Andersen A Series Vs 400: What Are The Differences?

Currently, North America has the largest window manufacturers all over the world, and Andersen is sitting on top of that list.

If you are surfing around for construction or replacement windows, Andersen is your best bet. But how do you know which Andersen series is best-fitted for your house?

The A-series and 400 series are two of their best-selling product lines. The A-series windows are made with a touch of fine architectural style, while the 400 series are designed to last longer and provide a blend of performance and style.

But that’s not everything when it comes down to the Andersen A series vs 400 series comparison.

By the end of this article, you will have a brief professional idea of both of these product lines and decide more efficiently on your choice.

8 Comparison Factors Between Anderson A Series Vs 400

Both the Anderson 400 series and A-series windows are created to satisfy a wide range of window needs. Let’s get into the details to know more.

FactorsA Series400 SeriesWinner
Window Style5 styles, 34 special shapes6 styles, 200 special shapes400 series
Window MaterialWood, fiberglass, and fibrexWood and vinylA-series
Glass Material7 types6 typesA-series
Energy EfficiencyEnergy Star rated (all glass types)Energy Star ratedA-series
Finish11 exteriors, 7 interior colors7 exteriors, 3 interior colorsA-series
HardwareTraditional and Contemporary folding rotators and latchesAdditional Estate and Classic Series styles400 series
Warranty20 years limited on glass, 10 years limited on all other parts20 years limited on glass, 10 years limited on all other partsBoth
Price$799-$1000+ per window$579-$1000+ per window400 series
PartsCheck the priceCheck the price

Comparison Factor 1: Window Style

Every one of us has their own preferences when it comes to our forever home, right?

Starting from the color to the furniture, we all want our houses to show off our taste.

Windows and doors carry a significant role while giving your home the preferred outlook. This is why it is really important to match your window design with the overall ambiance of your house.

The Andersen A-series windows come in 5 different styles while the Anderson 400 series comes with 6 different window styles. Let’s have a look at them.

Window Styles of A-SeriesWindow Styles of 400 Series
34 Special Shapes
20 Special Shapes

As you can see, apart from the basic styles, both the A-series and 400 series come in specially shaped windows as well.


In terms of different basic styles, the Andersen 400 series beats the A-series just by a thread.

However, the A-series offers more specially shaped windows than the 400 series which is a pretty hard bargain to consider.

Comparison Factor 2: Window Material

We all know that the best materials offer the best durability. The interior window sash and frames of both series are made out of wood. However, the materials are different for the exterior portion.

The A-series uses fiberglass and fibrex for the exterior while the 400 series uses vinyl, a material made from PVC.

Fibrex is a type of plastic that is two times more durable than vinyl. It is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, vinyl windows are maintenance free and the Andersen 400 series windows are manufactured with Perma-Shield technology which makes them corrosion-free as well.


Although the 400 series offers you windows that don’t require maintenance, the A-series offers more durability.

So for this round, my personal favorite is the Andersen A-series windows.

Comparison Factor 3: Glass Material

Andersen windows are mostly famous because of their glasses. They offer a wide range of glass varieties that can serve you for different purposes.

The Andersen A-series comes with 7 types of glasses while the Andersen 400 series comes with 6 different types of glasses.

Glass Types of A-SeriesGlass Types of 400 Series
Low-E4 Glass
Low-E4 Glass with Heatlock Coating 
PassiveSun Glass
SmartSun Glass
SmartSun Glass with Heatlock Coating 
Sun GlassTriple-Pane Glass
Low-E4 Glass
Low-E4 Glass with Heatlock Coating 
PassiveSun Glass
SmartSun Glass
SmartSun Glass with Heatlock Coating 
Sun Glass


Considering the versatility that the A-series offers, it’s the winner of this round.

Comparison Factor 4: Energy Efficiency

Apart from giving us outdoor views, windows also protect our house from different weather calamities.

So what’s the point of having windows if they can’t perform the latter task efficiently?

The Andersen A-series windows are ideal for all climates, especially for the homes you worry about in hot summers and cold winters. They are Energy Star-rated and currently the best-performing energy-efficient windows in the market.

On contrary, Andersen 400 series also offers energy efficiency and weather resistance. But only their Low-E4 Glass with Heatlock Coating and SmartSun Glass with Heatlock Coating are Energy Star rated, making them less energy-efficient than the A-series.


Andersen windows are compatible with any type of weather. Between the A-series and the 400 series, the A-series offers the best energy-efficient glasses, so they hold the advantage in this criteria.

Comparison Factor 5: Finish

What’s more unappealing than a basic window? Probably a colorless window. That’s why Andersen windows come in many different color finishes so that you can find exactly what you are looking for.

The Andersen A-series comes with 11 different exterior color finishes, 7 interior colors, 6 wooden finishes, and 6 stain finishes.

And the 400 series windows are designed with 7 exterior finishes, 3 interior colors, and only 1 wooden finish.


The Andersen A-series provides you with a lot more color options than the 400 series, so they are the crowned champion in this area.

Comparison Factor 6: Hardware

Suppose you are renovating your house and you decide to go with the cheapest windows you could find in the market. Can you imagine how it’s gonna turn out?

The usual windows you will find in the market often come with basic hardware. But that’s not the case with the Andersen windows.

The Andersen A-series windows include traditional and contemporary folding rotators and latches. They provide the windows with extra strength and security.

The Andersen 400 series windows also come with a folding rotator and latches. But that’s not just it. Their windows also provide additional Estate and Classic series styles, which give the windows a modern look.


Because of the extra styling and unique locking system, Andersen 400 series supersedes the A-series in this regard.

Comparison Factor 7: Warranty

Andersen has an owner-2-owner policy that allows you to transfer the windows to the next owner in the event of the house selling. In terms of the warranty, both the A-series and the 400 series offer a limited warranty.

This warranty guarantees that the glass in your windows will be defect-free for 20 years, and the other parts will function properly for 10 years. 

However, there are some limitations for improper installation, modification, or addition of some extra components like locks.


Since both series are under the same manufacturer, their warranty is the same as well. This makes them equally reliable in this criteria.

Comparison Factor 8: Price

If you are seeking the best quality, you ought to pay a higher price. 

The A-series is considered a luxury window line and more expensive than the 400 series. The price varies depending on the window style, size, and finishes.

While you can get a 400 series window within the price range of $579-$1000+, you can expect to pay around $799-$1000+ bucks for an A-series window.


Comparing the prices, I will have to say that the Andersen 400 series offers all the latest specs and features at a cheaper price than the A-series

Andersen A Series Vs 400: Which One To Go For?

As we have reached the end of the article, you must have a clear idea already on which window to pick. However, here’s a little more grease for your decision.

If you are an architect or a designer who’s looking to give your home an authentic historical style, the Andersen A-series is for you. They are also a great choice for people living in extreme weather for their energy efficiency.

Nonetheless, the 400 series will be a great pick for you if you are using them as wood interior replacement windows. Their designs are perfectly suitable for people who are going for a modern house.

That’s all! You have successfully completed your research on both the A-series and the 400 series of Andersen. Now it’s time for you to start renovating your house!



Is Andersen a-series worth it?

If you’re searching for inexpensive windows that are energy-efficient and low-maintenance, then the Andersen A-series is well worth it. The company says that these windows, which are composed of Andersen’s renowned Fibrex composite material, last twice as long as vinyl windows.

Why do Andersen windows fog up?

When warm, moist air meets cooler surfaces, like the glass of your window on a chilly winter day, condensation occurs. Even though condensation happens most frequently in the winter, it can also occur whenever warm air that contains water vapor comes into touch with a cold surface.