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Clemence Herbillon
My name is Clemence and I have a soft spot for tomatoes, fresh flowers, and all living creatures (except spiders. Spiders are my nemesis). I am terribly, indecently, passionately curious. I have a sometimes simple, sometimes complex, and usually self-contradictory personality and an unfortunate tendency to daydream. Oh the lovely things is a catalog of various treasures- objects, ideas, people, works of art. It's the place where I share my love for independent talents and creative people, add pretty wearables to my imaginary wardrobe, get my craft on, and a lot of other random things.

Happy Friday! And happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow!

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, whether you celebrate or not, whether you spend the day with your spouse, family, best friend or favorite pet, I hope you’ll have a weekend filled with love.

And if you’re in the mood for some DIY projects, here are my favorites of the week!

1. How to make the easiest blanket ladder (without nails or a hammer) from Paper & Stitch
2. DIY graphic tees from The DIY Diary
3. DIY imprinted ceramic bowls from The Lovely Drawer
4. DIY heart earrings from Fall for DIY
5. DIY gilded moon clock from Studs & Pearls
6. How to turn a sweater into a lined skirt from Pearls and Scissors

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