DIY Chucky Costume: How To Do It Yourself?

Halloween is a great holiday to celebrate the creation of horror movies. Every year, people who love their favorite scary movies decorate their houses and wear costumes based on characters they like.

Most of them are based on the movie’s protagonists, who are usually the main characters in these movies. However, there’s one character we’d love to see more often this Halloween season: Chucky from Child’s Play!

Doing a Chucky costume can be a fun and easy way to impress your friends. It’s easy to do, but there is a little bit of getting used to if you have never done it before.

Here are the steps I used to make my DIY Chucky costume and advice on how yours can start with those same materials if any are what you have available.

How To Make Chucky Costume By Yourself?

One of the most recognizable horror movie characters is Chucky, a murderous and psychotic doll who terrorizes anyone who comes into contact with him. What could be a more fitting defense for Halloween?

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Item 1: Shirt

Find a long-sleeved striped shirt (or short sleeves if you don’t have a long one) identical to the one this doll wore in the several movies he appeared in, which is essential in the shades of the rainbow. This will be the foundation of your DIY Chucky costume.

Item 2: Dungaree

Finding some denim dungarees is the next step in achieving Chucky’s devilish look and is a requirement for this Halloween outfit.

You already possess the Chucky outfit with these two components; the next step is to discuss the specifics.

Item 3: Hair

Chucky has noticeable red hair that is impossible to miss.

Wear a short red wig to look more like the doll for your DIY Chucky costume to obtain the same effect.

Disorganize your hair and consider using hair spray to set your chosen form and help it last longer.

You can also choose to use a red spray color that will wash out if you have short hair.

Item 4: Makeup

Another crucial component of this costume is makeup.

As Chucky commits more and more murders and experiences accidents, his face develops scars that will be seen in his costume.

To add depth, you can shade your lips with a red and a brown lip pencil. You can even try a more professional makeup look by watching a youtube tutorial.

Item 5: Detail

Add the phrase “GOOD GUYS” to the dungarees if you’d like to make your costume look more like the actual Chucky from the movie.

A permanent marker can be used to do this, but the result will be quite dark and hardly visible.

The ideal solution is to make your own red letter stickers, which can be found in many hobbies and stationery stores.

Item 6: Footwear

The ideal footwear choice is a pair of red trainers. Red Addidas sneakers with white stripes are ideal, but red Converse-style trainers will also work.

Item 7: Weapon

Now that your DIY Chucky costume is complete, all you need to do is grab a fake axe or knife made of plastic (available at costume shops) and head out to enjoy Halloween in this amazing Chucky outfit that everyone will like.

And remember, if you have a toddler, this outfit is hilarious and incredibly fitting for Halloween because, in concept, Chucky was a sweet doll for kids.

Bottom Line

Making your own Chucky costume can be a lot of fun. It’s a creative, fun experience you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by. If you follow my instructions step-by-step, you’ll be well on your way to making your own Chucky costume in no time!


Where can I buy a Chucky costume?

Chucky is a famous character when it comes to the costume world. You can find a Chucky mask or a full costume for your kid at a nearby Costume Shop. Or you can follow the steps I have provided in this article and create your own DIY Chucky costume.

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