Four Strawberry Themed Free Printables (Guest Post by Melissa)

While I'm away in Fiji (lucky me!), a pretty awesome group of some of my very favorite bloggers is helping “fill in the gaps” with amazing recipes, DIY projects and much more.

Today's post is by Melissa from Design Eat Repeat. On her blog, Melissa shares the sweetest, most cheerful and colorful free printables, as well as delicious-looking recipes of treats and drinks just as colorful as her printables!

What's better than fresh strawberries and cream in the summertime? Strawberry & cream printables! As a lover of all things food & DIY, I've been a bit obsessed with designing food packaging lately. So while Clemence is on vacation, I thought I'd stop by today and share a few of my favorite summer printables!

Whether you're planning a barbecue, birthday party, or girls' night in, I've got you covered! All the printables on my blog are free to download and can be printed at home. So next time you're in a bind and are looking for a quick way to spruce up your party, hop on over and see what you can find!

1. Angel Food in a Jar
2. Strawberry Icecream Cone Wrappers
3. Strawberry Sprinkle Party Favors
4. Printable Milk Labels


Melissa is a DIY & Printable Contributor for Best Friends for Frosting, the owner of Melissa Rose Design, and the blogger behind Design Eat Repeat.
Most days, you can find Melissa baking, designing blogs, or balancing on a kitchen chair trying to get the “perfect overhead shot.” With a love for color, paper, typography (oh, and cupcakes!), Melissa’s goal each day is to spark creativity in others & inspire them to set aside time to do what they love!


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