How To Dress A Window Without Curtains: For Home & Office

Windows without curtains! Listening to this, your ancestors’ eyes would dry up!

But curtains are considered quite old-fashioned in the 21st century. A minimal look with less maintenance is the key for fast-paced people. In the USA, dressing windows without curtains is very normal. And I know you, too, want to try out something different.

In this article, I have jotted down every option you could possibly have to dress your home or office windows according to the room and window types.

I have also provided a list of window treatments so you can choose between them. You’ll also have the recommended product list for your home or office at the end.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Dress A Window Without Curtains

A window is very important for the ventilation and decoration of a home or office. And dressing a window without curtains may sound tough, but not impossible.

If you are creative, love DIY, or are concerned about the look of your home or office, you can pick any option from the following charts and dress your windows.

Dress a Window Without Curtains for Home

Window typeLivingBedDiningGuestBathKitchen
CasementHangingsFrosted glassLace & PlantsPainted glassShadesGlass bottles
Double/Single HungBlindsRoman shadesValencesLace & PlantsFrosted glassShades
PicturePlantsShutterPrivacy ScreenShadesShutterValences
BayRoller blindsAustrian shadesCornicesBlindsPrivate screenPlants
SlidingSwags & CascadesCornicesSwags & CascadesShutterBlindsHangings
HopperPainted glassValancesFrosted glassFrosted glassValencesPainted glass

Dress a Window Without Curtains for Office

Window typeReceptionPrivate OfficeOpen spaceConference roomBreak roomBathroom
CasementVenetian blindsRoller shadesShutterBlindsShutterBlinds
FixedPainted glassFrosted glassPlants & bottlesFrosted glassHangingsPrivacy screen
Double/Single HungValencesBlindsRoman shadesShutterPainted glassFrosted glass
PivotedFrosted glassPainted glassFrosted glassFrosted glassPlantsFrosted glass

5 Steps To Dress A Window Without Curtains

For both home and office, you can dress your windows without curtains. You can follow these 5 steps to achieve an aesthetic, minimalist, or soothing window dressing- any style that fits your room.

Step 1: Select the Room

When you are considering an office or home- first decide which place you want to decorate. Because dressing a window depends on which room you are decorating.

For example, if it is your living room at home, you should avoid using a private screen. Or if it’s for your office’s conference room, then you should go for frosted glasses.

I hope you have already gained an idea from the charts.

Step 2: Find the Window Type

Windows have many different types and vary from country to country. There are mainly 6 types of windows commonly seen in residences in the USA. They are-

  • Casement
  • Double/Single Hung
  • Picture
  • Bay
  • Sliding
  • Hopper

Different brands make different kinds of windows in customization, so this should be your concern to identify your window type to know which one would be efficient for you.

Again, the offices in the USA mainly have 4 types of windows. Such as

  • Casement
  • Fixed
  • Double/Single Hung
  • Pivoted

If you cannot find out your window type, seek an expert’s help.

Step 3: Select Window Dressing Type

Once you are done with selecting the room and window type, time to choose the perfect window treatments for your windows. There are so many ways to dress a window without curtains. You can choose any of the following. Color, material, budget, and brand depend solely on your choice.

You can use these for your home windows-

  • Blinds
  • Frosted glass
  • Glass bottles
  • Lace
  • Plants
  • Privacy screen
  • Roman shades
  • Hangings
  • Valences
  • Shutter

You can use these for your office windows-

  • Venetian blinds
  • Roller shades
  • Blinds
  • Shutter
  • Plants
  • Bottles
  • Frosted glass
  • Hangings
  • Painted glass
  • Privacy screen

Step 4: Choose the Right Component as Window Treatment

After choosing your desired window treatment type, choose the color and material according to your need. Keep the following 7 considerations in mind-

Room Size & Wall Color

Choose the color of the window treatments according to the room size and the color of the walls. If the room is big and spacious, you can use dark-colored bigger objects or heavier window treatments.

If the room size is small, use small and light-colored objects to decorate your window.

The Sunlight & Wind Direction

The direction of the sun and wind to your house is very important when choosing window treatments.

For south-facing windows, avoid using shades or blinds that may create obstacles in passing the wind. Instead, use beautiful hangings and valances or paint the window glass.

If you get too much sunlight, dirt, and heat from your window, use blinds or shutters to get rid of these.

Privacy Concern

Privacy depends on the purpose of the room. For residences, master beds and guest rooms need privacy. For offices, private office rooms, meeting rooms, and bathrooms need privacy. So, keep that in mind and choose window treatments accordingly.

It is better to use shutters, frosted glass, or blinds on windows if the room needs privacy.


Before buying any dressing for your windows, choose quality materials and fabrics to use for a long time.

Shutters, blinds, and shades are more durable than any other window treatments. These are made of plastic, aluminum, and synthetic materials and have been durable for over 5 years.


Maintenance is a significant factor in choosing any object for window dressing. If you use fabric-made objects, they’ll be harder to clean and dry. Your family members or office employees can be allergic to dust, so keep that in mind.

If you use plastic-made or wooden objects, it’ll be easier to wipe and clean.

Energy Efficiency

Curtains are the most energy-efficient objects. But if you dress your window without curtains, you better look for objects that have energy efficiency.

It won’t be as efficient as curtains, but workable. Using fabric shades or privacy screens on windows can be effective.


The window decoration and dressing items can be very cheap and expensive. You can choose according to your budget. For dressing one window, you can have a minimum budget of $20.

Also, don’t think that expensive things are always beautiful and durable. You can also DIY window treatments.

Step 5: Install the Window Treatments

After finalizing the room, window, and components, it’s time to buy and install the treatments.

Installing shutters and blinds need expert hands. Otherwise, you can buy window treatments and adjust them on your windows. The installation process is not that hard.

Window Covers – Which Is For Whom?

So far, I’ve suggested a wide range of window treatments as per your window and room type. You can customize it according to your need and taste.

If Budget is a Concern

Go for plastic-made shutters or blinds. Or make your own DIY hangings, paint glasses, or use spare and unused objects at home. Among all the window coverings, curtains are the most expensive ones. So, the budget won’t be a problem in this case.

If Time is a Concern

Better, seek an expert’s help or look for assembled shutters or blinds to save time. Avoid DIY if you can’t give time properly.

If Effort is the Concern

You should avoid fabric-made products or any lace, jewelry, or fancy products as they require a lot of maintenance. Instead, go for simple shutters, blinds, or shades; these are easy to clean and maintain.

Final Verdict

Windows are the eyes of your home, so covering them for privacy is a must. And who says only curtains can cover it?

This is the 21st century, and there are hundreds of ways to cover your windows. Also, decorating windows enhances the beauty of the place; gives a warm and homely vibe.

Even if you want to give it a professional look, you will still need perfectly matched window treatments for your office. So, knowing how to dress a window without curtains is very important.

I hope this article has helped you in making decisions.

Happy decorating!


How can I cover my window for privacy without curtains?

Yes, you can cover your windows for privacy even if you don’t use curtains. The blinds, shades, or shutters are the best to cover the windows. These window treatments are cheap, durable, and easy to clean covers for windows. Nowadays, people prefer blinds over curtains.

What are the cheap ways to cover windows?

The cheapest way to cover your windows is using roller blinds or Roman shades. You can find them only for $10-$15, and works very fine. These can protect you from sunlight and dirt and give you privacy. You can also use valances, hangings, plants, and glass bottles. These are also cheap options.