4×4 or 6×6 Posts for Porch Roof? [Explained With Details]

Building a porch roof is great to expand a home or business’s outdoor living space. But it can be difficult to ensure that it is sturdy and structurally fit off the ground. Because it’s frequently a question of 4×4 or 6×6 deck posts. 

Choosing the wrong one would not be good for you. But then again it is tough to choose ideally!

So, your concern is, should I use 4×4 or 6×6 posts for porch roof?

Well, you need to consider a few factors to choose one. First, differentiate their capacity and spacing. Then you need to consider their weather resistance. Finally, see if their cost is fine for you or not.

You are just at the beginning of the main part. So, keep on reading to get to the main part to know about it in detail.

Sounds just about right? Let’s get started!

Should I Use 4×4 or 6×6 Posts for Porch Roof?

To know which one you should use for a porch roof, you need to know about its features. So, we have got the details about their features below-

4×4 Posts Capacity

Several elements go into determining a post’s support capabilities. The type of wood and length of the post has an impact on the support before it snaps. 

Another consideration is the deck’s tributary area, which is carried by a post. Posts at the end of a beam or deck carry less weight than posts in the middle. As a result, the middle posts may require a larger thickness than the end posts. 

Multiple the tributary area by the design load to determine the load a post will be expected to carry. It’s worth noting that the larger the load area, the more weight is placed on individual posts. 

As a result, the post height falls as the load area grows. Because shorter posts are less likely to flex, they can hold higher loads. It may also snap like a toothpick when both ends are pinched.

6×6 Posts Capacity

For most decks, 6 deck posts provide a robust, stable foundation. A metal bracket is usually used to anchor them at or above ground level. A 666’s real dimensions are 5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″. 

It also has a 30.25 square inch cross-sectional surface area. As the length of the post grows longer, the thicker wood dimensions become less vulnerable to bending. As a result, a 6 will be able to accommodate a larger tributary surface. 

Shorter posts can withstand more weight than taller ones. However, the Tributary Area has height restrictions.

4×4 Post Spacing

Typically, deck support posts are located near the extremities of beams. And they’re evenly placed across the beam’s length. The spacing is determined by the thickness and width of the beams, as well as the lengths that the joists span.

The joist spans are longer and the beam is smaller. The shorter the distance between beam support posts, the better. A 44 post is typically designed to support a 2-ply or 3-inch beam. It can, however, fully sustain a 4-inch or 3-ply beam.

6×6 Post Spacing

The span between support posts is determined by the thickness of the beam. Without the need for special brackets or caps, a 6×6 post may support two people. 

However, they must be present on all 3-ply beams. The deck tributary area being supported determines the post spacing. 

It’s also constrained by the distance between joists and the dimensions of the beams. Wider post spacing is possible with thicker beams since they can handle more weight.

4×4 Weather Resistance

The weather is another important consideration when deciding whether to build a porch with 44 or 66 posts. During the winter months, some climates experience more snow and ice.

Depending on the slope of your roof and the temperature of the air outside, you may have a lot of building over the course of those long winter weeks. 

This might place a huge strain on your porch’s roof. Unfortunately, a 4×4 post might not be able to support the weight, leading the porch to buckle.

6×6 Weather Resistance

In colder locations, a 6×6 post provides a little greater long-term stability. It not only performs better when carrying bigger loads, but it also performs better in general. However, it secures the path to your roof.

Cost of 4×4 Posts

Many people are tempted to make their final choice based on the total cost of the project. However, this may not be sufficient to assist you in making your decision.

The price difference between a 4×4 deck post and a 6×6 deck post is significant. The cost of 4×4 posts is not that much. You can get it quite reasonably.

Cost of 6×6 Posts

The increased security that a 6×6 post provides is significantly more valuable than 4×4 posts. As a result, the savings from picking the smaller post size far outweigh the savings from choosing the larger post size. So, 6×6 posts more than the 4×4 posts.

So, these are the features you need to know about while making your decision. Go according to your requirements and finalize which one you need for the porch roof.


What size of a post is good on average?

Most porches have an average length of 8 feet, 9-foot and 10-foot posts are popular custom alternatives. Porch posts can be built up to 12 feet tall. The usual dimension for the squared base of the posts is 3.5 inches in width.

Is a 6 by 6 pole stronger than a 4 by 4 pole?

A 444 has a load capacity of 17,426 pounds. A 666 is 20,834 pounds lighter. An 8-foot 44, on the other hand, can sustain 6468 pounds at 14 feet. However, a 6 is 18032 pounds, and 78 percent larger load capacity.

Can a 6 by 6 pole be used as a deck beam?

A post beam connection bracket should be used to accommodate triple beams for decks (3-2x’s). Using a post beam bracket on top of the post, make a positive connection. After that, nail it to the beam’s side. The most secure connection is this one.

The Final Words

Now you know if you should use 4×4 or 6×6 posts for porch roof! We tried to explain each and every part in detail. So that you do not have any confusion!

Make sure to go through thoroughly. Reach out to professionals for any more concerns!

Best wishes and keep up your good work!