Print Onto Wood: DIY Quotation Art (Guest Post by Dani)

While I'm away in Fiji (lucky me!), a pretty awesome group of some of my very favorite bloggers is helping “fill in the gaps” with amazing recipes, DIY projects and much more.

Today's post is by Dani from High Walls. Dani's DIY projects, tasty recipes and perfectly curated finds are always instant favorites of mine!

There are so many different ways to transfer an image onto wood. The method I’m going to show you today is quick and easy, but a little fiddly so it takes a bit of patience to get it just right. But once you do you’ll be able to transfer any image you like onto wood at the drop of a hat! And the best part is; it’s no muss and no fuss! You don’t need anything fancy, just a printer and some wood!


Balsa Wood
A4 sheets of adhesive mail labels
Masking or paper tape
Inkjet printer
Spray sealer (optional)


1. First you will need text or an image that you want to transfer onto your wood. Try to keep your design in darker colours as the transfer will always end up lighter than the print.
Love Dani's design? You can download it for free right here!

2. Prepare your image by reversing it – a. In Photoshop choose ‘Image’ from the menu, click ‘Image Rotation’ and select ‘Flip Canvas Horizontal’ b. In Microsoft word: insert your image, select ‘Picture Tools’, click ‘Rotate’ and select the option ‘Flip Horizontal’. If you are printing multiple images (like me), you want to leave a few centimetres between images so you can separate them after printing.

3. Prepare your wood by sanding lightly and then wipe down with a cloth. Sanding the surface makes it easier for the ink to stick. I used balsa wood (which you can get from any craft store) as it is inexpensive and super light!

4. Take a sheet of mailing labels and remove the stickers leaving only the backing paper.

5. Print your image onto the backing paper. Remove from the printer carefully, making sure not to touch the printed area as the ink will still be wet.

6. Very carefully cut between the images, try to keep your cutting as straight as possible. Again, be careful not to touch the wet ink!

7. From the back of the paper, stick a strip of masking tape onto the top edge so that half is overhanging. The sticky side should be on the same side as the wet ink.

8. Now this is the tricky part: with steady hands, line up the tape along the top of the wood and in one fast motion, press down onto the surface. Secure the tape (without moving the paper) and then using the palm of your hand smooth the paper down firmly onto the wood. Use even, hard strokes to smooth the paper 4 or 5 times.

9. Lift the paper from the bottom and check your print. If it isn’t clear enough you can press the paper back down and smooth again – the tape should keep your image in place.

10. Repeat for as many panels as you are making. Remove the paper and tape and allow to dry completely overnight.

11. Lastly, you can give the whole thing a coat of spray sealer (or even a light spray of hair spray) to set the ink. This will darken your image slightly as well!

12. Because the balsa wood is so light weight you can affix it to the wall with some double sided tape, or else you can prop up your art on a shelf or attach a hook on the back to hang. Easy!


Dani is an Australian blogger with a passion for digital media and creative living. When she’s not hidden away behind her computer screen, she can be found crafting or baking for her blog HIGH WALLS. Here you will find DIY projects, recipes and pretty things from around the web.


  1. These look great! i will definitely have to try these out! I have been looking for inexpensive DIY decorations to fill some of the empty wall space in my house. We focused so much on trying to renovate the rooms that we are seriously lacking in the decor and these are adorable!

    Lauren |

  2. This is so cool! can't wait to try.

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  4. Unusual ideas and smooth hands :)

  5. Samantha11/03/2014

    Any suggestions for transfer material other than the backings of mailing labels? I don't use them and it would be a shame to just waste them - would wax paper work?

  6. I wish you could make a video on creation this diy artwork as well. The tutorial is well explained but a video version may help the learner more.

  7. Excellent work! Yes, a video tutorial will be more interesting to follow.

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  9. Hi Dani,

    Thank you for stating what type of wood you use, I have been asking around on a lot of these DIY posts and haven't heard a response. I really like the Ideas of printing text on to the wood. I am a photographer and I have had my pictures printed on wood and for an upcoming gallery show from a really cool website:

    I haven't attempted a lot of DIY tutorials but thought this woudld be a great place to start. I Wanted to write the Title and Date of the piece separately, but not on paper because it would throw off the theme, so I am definetly going to use this method and place the little boxes next to their images. The tags are a perfect size! Maybe one day I will get to the DIY level of printing my own photos, but for anyone else who is looking to do some printing on wood but are beginners int he DIY world, they should check out the website I used!

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