Purdy Vs Wooster – A Painter’s Pick

Are you tired of using sloppy paintbrushes and looking for a new one in the market? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options that are compatible with your preferences.

Among them, the most significant brushes are Purdy and Wooster.

Purdy and Wooster both are unique brushes in their own ways. With Purdy brushes, you can perform more detail-oriented tasks and their bristles are much more durable. On the other hand, a Wooster brush is perfect for large-scale projects, but it is less durable than Purdy brushes.

Sounds confusing? Don’t worry.

I am here to take you through the Purdy vs Wooster debate so, at the end of this article, you can make a decision on which one to purchase.

8 Comparison Factors Between Purdy And Wooster Brushes

Although both Purdy and Wooster brushes are made from the same material, the end result is significantly different. Have a look by yourself.

UsageDetail-oriented designLarge-scale projectsBoth
CoverageLess coverageBetter coverageWooster
PrecisionClear-cut glider trimDoesn’t give clear-cut linePurdy
BristlesFirm and strongWeakPurdy
DurabilityMore durableLess durablePurdy
CleaningBetter with repeated washingNot good with repeated washingPurdy
FunctionalityCan work in humidityCan’t work in humidityPurdy
PriceCheck the priceCheck the price

I am sure by now you already have a better idea on which paintbrush to take. But it never hurts to know the detailed specifics.

Comparison Factor 1: Usage

Purdy brushes are one of the most popular brands in the market. These brushes are highly recommended for detail-oriented use, like interior and exterior design.

On the other hand, a Wooster brush is quite comfortable to use and balanced as well. This makes Wooster brushes the perfect tool for DIY and beginner painters.


Both brushes perform really well, but for different specific tasks. While Purdy brushes are compatible with idealistic works, Wooster brushes shine in large-scale projects.

Comparison Factor 2: Coverage

Coverage is an important factor when it comes to painting. Unfortunately, Purdy brushes don’t hold onto much paint.

This results in using more coatings of paint, which is also time-consuming.

On the contrary, Wooster brushes can hold more paint, so it requires less dipping in the paint.

A Wooster brush has a slightly fuller end that cancels drag. Fewer drag results in generating more flow which ultimately provides better coverage.


When it comes to who gives better coverage, the Wooster brush undoubtedly supersedes Purdy brushes.

Comparison Factor 3: Precision

As you can see from the table, Purdy brushes come with a clear-cut glider trim which gives them an advantage for precision work.

They give you immense control over your strokes and keep the painting clean by providing sharp edges.

However, a Wooster brush holds much more paint than Purdy brushes so they actually can’t give clean-cut lines. This ends up in very less precision while painting.


Wooster brushes are more suitable for painting large areas. So if we count the precision, Purdy brushes provide more detailing than Wooster brushes.

Comparison Factor 4: Bristles

The quality of the bristles determines the smoothness of your painting. Purdy brushes have two types of them – nylon and Orel polyester blend, or natural animal hair.

These high-quality bristles help you to make even lines, and also there are no risks of getting bristles stuck in your paint.

For Wooster brushes, the bristles are thicker. But they are still weak and there is always a risk of their falling off the brush.


It should be clear as a sunny day now which brush has the most elegant bristles, the Purdy brushes!

Comparison Factor 5: Durability

The durability of paintbrushes solely depends on the quality of the bristles.

From the above discussion, we can already see that the Purdy brushes have much more durable bristles than Wooster brushes.

Also, Purdy brushes have a moisture-absorbing Alderwood handle which makes them superior to Wooster brushes in terms of durability.


The life expectancy of a Purdy brush is much longer than Wooster brushes. This makes Purdy brushes more durable than the Wooster brushes.

Comparison Factor 6: Cleaning

The top-notch quality of the bristles makes Purdy brushes really good with repeated washing. The bristles stay durable and they don’t fall off.

On the contrary, a Wooster brush’s bristles are weak. So they don’t do well with repeated washing at all.


Paintbrushes are something that you need to keep clean after every use. In this matter, Purdy brushes beat Wooster brushes by a mile.

Comparison Factor 7: Functionality

Whenever there is high humidity in the air, the paint requires a lot of time to dry off. It is because the water in the paint can not evaporate quickly.

As Purdy brushes hold less paint, the coating of the paint is thinner than Wooster brushes. That’s why Purdy brushes can work even in humidity.

On the contrary, a Wooster brush holds more paint, which means the coating of the painting will be thicker and the paint won’t dry off in time.


Most of the time we don’t take humidity into account while painting. The Purdy brushes will keep it that way and give you a flexible painting experience.

Comparison Factor 8: Price

The price of a paintbrush depends on a few factors – the bristle quality, manufacturing process, and the origin country or brand.

Both Purdy and Wooster come with a hefty price tag as both come from popular paintbrush brands.

Still, the cost difference between this two is remarkable. The Purdy brushes are quite expensive compared to Wooster brushes, but I can bet you that it’s worth it.


Comparing the price range, Wooster brushes are more affordable than Purdy brushes.

But Purdy brushes are an investment for the long run. So, if your wallet supports you, I would recommend you to go for the Purdy brushes.

Purdy Vs Wooster: Which Brush Is Right For You?

Both Purdy and Wooster brushes have been in the market for a very long time, and so is the debate about picking the perfect one between them.

If you are looking for a paintbrush to paint your furniture and cabinets, Purdy brushes are the perfect choice for you. They also offer a lifetime warranty which is pretty amazing.

Like Purdy, Wooster also has a variety of brushes. But these brushes are meant for painting walls and ceilings.

One way Wooster beats Purdy is its availability and affordability.

Final Verdict

Nevertheless, choosing a paintbrush completely depends on the painter’s preferences.

If you know specifically which job you are buying, I hope this article will help you to choose between Purdy and Wooster.


What brush is best for cutting?

For cutting, Purdy brushes give a superb performance. This is best achieved with the Purdy XL series.

Are Wooster brushes efficient?

Wooster brushes are more efficient and faster because they can provide good coverage as well as carry more paint.

Are Purdy brushes worth the money?

Although Purdy brushes are rather pricey, the broad features they offer make them well worth the price.