Pella 150 Vs 250 Vs 350: Which One To Go For?

Choosing the right window that matches the ambiance of your house or office is a very crucial part of your renovation plan.

Your house could be a modern home or decorated with a Victorian theme. Or maybe you are looking for windows for your office. So, what type or brand of windows should you go for?

When it comes to selecting windows, none can beat Pella to it. Pella windows offer a great price range alongside different window styles and finishes. They also offer up to 6 design options that will meet anyone’s renovation needs. However, these features vary according to different window versions.

The most famous series of Pella are Pella 150, Pella 250, and Pella 350 series. But in the Pella 150 vs 250 vs 350 battle, how do you know which one to pick?

8 Comparison Factors Between Pella 150 Vs 250 Vs 350

FactorsPella 150Pella 250Pella 350Winner
Window StyleSingle-hung, double-hung, sliding, and special shapesAwning, casement, single-hung, double-hung, sliding, and pictureAwning, casement, single-hung, double-hung, sliding, combination, fixed, and special-shaped windowsPella 350
Glass Material5 Glass Options8 Glass Options10 Glass OptionsPella 350
Frame MaterialVinylVinylVinylAll
Energy EfficiencyMeets Energy Star guidelinesMeets Energy Star guidelinesMeets Energy Star guidelinesAll
FinishSolid color finishSolid color & dual-color finishSolid color & dual-color finishPella 350
Locking SystemCam-action lockCam-action lockCam-action lockAll
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warrantyAll
Price$245 To $425$250 To $475$450 To $750Pella 250
PartsCheck the priceCheck the priceCheck the price
Pella Window

Comparison Factor 1: Window Style

While installing new windows in your house, the first thing you have to keep in mind is the window style.

Can you imagine how it’s going to look if you suddenly decide to install awning windows inside your bedroom?

This is why it is really important to choose a window that can provide multiple styles for your home or office.

Pella windows offer diversity when it comes to window styles.

Pella 150 series windows are available in Single-hung, double-hung, sliding, and special shapes.

Both Pella 250 and 350 series also offer awning, casement, single-hung, double-hung, and sliding-style windows. Although, Pella 350 series also offers combination, fixed, and specially shaped windows.


For providing a wide range of window styles, this round will go to Pella 350 series.

Comparison Factor 2: Glass Material

A window consists of 80% glass. That is why considering the glass material and quality should be your utmost priority before making the purchase.

Pella 150 series comes with 5 different types of glass material. They offer

  • Clear Low-E Insulating Glass
  • Advanced Low-E Insulating Glass
  • Obscure Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Bronze-Tinted Glass

On the contrary, Pella 250 series comes with 8 different types of glass. Apart from the

  • Clear Low-E Insulating Glass
  • Advanced Low-E Insulating Glass
  • Obscure Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Bronze-Tinted Glass

you can also choose from

  • Natural Low-E with Argon Glass
  • SunDefense Low-E Insulating Glass
  • Triple-Pane Glasses

If you are amazed already by the wide variety of glass options, don’t be yet. Because Pella 350 series offers you 10 different types of glass materials. They are

  • Advanced Low-E Insulating Dual or Triple-Pane with Argon Glass
  • NaturalSun Low-E Insulating Dual or Triple-Pane with Argon Glass
  • SunDefense Low-E Insulating Dual-Pane with Argon Glass
  • Bronze-tinted Advanced Low-E Insulating with Argon Glass
  • Gray Low-E Insulating with Argon Glass
  • Obscure Low-E Insulating Glass
  • HurricaneShield with Impact-Resistant Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Sound Transmission Class Improved Dual-Pane Sound Glass
  • Tempered Glass


It goes without saying that Pella 350 series supersedes all the other versions when it comes down to the range of glass materials.

Comparison Factor 3: Frame Material

Durability is something that we all look for in every part of our home, right?

Between Pella 150, 250, and 350 series, all of their window frames are made out of Vinyl, which adds extra durability by making your windows water and scratch-proof.


Since all 3 versions of Pella windows are made of Vinyl, all of them offer the same durability and finish. You can count on any series of Pella windows in this regard.

Comparison Factor 4: Energy Efficiency

What’s the point of installing a window if it can’t handle the outside heat?

The ability of windows to pass through heat is measured by the U-factor rating. The standard of this rating in the north-central zone is 0.30 or below, and in the southern zone, it is 0.40 or below.

Pella 150, Pella 250, and Pella 350 series windows meet or exceed this Energy Star guideline in all 50 states.


No matter which series or design you choose, Pella windows will always provide you with the same energy efficiency.

Comparison Factor 5: Finish

Windows are one of the most significant elements that give your house a complete look. But wouldn’t it be hard to choose a window design if it doesn’t match your home’s theme?

Pella 150 series offers only solid-color finishes while both Pella 250 and Pella 350 series offer solid and dual-color finishes.

Let’s have a look at the chart to get the specifics.

Window SeriesSolid-Color FinishDual-Color Finish
Pella 150White, Almond, FossilN/A
Pella 250White, Almond, FossilBrown, Black
Pella 350White, AlmondPoplar White, Tan, Fossil, Brown, Portobello, Morning Sky Gray, Hartford Green, Brick Red, Black


The winner of this segment is clearly Pella 350 series as it offers the most color options among all the versions.

Comparison Factor 6: Locking System

Surprisingly, Pella has maintained its consistency for the window locking system across all of its versions.

This means Pella 150, 250, and 350 series have the same locking system, a Cam-action lock.

Cam-action locks hold windows closed and secure by pulling your window sash together. They are super efficient as they are dirt-proof and can be used under any circumstances.


In this regard, all Pella series are equally efficient and secure.

Comparison Factor 7: Warranty

Warranty is an important factor to remember as it shows the quality of the window.

Since Pella 150, 250, and 350 series are manufactured by the same company, all of them offer the same warranty, which is a limited lifetime warranty with 2 years of skilled labor coverage.


There’s no doubt that Pella 150, 250, and 350 series are equally reliable with a limited lifetime warranty.

So if the warranty is one of your concerns, you can easily pick any window version with your eyes closed.

Comparison Factor 8: Price

If we talk about prices, Pella 150 and Pella 250 series walk neck to neck.

You can get a Pella 150 series window in a price range of $245 To $425 USD, and a Pella 250 series window between $250 and $475 USD.

However, Pella 350 series is a bit more expensive than the previous two versions. A Pella 350 series window will cost you around $450 To $750 USD.


Comparing the price range, I would say Pella 150 series is the winner in this term as it provides you with all the Pella specifications at a minimum price.

Why Should You Go For Pella 150 Series?

  • If you worry about warping or sagging, go with the Pella 150 as its precision welding eliminates the ‘vinyl smile.
  • If time is an issue for you, Pella 150 offers you easy installation.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality window on a budget, Pella 150 is there to knock your mind out of the park.

Why Should You Go For Pella 250 Series?

  • If you are tired of poorly manufactured windows, the multichambered frame and fully-welded sash of the Pella 250 series will satisfy you.
  • If you are seeking a tamper prevention system in your windows, the interlocking check rail, steel hardware reinforcement, and unique anti-jar sill of the Pella 250 series will meet your requirements.
  • The durability offered by Pella 250 series is so high that its multichambered frame design is 52% stronger than ordinary vinyl.

Why Should You Go For Pella 350 Series?

  • Pella 350 series windows are made with a fade-resistant formula tested in extreme weathering, durability, and color retention.
  • The insulating glass of this series has been tested at the temperature of 140° F to -20° F. So, they can provide protection even in extreme weather.

Well, here we are, at the end of the article. I hope this has helped you to pinpoint your preference for the specific window type that you have been looking for.

Happy Decoring!


Are Pella 150 Series Good windows?

Pella 150 series windows have undergone testing for good weathering and durability and are easy to install. The fact that they are supported by Pella, a pioneer in the window and door industry for over 90 years, gives your clients peace of mind, which is the most crucial benefit.

What is the best window Pella makes?

The Pella Architect Series Wood Window is the company’s flagship product for which they are most famous.

Is Pella 250 Series A ENERGY STAR?

The energy-efficient options available with Pella 250 Series products will achieve or exceed ENERGY STAR® validation in all 50 states.