Why Are Rugs So Expensive? How To Pick The Best Rug?

Rugs are the most common item in any household and are bought the most. Despite the demand for rugs, the price will leave you appalled. Something so familiar is supposed to have a smaller price tag, right?

But rugs cost more than you have estimated. It has an alarmingly higher price tag.  So, prepare your budget and plan on buying your rug accordingly. But the main question is, Why are rugs so expensive?

You’ll find many rugs options while browsing through any home decor store. Big, small, neutral, wool, cotton, etc. With so many options, why are rugs still costly? Every apartment, big or small, needs a rug. Even the decent rugs are about a couple hundred dollars, while the high-end ones are at least one thousand dollars.

Rugs are a piece of fabric, after all. Then what is it with the price? In this article, we will investigate why rugs are so expensive? Let’s get into more details.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of A Rug

There are certainly a few aspects that play a huge role in the overall cost of a rug. The cost depends on the construction, material, size, and color of the carpet. The material and how the rug is made are one of the main factors behind costing.

Comparison FactorsHandmade RugsMachine Made Rugs
Manufacturing ProcessLoom, Weave, Hook, and Tuft by handsLoom, Weave, Hook, and Tuft by machines
MaterialWool. silk, and jutePolypropylene, nylon, acrylic, and art silk
OriginTurkey, Iran, and MoroccoChina
Size9X12 size (takes 12 months)9X12 size (takes 1 week)
PriceCheck the priceCheck the price

Crafting rugs is an art. Skilled artisans intricately craft every detail to create the perfect fabric. It has to be durable and look aesthetic.

Preparing a rug can be a pretty long process.

Manufacturing Process

However, some rugs are either hand-woven or machine-made. Making hand-woven rugs can be lengthy and take a few months or even years. So, the hefty price tag on them is justified.

In contrast, machine-made rugs can be crafted in a few hours or days. So, they are comparatively cheaper. You can easily notice the difference between a hand-woven rug and a machine-made rug. The detailing, material, and durability vastly differ between them.

So, the longer a rug takes to be made, the more expensive it is.


The material of the rug is also a significant factor. The price will likely be high if the material is more rigid and durable. Wool and silk are the most costly materials used in making rugs. Besides,  cheap rugs are often less durable and turn into rags after a couple of years.


Next up, we have another factor which is the origin. The origin matters because the labor cost is different in different countries. In some countries, it is cheaper than in others.

For instance, in China, most carpets or rugs are machine-made. So, a minimal skill set is required while producing them. This is why rugs made in china are cheaper.

On the other hand, rugs that are from Turkey, Iran, and Morocco are much costlier. Because the workers have been passing on the rug business from generation to generation, they are more skilled. These rugs are more expensive than Chinese rugs.

Size & Color

Finally, the size and color. It’s no surprise that the size of the rugs is a factor to consider. Area rugs are much more expensive than small rugs. Because they have more material. The rugs are priced according to the square footage.

What Materials Are Used To Make Rugs?

The quality of the rug solely depends on the material that is used. There are tons of materials to choose from. Usually, mats are made from natural fiber like wool, cotton, or synthetic fiber like nylon or polyester. But what’s with the price?

Well, rugs made out of natural fiber tend to be more expensive. So, the overall price of the rug depends on the material being used. This is why some rugs tend to be more costly than others.


Wool is a natural fiber that is sturdy, durable, and has a soft texture to it. They even last for a few decades without degrading the color or pattern. Besides durability, wool has a smooth and plush surface that everyone loves. This is why the most expensive rugs are made of wool.


Another expensive and luxurious material is silk. Silk rugs have grabbed the limelight since time immemorial. They have the shiniest texture that can make any room look fancy.

Have you ever wondered why Persian rugs are so expensive? Because they are made with silk or with a combination of silk and wool. Silk rugs are a luxury not everyone can afford, not because of the price tag but because of the maintenance.

Only professional and skilled cleaners can clean silk rugs. Or else the quality can be compromised. These luxurious rugs are also not fit for homes with kids or pets.


Jute rugs are a more affordable option if you are on a budget. The material is heavy, and they have chunky weaves. Jute rugs are the best for rough use. They bring out a bohemian vibe to any room.

The best part of jute is that it can be dyed in any color you want. But the cons of this material is that they shed a lot. So, you’ll need to vacuum quite frequently.

Apart from this, if you’re looking for a rug within your budget, go for jute rugs.


Nylon is a sturdy synthetic fiber. It is more durable and less expensive than silk and wool. It can handle a lot of foot traffic and is absolutely kid-friendly.

Another perk is that the material is very water absorbent. So you don’t have to worry about accidental spills.


After nylon, another inexpensive option is polyester. It is less durable but stain-resistant. Unlike nylon, polyester is not highly absorbent, which is a bummer. But polyester is more affordable and eco-friendly.

So, which material would you choose?

Why Are Turkish Rugs So Expensive?

Like other oriental rugs, Turkish rugs have a higher price tag. Turkish rugs are well known for their unique weaves, intricate details, and delicate texture. They are pretty expensive if they’re compared with other synthetic rugs. But there’s a good reason for it.

Firstly, it’s labor cost. Labor cost differs from country to country, and it is higher in Turkey. The Turkish village of Usak in Central Anatolia has been in the rug business for the last few decades.

So, they have already established a higher ground in the carpet business and stolen the limelight with their products. Naturally, the rugs are bound to have a higher price, right?

That is one of the main reasons. The craftsmen are skilled and polished in their expertise. Another reason is the material. Turkish rugs are mostly made of a combination of silk and wool. They are one of the finest materials out there.

Moreover, the detailing and texture of Turkish rugs just put an additional price tag on them.

Tips For While Going Rug Shopping

Second-hand rugs: If you are on a strict budget, consider buying used ones. There is nothing wrong with buying second-hand rugs. You can get better deals than purchasing new ones. Just make sure to check properly before getting an old rug.

Buy something that will last long: It’s hard to predict which rugs will last longer while going out to shop for rugs. Whichever store you choose to purchase from, check the material carefully before buying. Whether they are Ikea rugs or Wayfair rugs, it doesn’t matter; what matters is what it’s off. So, keep an eye out.

Consider buying natural fiber: Natural fiber is the best for rugs. Despite the considerable price tag, it has everything you can expect from a rug. It is more durable, easier to clean, and holds color for decades. They are more expensive so be prepared.

Avoid polyester: Polyester is a cheaper alternative, but there are a few downsides. The fiber can hold dirt and dust very easily. So, you will have to vacuum a lot. The worst part is, it is pretty impossible to get rid of all of the dirt. So, you’ll get a worn-down and faded rug at the end.

Bottom Line

To wrap it up, rugs may be ordinary pieces of furniture in everyone’s home, but their price is justified.

While rug shopping, many people wonder why rugs are so expensive? Well, now you know the answer. The material, labor cost, and size factors hike up costs. Some rugs cost less than other rugs.

That doesn’t mean they’re bad. Rugs made of jute are also durable, but it’s nothing when you compare them with silk or wool.

On the other hand, if your house has a lot of foot traffic, consider buying jute/nylon rugs. They are better than silk rugs in that case. So, the type of rug you want also comes down to your convenience.


Why are hand-knotted rugs so expensive?

The hand-knotted rugs are made by weaving each knot individually with their own hands in a designed loom. These rugs take a long time to make compared to machine-made rugs.

Besides, they are also more durable. So, before you wonder why rugs are so expensive, think about how much effort it took to make one.

Do rugs get more value?

Old rugs do get a higher selling price. But some rugs lose artistic value no matter how antique they are. It turns into a worn-down rug.

Why are some rugs so expensive?

It all comes down to the material, origin, and how long it took to make. Some rugs have a higher value because they’re made of wool or silk. Not only that, if they are hand-knotted oriental rugs, then they will be more expensive.

Why are Persian rugs so expensive?

Persian rugs are a great investment. They age like fine wine. They’re made of the finest silk and wool, which will never go out of style. Their durability and artistic appeal are out of this world. No wonder they’re more expensive. But purchasing one will be a great investment.