Best Roller for Satin Paint: Problems Solved

First, let’s clear one thing! Painting is not an easy job. 

Choosing the right color is an important thing. Because based on that, you’ll get the results. Out of a hundred options, you can choose any. One of which could be satin paint. 

Here, the satin paints are generally used in washrooms and kitchens. Because people might have to clean them often. This paint is washable and that’s the best thing, clearly. But for an efficient painting session, you will need the best roller for satin paint.

Because the best roller will ensure that the paint is spread out evenly and you can settle for smoothness. 

That said, there are numerous brands. So we imagine that processing can be very tough. As we have said earlier, painting is not an easy job. But the right tool will make the work easier. 

Hence, we brought you the best rollers and covers for satin paint. Check out the comparison table-

Comparison Table

Product Set PiecesItem Weight
Bates Paint Roller Set11‎1.85 pounds
‎Pro Grade Paint Roller Set10‎2 pounds
Pilot Fish Paint Roller Set16‎2.2 pounds
WDS Paint ‎Roller kit9‎1.63 pounds
Luigi’s Mini Paint Roller Set10‎12.7 ounces

Bates Paint Roller Set: Product Overview 

The first one on our list is the bates paint roller set for your satin paint. We present you with the best roller out there. It is a paint roller set that has everything you will need to get the aesthetic painted wall. 

We’ll tell you why and how-

First off, this is a complete package that comes with every type of equipment that you will need to paint. Bates roller set has two types of roller covers. 

Each roller cover is different for a different type of wall. It has 2 roller covers 9″x1/2″ and 2 roller covers 4″x1/2″. When you’re painting rougher walls the roller covers 4″x1/2″ will support you throughout. 

The best feature is the paint tray. The tray is designed to last long and is easy to clean. When you are using a tray, it has to be of good quality. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient when you change the colors. Therefore, it won’t limit you to a single color only. 

Go ahead and use multiple colors because of the design of the tray. Moreover, it will give you a fabulous finish for the satin paint. 

Now comes the filament and nap. The bales paint roller has two paintbrushes. The first of these paintbrushes are made of synthetic filaments. And, the filaments are engineered in a way so that they can hold more paint.

As a result, it will save your time and energy. Above all, it’ll provide a smooth finish!  

The nap is basically the thickness of the roller cover. Here, when you’re painting a large project like your home, you will need a nap of 1/2 inch thick. The nap of this roller of bates is 1-2 inches. Hence it’s the one to paint home. 

Lastly, the price is very affordable. Because it is a set of things you will get everything at a cheap price. Which means better quality products at a good price. 

And it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a beginner it’s very handy to use. 

  • This is an excellent beginner package
  • It is very affordable
  • The nap is very thick which makes painting large projects easier
  • The tray is made of plastic hence not durable

Pro Grade Paint Roller Set: Product Overview

The Pro-Grade Paint Roller Set is 2nd on our list. This option will provide you with all the help you’ll need. It will give you a painting experience you never had before. 

This paint roller set will help you gain an excellent paint release, paint pick-up, and total coverage. Because the foam will cover all the uneven surfaces smoothly.

When you are using this outstanding roller set you will get an efficient paint, with a clear coating. It is very easy to use. You don’t have to be a previous user to use it. For satin paint, it will work really well.

The roller set is a pack of ten. To make your color gorgeous looking all of these tools are needed. Customized painting motifs are available in this set. These motifs are perfect for painting ceilings, drywall, or even decks.

The Pro-Grade Paint Roller Set covers are designed in a way that they can fit in any type of rollers. So, no compatibility issues here! 

You won’t be disappointed using these roller covers because of their efficacy. This is exactly what you wanted. 

  • High-quality roller covers
  • Anyone can use it
  • It can cover a large area
  • Extremely durable for long time use
  • It has only 2 extra roller covers

PILOT FISH Paint Roller Set: Product Overview 

PILOT FISH Paint Roller Set is the third on our list. These rollers are among the finest in the market. 

This roller cover works best with satin paints. The fabric will ensure you get all the areas covered. The fabric works at exceptional capacity, especially with satin paints. 

Moreover, this roller set has different sizes of paintbrushes. Thus they are very suitable for large and small areas at the same time. You can also paint ship decks and fences with these brushes in satin paint. 

The nap is thick enough for a light to medium texture wall. As there’s a rule- the more thickness, the more paint it will hold. So, this roller holds a lot of paint! 

Moreover, they work the best on texture walls. Thus you will finish your job smoothly and quickly. 

So, if you are working on a textured wall this is the product we recommend. 

  • It has high-quality microfiber and mohair
  • It has a high elasticity painting brush
  • It’s very durable and also lint-free
  • It takes more time to clean

WDS Paint ‎Roller Kit: Product Overview 

The 4th one on our list is WDS paint roller kit. This is an amazing product. Like our previous items, this one really works well on satin paint. To know more just continue reading-

The first great feature is roller pads and its very soft. These pads are very effective for satin paints. A good roller pad ensures that there is enough paint on the roller. It’ll provide all the smoothness you need in this world. 

Next, let’s talk about the paint roller since it’s the spotlight. The paint roller is 9 inches and it has a very high capacity. 

As satin paint is best for the kitchen and bathrooms, these rollers will ensure that you can easily paint those areas adequately. 

There’s more to it! The paint roller has a bottom thread handle. In this handle, the extension pole can easily be fitted. Hence, you can easily paint the ceilings efficiently. 

Now comes the brushes. The kit has 2 inches paintbrushes. These paintbrushes have a high density which is best for wall paint and furniture as well. You can finish the corners properly with these paintbrushes.

The kit comes with a tray. The tray is very durable and easy to clean. Thus you can use it for the long term without replacing it. 

Trays are important! Because you have to use it if you are painting anything. Especially in terms of wall painting. So, a good quality tray is required.

The WDS paint ‎roller kit is very simple to use. Therefore if you are a beginner you don’t have to be bothered. 

Your satin paint will look mesmerizing if you use WDS paint ‎roller kit to paint it. Furthermore, it’s not pricy. So, anyone can purchase it and use it. 

  • Very high-quality Kit
  • The handle can easily be adjusted with an extension pole
  • The roller pad can hold more paint
  • The paintbrush might get hard after multiple uses.

Luigi’s Mini Paint Roller Set: Product Overview 

The Luigi’s mini paint roller set is last on our list. If you want to paint over the semi-smooth surface of your wall then this is the item for you. Luigi’s paint roller set will give you full coverage efficiently for your satin paint. 

Do you want to paint your furniture, ceiling, wall, or door, quickly and smoothly? Or are you having trouble painting them? Then we recommend this one for you. 

One of the best features of the foam rollers is that it’s made of high-density foam. Therefore, it will absorb more paint and cover more area. It will cover twice as much as any ordinary roller.  

Hence your job will be done quicker than conventional rollers. 

The material of the mini rollers is made of high-density foam. You can use them with different types of color without hesitation. The fibers will ensure a perfect finish. 

Now, the plastic handle. The roller has a non-slip plastic handle. The handle is pretty good, actually! Moreover, it is slip-resistant. Thus you don’t have to be in fear that the handle might slip and spill paint around. 

If you are not a professional painter or this might be your first time painting something. Just don’t worry. This is a very handy product.  Luigis roller set is very easy to paint your kitchen or bathroom. 

Because that’s where we most of the time use satin paint. With little practice, you can achieve the best result. Besides this, you can go ahead and use this roller on the satin railing, ceiling, and many surfaces. 

As we have mentioned early it works with the furniture. So, you can paint any type of furniture with this mini roller set. And you can even paint on metal. 

  • It has very high-quality foam rollers
  • It’s very handy to use
  • Fast and smooth painting
  • It has a Slip-resistant handle
  • The roller rotation might gradually decrease

Roller Handle: Which is the Right Type? 

Handles are important! After all, you’ll be holding them for some time. Having the worst material of the handle means discomfort, fatigue, and whatnot! 

There are basically three types of handles available. They are 

Ergonomic Handle 

You need to buy a roller with this handle when you are going to work for a long time. These handles are designed to reduce strain on the wrist. So, you can work with this handle for a long time without any discomfort. 

Plus, note this, ergonomic is important for your safety. Thus, it is an important aspect that you simply shouldn’t ignore, even if it’s for a simple roller.

Balls Bearings 

Ball bearings are used in high-quality roller frames to ensure smooth rolling and a better paint finish.

Threaded Handle

Check for clips at the bottom of the handle on most roller frames. So, you can attach an extension pole for reaching ceilings or the tops of walls.

Roller Cover Type: What’s the Best?

Just like handles in rollers, there are many types of roller covers as well. 

Wool Roller Covers 

If you want to use oil-based products then this is the best cover for you. It will give you a perfect finish and also cover the whole surface smoothly. This is because the wool will hold a lot of paint. 

Synthetic Roller Covers 

Synthetic cover includes nylon, polyester, and dacron. All of which resist matting are ideal for use with water-based latex paint. You can use this on all of the surfaces. Synthetics aren’t as good at picking up and holding paint as wool, but they are generally more durable.

Foam Roller Covers 

Foam roller covers don’t last as long as the other types. So, they’re commonly referred to as “single-use” covers. They’re perfect for applying semi-gloss or high-gloss latex paint on flat surfaces that aren’t severely textured. 

Use them to touch up the trim, baseboards, furniture, and other little chores in a hurry.


What’s the best size of NAP for satin paint?

For smooth and metal surfaces like ceilings, walls, cabinetry, etc the nap should be 1\4 inches. Now for lightly textured surfaces for example bedroom walls, you should use ⅜ inches of NAP. Lastly, for moderate texture walls, you should use ½ inches nap to get a decent result.   

Is it better to use foam rollers for painting?

Foam rollers glide quickly across a smooth flat surface and uniformly distribute paint on the surfaces. But Traditional rollers last longer than foam rollers. They’re great tools for a painter who doesn’t do much painting on a regular basis.

Which paint does roller provide the smoothest finish?

Small 1/4′′ nap roller covers or foam rollers will give the smoothest surface on wood, walls, and metal. Microfiber rollers are suitable for light to medium textured surfaces.


We have come to the end. We hope now you can select the best roller for satin paint. Lastly, thanks for being with us for this long. For any further queries do visit our website. 

Good Luck!