Marvin Ultrex Vs Andersen Fibrex: 5 Comparison Factors

Whether you are building a new home or reconstructing the windows- you definitely want the best product.

Talking about the best- ‘Marvin Ultrex’ and ‘Andersen Fibrex’ are the best of all the options out there. These two are built to beat any of their competitors on the scales of strength, durability, energy efficiency, and longer life span.

But among these two, which one should you go for?

In this article, we will discuss which one is stronger, last longer, which technological advancements they bring, how efficient they are, and of course, if you can afford them or not.

So to make a decision best for you and your home- read till the end.

If You’re In Hurry: A Brief Look

The best fiberglass in the United States have some significant differences.

Let’s briefly look into it; this will help you understand them even better or decide if you’re in shortage of time.

However, we suggest you buy some more time to investigate further to make the best decision for your home.

FactorsMarvin UltrexAndersen FibrexWinner
SubstanceFiberglassWood and polymer fiberMarvin Ultrex
CompositeThermoset PolymerThermoplastic PolymerMarvin Ultrex
Durability50 years30-40 yearsMarvin Ultrex
Strength Compared to Vinyl8 times strongertwo times strongerMarvin Ultrex
U -Factor0.20 and lower0.26 and lowerMarvin Ultrex
Eco-friendlyNoYesAndersen Fibrex
PriceCheck the priceCheck the price

Marvin Ultrex Vs. Andersen Fibrex

As from the previous segment, you already have a little insight. Let’s dive into a detailed discussion of five comparison factors of ‘Marvin Ultrex’ and ‘Andersen Fibrex’.


Doors and windows had to stand still against heat, wind, snow, and calamities. Thus they need to be strong.

So, how strong Marvin Ultrex and Andersen Fibrex are? And which one is the stronger?

Both are super strong, made with composites invented by each of their own. However, ‘Marvin Ultrex’ is claimed to be 3x stronger than ‘Andersen Fibrex’.

Marven Ultrex is made with a Thermoset Materials composite. The complex process of this kind of substance’s production makes them invincible and super durable.

Marvel Ultrex is 3times stronger than its competitor Andersen Fibrex and claimed to be eight times more strong than vinyl windows.

On the other hand, Andersen Fibrex is made of 40% wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic material. It is also proven to be strong, flexible, and durable. But when compared to Marvin Ultrex, it falls far behind.

Tensile strength and impact resistance are two indicators that point to strength.

In this indicator, Marvin Ultrex exceeds with a charming number of .12 and 14MFE. At the same time, Andersen Fibrex meets the DS3039 and DS3029 standards, respectively.

FactorsMarvin UltrexAndersen Fibrex
CompositeThermoset PolymerThermoplastic Polymer
Tensile Strength.12DS3039 Standard
Impact Resistance14 MFEDS3029 Standard


A home is an investment, not any liability, and so are its components. The more durable its doors and windows are, the better the return is.

Regarding durability, both Marvin Ultrex and Andersen Fibrex have records of upscaling performance.

However, if compared, Ultrex is the steel of fiberglass. It can undoubtedly last more than half a century if it does not face disastrous calamities.

Its vital material supplies strength against time, and the extruded aluminum-clad finish keeps it from being worn off.

On the other hand, Andersen Fibrex also has an impressive record of lasting 30 to 40 years. Its polymer coating has protected it from corrosion, rust, peeling, and cracking for decades.

About being resistant to heat- Andersen Fibrex won’t be unstable until the thermometer touches 173°. At the same time, Marvin can take up to 285° Fahrenheit.

FactorsMarvin UltrexAndersen Fibrex
FinishAluminum CladPolymer
LongevityAlmost 50 years30-40 years
Heat Deflection173° F285° F

Technological Advancements

First it was just wooded, then came vinyl- now is the time of fibers and fiber glasses.

It’s the technology that creates and adds credibility. In this question, I must admit both are above the minimum standard.

However, the technology used to make Marvin Ultrex is much more competent than the Andersen Fibrex.

Ultrex is made of fiberglass composites that are heated to a length and then cooled down to reach extreme sturdiness.

On the other hand, Andersen Fibrex consists of fiber technology. It’s no fiberglass but rather a compound made of different composites.

FactorsMarvin UltrexAndersen Fibrex
TechnologyFiberglassWood and polymer fiber

Heat & Sound Proofing

Except for its summertime, and the wind is mind-blowing outside- you would probably be comfortable keeping the heat and sound out. But a window not good at proofing the sound and heat will surely fail.

For your help, both Ultrex and Fibrex windows are good enough in sound and heatproofing.

The Marvin Ultrex has three choices, and all three meet the STC benchmark. However, one has extra layers that go the extra mile to prove the heat and sound to an added extent.

In contrast, Andersen Fibrex has the total capacity to put the exterior sound out. Any sound within 125-4000 Hz will not pass the window. It owns an excelling STC certification.

In the case of heatproofing, all you have to do is look at the U-factor of any given window.

Marvin Ultrex gives you 0.20 and lower, whereas the standard is 0.30 and more inadequate.

On the contrary, Andersen Fibrex provides 0.26 and lower, which is a decent score, but lower than Marvin Ultrex.

FactorsMarvin UltrexAndersen Fibrex
U-factor0.20 and lower0.26, and lower


Here comes the most significant factor. All we can desire but little do our bank account allow.

Ultrex and Fibrex are a bit more expensive than any other conventional windows, but Andersen Fibrex is a bit less expensive than the Marven Ultrex.

You can get a Marvin Ultrex within a price range of 800$ to 2000$ per unit. While an Andersen Fibrex will cost you somewhere between 700$ to 1500$ per unit.

Point to be noted here- prices can go up or down depending on the market condition and availability. Different models will also come with different prices.

FactorsMarvin UltrexAndersen Fibrex
Price800$ – 2000$750$ -1500$
Marvin Windows

Pick Marvin Ultrex: When & Why?

Reflecting upon this prior discussion, Marvin Ultrex won the game with a significant stake.

You should choose Marvin windows when you aim to have the most long-lasting, technologically advanced, most efficient sound and heat proofing and, of course, when you can afford the extra money.


  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Good designs
  • Efficient heat & soundproofing
  • Rust, corrosion, temperature resistant


  • Expensive
Andersen Windows

Pick Andersen Fibrex: When & Why?

In the world of windows and doors- Andersen may not be the biggest name, but one of the biggest, it is for sure.

Their innovation, the Fibrex, is a fine quality material that lasts a very long time, requires less maintenance, looks good, and doesn’t cost too much.

Don’t you think all these reasons are convincing enough to buy the Andersen Fibrex?


  • Green product as recycled materials are used in the making
  • Durable yet less reasonable price
  • Decent heat and soundproofing
  • No painting needed
  • Rust, corrosion resistant


  • More expensive than conventional vinyl windows

3 Tips to Make your Window Last Longer

Just buying and installing a piece of hardware is not the end. Proper maintenance will bring the best usage of any given product.

So, here we get three tips to make your window last even longer.

Keep Them Clean

The rusty wind, snow, and rain fill the windows with dirt and dust. If not cleaned once in a while, these specks of dirt and dust particles will think of your window as their permanent home and cause corrosion.

So, it is better to make time and clean the windows once a month or two.

Carefully Close or Open

Whenever you close or open the window, be careful not to bang it. A smooth push should be good enough.

This little manner will enhance the durability to a long extent.

Replace Broken Parts

Material objects will malfunction and break no matter how careful you are. A lot of factors may work as the reason behind that.

However, replacing whenever a little part goes will protect the other features that are still pristine.

Final Words

Vinyl and wood are long gone, now is the time of fiberglass. They are sturdy and reasonable.

Marvin Ultrex and Andersen Fibrex are two legendary names in fiber and fiberglass windows.

So far, we have covered every aspect that distinguishes them from each other- that gives power to each other.

Consider all these data and choose the one best for you.

I hope you have a home that lasts centuries and prospers with peace.


Are Marvin Windows better than Andersen?

With 50 standard colors to pick from and various wood types, Andersen’s E-Series performs admirably.

Marvin, on the other hand, excels in this area by providing more and better options. Six color possibilities with Marvin Elevate, compared to eleven with Fibers.

Are Fibrex windows any good?

Vinyl cannot compete with composite Fibrex windows for durability, energy efficiency, or environmental effect.

One drawback is that they cost more, but over time you’ll save money and time because Fibrex lasts almost twice as long as vinyl.

Is Fibrex better than fiberglass?

Fibrex has a more authentic wood appearance than fiberglass windows since it is made from genuine wood.

The ideal composite material for usage in windows today is fibrex.

As a result, the cost of fibrex-based windows is typically higher than that of other materials.

What windows are comparable to Andersen?

Windows from Andersen and Pella, which we’ll discuss next, are frequently contrasted.

Although both companies produce high-quality windows, Andersen is often less expensive than Pella. Pella, on the other hand, has additional window material options.