4 Lovely Diys

Today’s post is by Aga from Passion Shake, a blend of pretty and inspiring for home. Aga’s DIY projects are always adorable, feminine and dainty- and so are her perfectly curated finds. And today, she’s sharing four lovely, quick & easy DIY projects with us!

Hello Oh the Lovely Things readers! How are you? It’s Aga from Passion Shake blog and I’m extremely happy to be guest posting here today, while Clemence is enjoying her holiday. Since we all are fan of DIYs, I thought I would to share with you some of my favorite projects, that might get you in a happy making mood! I’m all about fun and quick projects that can’t go wrong and have great personalization potential so feel free to modify these ideas to suit your needs and taste. Have a look how!

1. Geometric photo holders

They are perfect for displaying your favorite pictures, postcards or magazine cut outs. You can make them with wood cubes, acrylic paints, tape, clothes pins, craft glue and golden contact tape.

Step by step

1. Prepare your cubes for painting (sandpaper and wash if necessary)
2. Get creative and paint your cubes. Tape off your line if you want to have crisp lines
3. Wait for the paint to dry
4. Decorate with golden contact paper
5. Glue the clothes pins at the back of the cubes, using strong craft glue

2. Little flower gift idea

This project doesn’t require a tutorial as all you need is a glass vial, a flower and a bit of water to make a cute, little gift. So easy, right?

3. Photo cards

Everyone loves cards, especially when they are personalized. To make photo cards you need card stock, printed photos, double sided tape and masking tapes for decoration.

Step by step

1. Place a double sided sticky tape at the back of the photos
2. Remove the protective paper from the tape
3. Attach the photos to the card
4. Decorate the edges using masking tapes

4. Ombre gift tags

They are good for any occasion, don’t you think? To make them I used purple dye, two glasses and plain gift tags, prepared earlier.

Step by step

1. Mix a spoon of dye / food colorant with a glass of tap water
2. Pour about 1 cm of colored water into a second glass
3. Dip your empty tag in 1 cm of dye and leave it for 20 mins
4. After 20 minutes, pour another 1 cm of colored water into the glass (now you should have 2 cm of colored water). Leave your tag inside for 15 more minutes
5. Reapeat until you recive the desired number of shades
6. Once you are happy with the ombre result, let it dry for about 1 hour
7. Decorate! Add stickers / names / personalized notes

Tip – In order to achieve harsh lines, let it stand still inside the glass.
If you prefer more smooth result, you need to move the tag back and forth while dying.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my post and that I inspired you a little bit to get creative! If you have any questions please ask them in the comment section below or visit our blog

Thank you Clemence for having me on your beautiful blog today, it’s a real pleasure!