How To Get Creases Out Of Rugs: 10 Homemade Ways To Follow

Creasing is permanent damage to the rug. Creasing can happen due to heat, moisture, pressure, and other factors.

Creases can be an eyesore on your rugs. In fact, it’s one of the most common problems with oriental carpets. You may have seen one or two creases in your life, and they can really ruin the look of your rugs.

How to get creases out of rugs? Some people aren’t familiar with the term and don’t know what it means. They think “crease” is a synonym for “crack” or “problem.” If you have a rug, it is likely to have some folds on it. These telltale signs may make you question your rug’s fabric quality and how old it is.

If you want to get rid of creases in your rug, there are certain things that you can do at home. There may also be some variation between different types of rugs. However, there are a few ways to remove them without ruining any of the fibers in the rug.

In this article, I will show you 10 methods you can follow to eliminate creases from your rug at home.

How To Get Creases Out Of Rugs At Home?

Whether you need to get rid of the creases in your carpet or want to get rid of them permanently, you will want to follow these methods.

MethodsEstimated Required Time
Roll The Rug In Reverse3-4 days
Lay Out The Rug3-4 days
Put Weight On The Rug7 days
Heat Up The Rug4-6 hours
Fold The Corners3-4 days
Steam The Rug4-6 hours
Water Spray The Rug2-3 hours
Use Wrinkle Remover2-3 hours
Ice The Rug6-12 hours
Tape The Rug30-60 minutes
Roll The Rug

Method 1: Roll The Rug In Reverse

  • Reverse rolling a rug is one of the simplest ways to get it to lay flat on the ground.
  • First, unroll the new rug and then roll it in the other direction. If the rug is rolled with the top facing out, roll it with the bottom facing out.
  • Loosely bind the reverse-rolled rug with a string and leave it there for a few days. This will release the strands and train them to rest in the opposite way.

Method 2: Lay Out The Rug

  • After receiving your new area rug home, lay it on the floor as soon as possible.
  • Make a note of any wrinkles or bent fibers that may require attention, but wait a few days before doing anything about them.
  • Sometimes, all the rug needs to smooth out and restructured with gravity and time.
  • Try some of the methods below if the rug still exhibits creases or doesn’t exactly lay flat on the floor after a week.

Method 3: Put Weight On The Rug

  • To make your rug lay flat and eliminate some creases, you may also try weighing it down.
  • If your rug is small enough, place it flat between your bed and box spring to ensure it stays that way for a week.
  • Try weighing down your rug with a stack of heavy books or furniture if the corners are rising or not lying flat against the floor.
  • To ensure they remain down, leave the weight on top of the rug for up to a week.
  • To ensure the corners stay down, turn the rug over and place weight on the back.

Method 4: Heat Up The Rug

  • Heating your area rug that is made of natural fibers might aid in getting rid of wrinkles that prevent it from resting flat on the floor.
  • To warm the rug’s back, place it in the sun for a few hours.
  • The fibers become more flexible to movement due to heat-induced loosening.
  • After the rug has warmed up, reverse-roll it to remove creases.
  • A hairdryer can also be used to heat up your rug.
  • Only use the medium heat settings and hold the hair dryer 6 to 9 inches away to avoid melting or scorching the rug.
  • Keep the hairdryer moving at all times.
  • Never allow a single area to become excessively warm.
  • The rug should be warm enough before being folded opposite of the wrinkle and allowed to cool before laying it.

Method 5: Fold The Corners

  • Fold the corners of your rug under itself to realign the fibers downward if they continue to curl up.
  • Never walk on the corners or increase pressure on them. This could result in creasing or a bend in the wrong direction.
Steam The Rug

Method 6: Steam The Rug

  • Your rug will become smoother if you add a little moisture.
  • Rugs made of synthetic cotton or wool work best with this technique, although it is best to test a tiny section of the rug first to ensure the colors won’t leak.
  • Use the upholstered tool on your steamer to lightly dampen the rug’s back.
  • Never soak the fibers in water.
  • To remove the crease, carefully bend the rug in that direction and let it dry.
  • Try rolling in reverse first, then steam again if the crease still exists.

Method 7: Water Spray The Rug

  • For dents and wrinkles, water alone can be used too.
  • Use a spray bottle to mist the area rather than soaking it.
  • This will not only better disperse the water and mend your rug, but it will also stop any color from dripping.
  • When the area is damp, gently move the fibers with your fingertips or a comb until they feel fudged up again.

Method 8: Use Wrinkle Remover

  • You can remove creases off an area rug by using a wrinkle-removal spray safe for upholstery or drapes.
  • The spray allows the fibers to relax so that they are easily manipulated in any direction.
  • Use a cloth or spoon to shift the fibers in the right direction. Lay the rug flat on the floor to dry.

Method 9: Ice The Rug

  • Furniture can create wrinkles in your rug after a while. Put an ice cube in each of these creases and let it melt throughout the night to remove them.
  • In the morning, soak up any water that is left over, then use a spoon or cloth to position the fibers.
  • Before using this technique, make sure your rug’s colors won’t fade when soaked.
Tape The Rug

Method 10: Tape The Rug

  • Use double-sided masking tape or corner protectors to keep your rug’s corners flat against the floor.
  • This fix is compatible with both carpeted and hardwood flooring.
  • Put the masking tape on the rug’s back and press it firmly into the ground.
  • Additionally, by doing this, you can keep your rug in position as you move across it.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Carpet Without A Stretcher

After washing, you may discover that your area rug has wrinkles. Most often, this is because the rug is still damp; once it is completely dry, the wrinkles should disappear.

Avoid using heaters or dryers when drying your rug; place it flat on a clean, firm surface. It will take about 24 hours for the whole process to be completed.

If your area rug still wrinkles after thorough cleaning and drying, there may be shampoo or other cleaning product residue on the rug that is keeping it from lying flat. In this situation, you should rinse the rug once again until the water is clean before you dry it again.

Final Words

How to get creases out of rugs is probably the first question most people ask when they walk into a carpet store. Many people also think creases are permanent and can’t be removed, but this isn’t true!

There are several ways to remove creases from rugs if you don’t want them anymore and feel like replacing them with another one (if your current one is perfect).


Can a rug wrinkle be ironed out?

If your rug doesn’t lay flat on the floor after a few days of sun or steam drying, it may be time to break out the pressing iron. A rolled rug can be flattened, and its folded or curled edges can be straightened with a pressing iron.

How can ripples in a new rug be flattened?

Roll the rug in reverse to force the crooked fibers to lay the other way. The fibers can be loosened by using heat or moisture. Applying a consistent and heavy weight will also flatten the rug.

How much do rugs cost?

You can check the price for different rugs from here.