Can Roomba Go Over Rugs? How Does It Do With Rugs That Have Fringe?

Are you the one concerned about the beauty and cleanliness of your home? And facing difficulties in redressing the right things to bring about your daydream?

If yes, then you are in the right place. This article is going to answer all your questions.

The rugs are part of the Home that everyone is very sensitive about, whether it is about the  color, design, or material. After choosing a good thing, it is very important to maintain it. And a very important question about rugs maintenance is, can Roomba go over rugs? below is the article to answer all your questions.

Can Roomba Go Over Rugs?

Yes! Roomba gets an astonishing measure of soil, dust, pet hair, and other miscellaneous items from your rugs and hard floors.

Let me show you which rug materials are compatible with Roomba.

Rug MaterialRoomba CompatibilityDifferent Roomba Prices
WoolYesCheck the price
SilkYesCheck the price
CottonYesCheck the price
JuteYesCheck the price
PolyesterYesCheck the price

Robot vacuums can go over rugs and mats as well, given the circumstances, for certain distinctions.

Indeed, when the robot has “climbed” the floor covering, dislike they all charge something very similar, and there are different issues you have not pondered that may come up.

Can Roomba Go Over Rugs With Fringe?

Does the Roomba get stuck on the fringe? Will it snag on the fringe? Well! It entirely depends upon the measurement of the fringe.

If your rug’s fringe is 2 ½ inches long, then Roomba does it no harm. But if your carpet has a long fringe, Roomba will rip out and tear the edges of the fringes. It might get stuck at the edges. Better is to avoid its use on the fringe as it chews up the fringe.

Roomba’s efficiency and response to the rug’s fringe also depend upon its model. Recently, Roomba’s makers at iRobot launched the latest vacuum generation. It has a long-life battery, a more powerful vacuum, and fancy new virtual walls to help the robot navigate the house.

This latest model of Roomba does no snagging on the fringe.

How To Get Roomba Over Threshold?

If there is enough clearance under the Roomba, you can get it to go over the threshold.

During a cleaning cycle, the maximum height of the threshold that all Roomba models can cross over is 5/8 inches or 1.6cm. But if your threshold height is more than 2 cm, use thick plexiglass to overcome this problem. It should be 3-4mm thick, as wide as the door frame, and 2-3 times as long as the Roomba.

Common Roomba Problem

Roomba has a problem getting into the black carpet. Because the dark shades of the rugs give it the signals of falling off the stairs, it does not work on black carpets.

But you can trick the Roomba to fix this problem. This trick is for sensors. Stick the white stickers on every single sensor on your Roomba. Now start the Roomba and vacuum your black carpets!

Different Models Of Roomba

Roomba has evolved throughout the years. Their product line is 615, 675,690, e5, i3+, 960 i6+, i7, s9+, and s9. Within Roomba’s product line, you’ll find that some models are better suited for certain jobs over there.

But you can rest assured that there is almost definitely one that solves your biggest cleaning concerns, whether you want a Roomba that will deep clean your carpet or one that will vacuum your house at a minimal cost.

Roomba 960

It is right in the middle regarding price and features. It is now the only 900 series robot available since the 980 was discontinued. The i7 and s9 are the models above it, and the e series in the 600 below it.

The 960, therefore, is the cheapest Roomba you can get with a camera associated with smart navigation. It is above average at giving debris of all sizes off the carpet’s surface. But the really cool thing about the 960 is its ability to deep clean the rugs.

The reason is because of the dual brush system.

Roomba 650

This vacuum cleaning robot thoroughly cleans with a push of a button. The patented three-stage cleaning system easily picks up dust, pet hairs, and large debris like cereal.

It works on all floor types. It is 3.6 inches tall, specifically designed to fit under furniture, beds, and kickboards. It has a self-charge and dock, so it automatically recharges and is always ready to clean.

Suppose you are facing any problem during using or vacuuming with Roomba. In that case, you can get help from the user manual available along with the product and on the internet, like Roomba 650 manual, etc.

Best Robot Vacuum For Rugs

Finding the best Roombas for all your vacuuming needs is no more difficult. In terms of outright performance, convenience, navigation, and ease of use, the Roomba s9+ is the best option.

However, the s9+ is expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy such a high-tech robot. You must find the right compromise between price and the essential features of the home.

The i7+ or the i3+ are excellent alternatives to the s9 if you want a cheaper robot with a clean base dock that automatically empties the bin for you. The i7 is the more expensive of the two since it has camera base navigation capable of saving maps.

In contrast, it does not have a camera and only relies on a floor tracking sensor for navigation.

To Sum Up

Roomba is the best option to deep clean the rugs and floor. Indeed! It is really expensive, but the right compromise between price and features can make it the best option. The answer to the question, can Roomba go over rugs, is a big yes, but to get the most out of it, the best way is to avoid its use on fringes. Either roll them up or figure out some other way to protect fringes.


Why won’t my Roomba go up on my rug?

Probably, your rug color will be dark. The dark rug area will trick the Roomba into thinking it is falling down the stairs. To fix this problem, trick the 4 sensors in the front of the machine.

Do robot vacuums work on rugs?

Yes, all robot vacuums can go over rugs and carpets of all sorts, with some differences of course.

Can Roomba go over ledges?

Yes, Roomba can go over ledges of a maximum height of 5/8 inches. But it cannot climb up the stairs.