DIY Dip Dyed Wall Hanging (Guest Post by Mariah)

While I'm away in Fiji (lucky me!), a pretty awesome group of some of my very favorite bloggers is helping “fill in the gaps” with amazing recipes, DIY projects and much more. 

Today's post is by Mariah from Everything Golden. Mariah has a perfectly curated shop of handmade and vintage items (the wood sunglasses are my fave) as well as a beautiful and inspiring blog.

I’ve been dreaming of a wall hanging for some time now, so I thought I’d finally make one and I’m thrilled to share it with you. I’ve been inspired by so many beautiful, elaborate fiber wall hangings out there. This one is so easy and will add a touch of earthy elegance to your home.What you’ll need: Small rope, a found piece of driftwood and some fabric dye, that’s it!  

1. This is the fun part - whether you live near a river, lake or ocean, go be with nature and search for the perfect piece of driftwood. I sanded my piece to smooth it out a bit but that’s optional.

2. Prepare your dye bath. I use Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes. Combine 1 tsp dye, 2 tbs salt, 1 tsp soda ash and add a very small amount of warm water and stir until you have a paste. Then add about 1 cup warm water. Use rubber gloves and utensils designated solely for dying.

3. Cut as many pieces of rope as you like, twice the length of the final length you desire. Then dip the ends in your dye bath and let sit for about 10min.

4. Remove from the dye, wash with warm water and let dry. When they are dry you can attached them to your piece of wood like so…

5. Finally, cut the bottoms at an angle and attach a piece of rope as a hanger.


Mariah is a metalsmith, fiber artist and graphic designer turned shop owner of Everything Golden, a collection of carefully curated vintage clothing and handmade accessories.
She also blogs about independent art, design, style, wild places and animals and anything that inspires.
A mountain woman to the core, she grew up in Idaho, spent some time in Colorado and is now settled with her family in Bozeman, MT.


  1. This seems easy and unique! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow this looks amazing! Perfect boho feeling.


  3. This is perfect! I've been loving all the woven wall hangings but this seems a little more my speed.

  4. Beautiful! Can't wait to try it.. Thanks!

  5. This seems easy and unique! Thank you for sharing! I will share this with my wife.

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