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Welcome to Ohthelovelythings.com. We are an information providing website about all sorts of daily life home gears and equipment. Our aim is to bring up the best possible home gadget resources & guidelines. The goal of ohthelovelythings.com is straight and simple – help you choosing the best product for your home!

We study on all the popular models of specific products from the market (we don’t accept free model from manufacturers that keep us unbiased), just like you do, then test them in our lab, we analyze the performance and choose the best one for you!

Along with the direct recommendation, we provide in-depth and data-driven reviews. No ads. No fluff. No over promotion of any particular model. Just the facts.

We don’t accept any ads, or payment from companies to put them on the top.

About Ohthelovelythings.com ’s Team

At ohthelovelythings.com, we are committed to build the best home equipment resources on the internet, including various reviews, accessory and gear guides and how to’s.

However, there is some limitation, we research and test the products for a shorter period of time, and write on this blog what we think about the particular product. As a long time user, you might know better than us, and help us providing your experience.

We will be really glad to include your comment within the article. You can also send us detailed review, and picture of the particular gear to us, and we will feature you on our site.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to ask if you have any question through our contact page.