comparing a banana Vs. banana. Two types of banana may look slightly different on the outside, but inside it’s all the same. Pella and Jeld Wen have more similarities than dissimilarities.

Both of these brands have good quality products that are well appreciated for years by its users, both in home and professional settings. Both of the brands provide custom window options so that you can have your window the way you want.

You can choose as per your taste and budget. But, here is what I suggest-

Buy Pella if-

  • You don’t live in a freezing country
  • Your house is not so fancy
  • You have a budget issue
  • Other brands aren’t available in your locality
  • You don’t need versatile collection

Buy Jeld Wen if-

  • You live in a cold country
  • Budget is an issue
  • You need windows for commercial or big home projects
  • You need color and material variations

Final Words

You must have already decided which window brand you are going to choose after reading this in-depth comparison article of Jeld-Wen vs. Pella Windows. Kudos to you!

In my opinion, Jeld Wen provides quality within budget. So, why’d I buy a less-quality window at a higher price? Does it make sense to you?

I have considered 7 fundamental factors that are unavoidable while comparing. You can also look for availability in your locality, the available types and colors of windows, the latest models, and the cost in total.

Everyone will claim their product is the best, but you need to judge the quality on your own before purchasing. Because windows might be taken for granted, buying a bad-quality window can make your life hard.